How to Transit from Secondary School to Junior College

How to Transit from Secondary School to Junior College

In Singapore, secondary school students in the Normal (Academic) system sit for the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Normal Level (GCE ‘N’ Level) Examination. When you qualify, you proceed to your fifth year of study where you sit for GCE ‘O’ Level at the end of the year and then transit to junior college. A good chemistry tuition in Singapore can give you smooth transition to JC.

The transition from one stage to another in your education journey comes with a package of joy and responsibilities. As you climb up the ladder, the task becomes more demanding. If you love chemistry, physics and math you should be prepared to work harder and smart. Choose to join good chemistry tuition in Singapore that can help you cross the bridge at ease

Transit from Secondary School to JC Chemistry in Singapore

1. Remain positive

Secondary school life is always pretty good without much pressure. Most students enjoy the moments and are always positive. They perform very well and life to them is easy and simple. Every subject they learn is simple and exams are not a headache.

To remain on the track when you join junior college carry the moral with you. Keep your mind positive to the next level. It helps you to remain focused on doing well even at your new level. Keep yourself motivated to keep shinning in your junior secondary level.

A positive mind is always interested to learn new things. It also helps you to be attentive to details taught by your teacher always. Maintain your positive momentum even when you find things a bit tougher in your higher level. Be willing to sacrifice more to your studies in junior college because it is more demanding.

2. Avoid procrastinating

Avoid postponing what you are expected to do as a student. If you want to have a smooth transition from your secondary school to junior college, be consistent. If your JC teacher or JC chemistry tutor gives you a task to carry out, be a good student, and do it.

When you are given some materials to read in your free time, be your guard and read them. Avoid postponing school work appointments. When you put off your schoolwork, it makes you have a hard time to revise when exams are around the corner. Keep reviewing your notes from time to time.

Create some time to test yourself. Look for past exam papers, do them, and revise thoroughly. In school and good chemistry tuition sessions, take your notes properly. Be an attentive student and always be awake in school. JC is another higher level that demands more of your effort to pass.

3. Join JC tuition classes

Subjects in Junior College are deeper and require mastery of concepts. There is no short cut to do well in JC. You have to pull up your sock and commit yourself to study more. It is wise to join good chemistry tuition in Singapore to assist you.

After your school session, have an hour or two with a chemistry tutor who can guide you through your learning. Share with the tutor the areas you need to be assisted and don’t shy away. The tutor helps you out and takes you through the syllabus.

The after-school sessions are so important because college work requires your extra effort. It needs more time and more learning. Join a chemistry tuition centre soon after joining Junior College to have an easier transition.

4. Choose your subject combination well

Your journey at JC is only for two years and it determines whether you will qualify to join the university. As a student sit down and analyze your strong and weak subjects. Choose a subject combination that you have a passion in. Look at how you performed in secondary school and pick on the subjects you love.

A good subject combination that suits you makes you have an easy time in your college journey. Don’t settle with subjects that you missed the pass mark most of the time. Take your time to select your choice of subject.

Enjoy your college life by studying what you love. Most students end up distress or worst of, dropping out of college because they chose subjects that they are not good at. Help yourself early as you transit to JC by selecting subjects you are stronger in.

5. Assess your learning technique

Knowing the type of a learner you are is one of the best ways to make it in your JC education. Be aware of whether you are a quick learner or a slow learner. When you are aware, it becomes easier for you to come up with a good study plan too. It also helps you to work smart in your studies.

When you assess yourself, it becomes easier to decide whether to join private chemistry tuition or Singapore chemistry tuition centre. Know what you are capable of doing and where you need to be assisted.

Your secondary school performance can help you to assess the learning technique that suits you best. It helps you to settle with what works best for you. Have a learning technique that allows you to study without tension.

6. Utilize your time properly

In your secondary school journey, you had a lot of time to relax because there was no much work. As a student, you need to understand that JC is another level that calls for a higher sacrifice to achieve the best.

In JC you are required to commit more time to study rather than to watch series and have fun though you should not be a book warmer. Arrange yourself properly and have a boundary between study time and leisure time.

Be a good guard to yourself. Know when to attend your good chemistry tuition in Singapore and when to visit friends. Have a balance between the two to perform well in your studies.

You should be excited when transiting from your secondary school to your Junior college. Your hard work is visible and rewarded, isn’t it? To do your best in JC and move to the university, pay the cost. 

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