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10 Things About JC Chemistry Tuition in PMC.SG Education Group

1. FOUNDER of the “C” for CHEMISTRY in PMC is a former RJC Lecturer

As renowned by many, PMC (aka The Physics Cafe) is headed by three ex-Raffles Institution lecturers – each being the master of their own speciality subject. The JC Chemistry team comprise of full-time experienced tutors headhunted from the top schools in Singapore. They have the highest qualifications in the education industry. Even though they have more than 8 years of experience in top JC in Singapore they start teaching secondary Chemistry in PMC for 2 years before taking the JC Chemistry class. Many recent A-level questions are no longer straight forward and repeated. Tuition in PMC is not for the academically weaker students. It is for those who want access to the teacher in Singapore. As per founder, Mr Dave Sim: “We are not the only one who can help you. But we are the one that can save you the most time and earn your bragging rights in school.


There are many things to memorise in Chemistry. Let us prove to you that it is a myth! With our clear and concise materials, students find that memorising becomes as easy as ABC at PMC. Many of our students have access to the best teacher since pre-school. They attended right brain training programmes in schools such as Heguru and Shichida. We will bring you back to pre-school to develop your skillset of memorisation using methods and techniques that the students from top JC eg RI, HCI use.

As Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough.”

3. IPPT Practical Workshop at the right time

Fretting over Chemistry Practical? You should! One of the most challenging parts in acing the subject is excelling in practical which constitute 20% of the grade.

At PMC, we have our annual IPPT – Intensive Practical Preparatory Training integrated into our chemistry curriculum. We do not need weekly practical sessions to do well in this component. 80% of our curriculum focuses on the concept mastery. Without a strong concept foundation, acing of practical is simply impossible. After the 80% foundation work is done, our curriculum will allocate more than sufficient time (at the RIGHT time) to prepare our students for their practical – this is a trade secret that we will never tell.

But the high percentage A and B of close to 90% for the past 5 years shall speaks for itself.

4. It’s not about the concepts, it’s about knowing what the examiner wants.

“I understand the concepts, but I just cannot do well in exams.”

You might hear this very often from JC students. Most students have no issue grasping the concepts, however, they failed to apply what they understand to the exam questions. At PMC, we have a unique way of teaching that seamlessly blend the concept with application at the same time.

We help students link from chapter to chapter so that they can see the subject instead of segmented information here and there.

At PMC, we believe education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.

Our JC Chemistry tutors don’t teach students to memorise reactions and formulas, we hone their problem solving and application skills so that they’ll be trained to almost “automatically” know as soon as they can identify the key words used.

5. Marvel’s got DR STRANGE, PMC has our very popular Dr S too!

Have you met our in-house Dr S? He is one of the very popular JC Chemistry tutor in The Chemistry Cafe. In just 6 months of teaching JC Chemistry in PMC, we have word of mouth asking for Dr S. He is the primary protector of PMC against mystical misconception of Chemistry concepts. Meet him weekly to get your chemistry concepts sorted. With his magical powers to explain chemistry concepts so crystal clear, students from all schools are drawn to come under his protege. Check out his limited timeslots before it is fully wiped out.

 6. Heard of Mr IB Chemistry?  He is not from RJC….

Meet our very own Mr IB – a charismatic fashionista in PMC. Being a former student and teacher from ACSI, everything about Mr IB is about IB. He is true advocator for the IB programme. Long queue of students from ACS (I), SJI, SOTA, UWC send enquiries to our HQ. They seem to know him even before they join! With his ability to relate chemistry concepts into our day-to-day life, students enjoy every minute of his chemistry lessons.  His dedication to help students can be witness through his deep connection he has with his students.

7. You are buying time. Studying JC Chemistry is very time-consuming if you do it on your own.

If you have any friends who has attended any PMC lessons, you will understand that PMC lessons have been well-known to be results orientated. Our team has worked with thousands of students, and we will be able to help you excel. Every lesson is intensive and students sitting at the edge of their seat. No single minute gets wasted. Every single student will be asked with questions in a round robin manner. No one will get left behind.

8. Exposure to JC Chemistry challenging questions from the top JC.

At PMC, our materials are renown to be challenging at from the introduction of a new chapter. We do not waste time in simple questions which will not be tested in the exam or even lecture tests. The questions found in our materials are carefully curated and modelled after exam questions. We address students’ difficulties before they encounter them.


Living up to the Centre’s slogan – “You’ll never believe something so difficult can be so simple.”

Many parents noticed their child becoming motivated and trying the off-tuition hours quizzes. They are often come back asking why there was such a transformation in attitude towards the subject. They could see their child trying and becoming motivated. The answer is simple. They have experienced and witnessed how something so difficult can be so simple if you are taught by the right tutor. Once they experienced it, they will be able to envision themselves exceling in the subject. Thereafter, they will want their vision to become the reality.

10. Access to JC Chem Guru via WhatsApp.

Beyond the 2hr classes, students can take a photo of their attempt at a question that they want to clarify and send it to our PMC HQ’s WhatsApp which will relay to the respective tutors to answer. This is to allow the students to still have reach to their tutors in case they have any further doubts.


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