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10 Things About Sec / IP Chemistry Tuition in PMC

1. PMC’s Dedicated Secondary & IP Chemistry Principal Tutor.

Spot a tutor holding to a bottle of coke in PMC? That must be Mr JT, it’s his signature drink to begin his Sec Chemistry lesson. With the caffeine at work, Mr JT’s 2h lesson is never boring, not even for 1 second. He keeps students engaged conceptually and emotionally. Don’t ask me how he did it. He just can do it. Students are always looking forward to his lesson and sits at the edge of their chairs ready to answer his questions.


Want to be tutored by someone more familiar and relatable? With so many of our students from ACS (Independent), you’ll definitely find some familiarity in Mr H! He’s one of PMC’s youngest tutors. Questioning his quality and ability? It’s not about how old he is in age, it’s about how experienced he is, despite being young! He has worked at MOE school for a period of time and helped failing students obtain desirable A or B grades in the national exams. He also kickstarted secondary school Chemistry programme in his previous tutoring experience! Impressive, eh?



3. Our Secondary and IP Chemistry tuition classes have a huge enrollment

Most of our existing secondary Physics tuition students also attend our Sec Chemistry tuition classes in PMC! What attracts them to take up almost all the three subjects available? Our Chemistry tutors have a part to play for this. They are trained for months by our head of PMC before they’re entrusted to take on classes on their own. We ensure that all our tutors are of a high calibre.

4. We’re contactable 24/7! 

PMC outlet’s aren’t just to have tuition lessons. Existing PMCians are welcomed to visit our tuition centres any time during our opening hours to study and revise, it’s a perk that only our students can enjoy so you no longer have to fight to limited seats at libraries or cafes.

The number below can be contacted beyond the 2-hour long tuition classes for non-academic matters like enquiries and school fees. Better yet, if you’ve any burning chemistry question regarding any homework question, students can take a photo of their attempt at it and send to the same number. Any academic queries will be relayed to the respective tutors to answer. This way, students still have reach to their tutors even after classes.

PMC HQ External Affairs – +65 9100 1235

5. Our IP and Secondary Chemistry Tuition Classes are unlike any other lessons.

PMC’s environment is healthy and we thrive on positive, encouraging influences. That’s probably how it is with friends and family too, one feels motivated when they’re constantly encouraged and given constructive feedbacks. Though we allow both onsite and online lessons at the comfort of one’s home, our students are always immersed in their classes and never left out. Class participation matters a lot to us, and we give pretty good incentives if our students partake in class actively.

6. There’s more than Chemistry Group Tuition.

Everyone differs in terms of learning. You could be an audio learner whereas your friend learns well visually! Likewise, we’ve different choices for you to choose from, if you’re uncomfortable being in a large group setting. Apart from our cosy-sized group tuitions, we have 1-to-1 gold class private lessons and digital membership – a programme you can choose to attend if you prefer studying at your own time and pace! The Sec Chemistry is a tad bit similar to Math. One topic can help answer another and they go hand-in-hand at times. Well, now that all of us are here at PMC, our tutors plan and teach their lesson in a way that every type of learners go home with new takeaways or enlightenment of the topic taught.

7. Look for keywords and hone your skills!

You can start by analysing the questions properly, highlight the keywords or suggestive and directive words like “define”, “explain” and “describe”. Explaining and describing are two different things and it could be misleading if you understand it wrongly. When a question asks you to explain, they likely want you to use the relevant concepts to back up your observations, whereas describing requires you to use results or observations. Identifying keywords could help you know what topic the question is testing you on!



8. Top-notch Chemistry tutors and materials = Exceptional results.

While PMC grows in demand, our result maintains batches after batches of students. This year (2020), we have more than 90% of our students getting distinction. Unimpressed? Some of them even topped their level for this particular subject. We also applaud the students for working hard throughout the year with PMC.



9. Quality lessons, Quality grades.

Our tutors do not have differing teaching styles. Rest assured that our worksheets are prepared, reviewed thoroughly and updated by the tutors for our community of 1000 students. PMC plan our structured lessons carefully with majority of the students’ needs in mind.



10. Our Upper Sec Chemistry Tutor plans the curriculum for the lower secondary science.

Have younger siblings taking science lessons in PMC. Do you know that the demonstrations in class, lower secondary science textbooks and the whole curriculum are prepared by our upper secondary tutors? Hence, you will receive the best Sec Chemistry tuition notes in Singapore, I am sure!




Purification Techniques

In this lesson, our S3 Chemistry tutor does a recap of lower secondary Chemistry and goes through Purification Techniques like filtration, distillation and sublimation



Topic Mastery I

Our S3 Chemistry tutor  touches on the Topic Mastery where students learnt to identify ionic and covalent compound based on the formulas taught, and how to allocate your structures based on physical properties accurately



Our tutor goes throughone of the largest chapter in Sec 4 Chemistry and focuses on our fundamentals to identify the ions chosen by the electrodes during electrolysis.

Alcohol & Carboxylic Acids


In this lesson, our students learn how to identify accurate the anion and corresponding salt produced from acid reactions.


Speed Of Reaction

Our S4 Chemistry tutor goes through the factors that affect speed of reaction like pressure and particle size.

Separation Techniques

In this lesson, our S3 Chemistry tutor explains how one of the separation techniques – paper chromatography – works.

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