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10 Things About JC Chemistry Tuition in PMC.SG Education Group


Being a strong believer that having strong concepts understanding is essential, Ms KC witness how her students are able to handle A-level questions that are twigged. Many recent A-level questions are no longer straight forward and repeated. Striking a good balance between concept understanding and problem solving skillset in her 10 years of experience, Ms KC’s students never find it too difficult to achieve their distinction. With her pleasant outlook and caring personality, she is definitely going to bring so much light to chemistry mystery.


Out of 30 interviewees, only 1 JC chemistry tutor is chosen.  This means we place high importance on the quality of tutor. Everyone knows us for giving top-notch JC Physics classes but Chemistry is slowly catching up to its name even though it’s only been in our curriculum for a few years. Rest assured, ourJC Chemistry tuition classes lay a good foundation for the national examinations. Our Chemistry tutors come together weekly to brainstorm and prepare for classes of the week so that everyone is on the same pace.  Just a fun fact, the ‘C’ in PMC stands for Chemistry!

3. You Get JC Chemistry Study Tips Instantly

PMC tutors explain concepts in simple and detailed yet in-depth details. We don’t need to use big words to “wow” or bore you. We ensure that you enjoy the classes, look forward to it and have a sense of redemption when you see your results that you, yourself and people around you will be proud of. Rumours have it that visual learners tend to fare better in Chemistry. PMC’s unique teaching method ensures that even students who learn differently will be grasp concepts well. We deserve the bragging rights, no?

4. A Crossroad of the Best Tutors and Tutees

You’ve probably had your parents telling you to not to hang out with the wrong people because you’ll get influenced. It’s true because of the kind of conversations we engage in and behaviours we’re exposed to while with friends. Therefore at PMC, students are surrounded with positive and encouraging influences. Even if it’s on site or online at the comfort of home, our students don’t slack behind and remain focused. When one can understand a topic or a subject, the love and confidence for the subject will grow on them.

5. Other programmes available at PMC

We’ve alternative programmes like Gold Class and Digital Membership, all of which are designed as a support system for good students who want to do better and be the best. Our JC Chemistry tutors don’t teach students to memorise reactions and formulas, we hone their problem solving and application skills so that they’ll be trained to almost “automatically” know as soon as they can identify the key words used.

 6. Extensive notes and flashcards just for PMC’s students

You know we have notes curated by our very own tutors. But did you know? We also have flashcards and a library of digital videos just for our students. We put in that much effort so that our students walk away with not just a distinction but also an exceptional learning experience. Rather than bulky regular-sized worksheets, we prefer our notes to be compact and convenient. Our flashcards contain both question and answers back to back for quick and efficient revision. The important topics and concepts are condensed into digestible bits so that it’s easier for students to comprehend.

7. In-depth tutorial of problem-solving skillset

Everyone has different ways of studying and many attend tuition classes be it group or 1-to-1. Whether you study alone well or not, our JC Chemistry tuition lessons are simulated in the best way where we impart skillsets to solve questions, rather than going on and on about the concepts. This is so that even when you’re at home, you can still revise effectively on your own, with only the presence of PMC’s notes.

8. Tried, Tested and Trusted

We guarantee that we are the best amongst all tuition centres in Singapore. We’re so good that our students know us through word of mouth and join us purely based on recommendation by their friends. This only means one thing, our existing students have the PMC experience and make their friends jump on the bandwagon because they trust that we only serve distinctions, nothing less. Read on and we’ll impress you even more.

9. More than just Group Tuition

If you’re not hesitant, it’s because you still want to test the waters. Don’t want to decide too fast before experiencing our tuition lessons? Want to know whether it’s suitable for IP students etc? We’ve trial classes a.k.a Ala Carte lessons in which students can choose up to 3 lessons to attend. Most students who attend the very first trial class with us would’ve already decided that they will and want to join us. We’ve no secrets when it comes to this, our lessons are crafted so that even students who join in the middle of the term can follow through.

10. Quality JC Chemistry Tuition Classes, Highest Grades

Students who attend our JC Chemistry tuition are good at the subject, they just want to do better and that’s what we do best – help our students get their well-deserved distinctions. After so many batches of students, we now know very well how and why our students can score easily. They are mentored by the BEST tutors in Singapore, and the pace of the lessons are just right.



In this lesson, our JC1 Chemistry tutor goes through the rules of thumb for assigning and calculating oxidation states. The lesson also touched on balancing half-equations using the AOHE technique, and redox titration.

Chemical Bonding

Our tutor goes through how to deduce the polarity of molecules based on presence of polar bonds and shape of molecules, and also strategy to tackle questions on melting and boiling point.

Atoms, Molecules & Stoichiometry

For this lesson, one of the key concepts touched on is dilution of solution to make standard solutions using volumetric flask. Our students also learnt how to calculate molecular formula of hydrocarbon using combustion data.

Atomic Structure

During this lesson, we recall the structure of an atom and use of chemical symbol, nuclide notation to find the respective number of subatomic particles, and the behaviour of particles in electric field.

Effect of Concentration on Rate of Reaction

Many variables affect the rate of reaction. Exam questions like to focus on such concept points and our tutor goes through the steps of deriving the answers.

Finding Rate Constant

You can derive rate constants from concentration graphs to know more about the chemical reaction. The tutor explains more during the lesson by going through an example JC question.