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10 Things About JC Chemistry Tuition in PMC.SG Education Group

1. Vigorous Interview Process

Out of 30 interviewees, only 1 JC chemistry tutor is shortlisted. Our tutors undergo months of training before they can lead classes, so you can be sure that our tutors are top-notch and top-quality. We understand that JC chemistry tuition classes lay a foundation for A levels.

2. Competent JC Chemistry Tutors

We cover everything in detail. PMC tutors explain concepts to depth and in the simplest manner. We don’t need to use big words to “wow” you. We ensure that you enjoy the classes, look forward to it and finally get the results everyone around you will be proud of. Here’s a sneak preview of our Chemistry class by Ms Kelly. Ms Kelly, Editor of JC Chemistry and Principal Tutor is one of the popular tutors in PMC. All her JC Chemistry classes reach the maximum of 10 students! Being a strong believer that having strong concepts understanding, Ms Kelly witness how her students are able to handle A-level questions that are twigged. Many recent A-level questions are no longer straight forward  and repeated. Striking a good balance between concept understanding and problem solving skillset in her 10 years of experience, Ms Kelly’s students never find it too difficult to achieve their distinction. Opps! Did we just divulge her age? Haha.. but Ms Kelly definitely doesn’t look her age. With her pleasant outlook and caring personality, she is definitely going to bring so much light to chemistry mystery.

3. You Get JC Chemistry Study Tips Instantly

Rumors say that visual learners tend to fare better in Chemistry as a subject. However, PMC’s unique teaching methodology ensures that even students who are non-visual learners will be grasp concepts well.

4. Guaranteed Lower Secondary Science Concepts

At PMC, we are one of the few learning centres that offer lower secondary Science classes. This is meant to give students an opportunity to master the foundation and have a critical appreciation of the concepts in the subject. The skills taught in the early years also prove to be useful when students advance to Secondary 3 and 4. The skills gained are necessary for mastery of advanced answering skills / techniques.

5. Tutors Go Beyond Group Tuition

We have alternative programmes such as one on one gold class private lessons as well as digital membership. The A-Level H2 Chemistry syllabus undeniably involves a lot of memory work. However, JC Chemistry lessons in PMC aim to help students cut down on their need to memorize concepts.

We don’t only train students to effectively “memorize” reactions, but also hone their problem-solving and application skill sets. Thus you can still “memorize” and apply as effectively with our resources at your own timing and pace.

 6. Use of Flashcards During Sessions

Instead of using bulky A4-sized lecture notes to help students recall Organic Chemistry reactions, we make use of small yet handy cue cards to aid students in memorization. These flashcards contain the 4 key components to understanding every reaction:

  • Equation
  • Type of Reaction
  • Reagents & Conditions
  • Observations (if any).

Therefore, students can always remember reactions!

7. Difficult Concepts in Depth

Even J2 students tend to struggle with these hard-to-grasp topics. The Chem Café has nicely summarized content into tables and flashcards for easy visual reference. Students will be able to effectively learn definitions and concepts concurrently – which is essential for strengthening their Chemistry foundation. Whether it is kinetic or equilibrium, we’ve got you covered.

8. Get Assistance to Master the Periodic Table

Apart from Organic Chemistry, The Periodic Table is another major chapter which involves a lot of intensive memory-work. Our notes are structured in such a way that at one glance, students can easily recall the structure, bonding, equation and nature (pH) of elements and compounds.

9. Equip Students with Skills that Guarantee Success

At The Chem Café, we equip students with skills to tackle questions that help students move from B or C to A. Additional lessons are conducted every year to dedicate time for the review of challenging questions. Not only do students learn the various methods to solve such questions, they also learn how to clearly see the links between different chapters.

Chemistry tuition class

10. Quality JC Tuition Classes for High Grades

Our tutors do not have conflicting teaching styles. We prepare, review, and update our worksheets thoroughly for our community of over 1000 students. PMC JC Chemistry tutors have structured lessons planned carefully with the majority of students’ needs in mind.


Comparing Chemical Bonding

In this lesson, our JC1 Chemistry tutor goes through the different types of chemical bonding. We also compare them to let students further understand the fundamental differences.

Rate-Concentration Graph Chemistry Questions

Rate-Concentration Graphs are common in most Chemistry exam papers. Although it may seem simple, the tutor explains to the students clear steps to ensure that no error is made from the calculations of the formulas.

Shapes of Molecules

To know more about the shape of molecules in chemistry, bond angles and VSEPR theory are studied to produce an accurate molecule diagram. Our tutor explains the relationship through a series of practice questions for the students.

VSEPR Theory

The tutor breaks down the definition and analysis of the VSEPR theory, one of the most important concepts in chemical bonding.

Effect of Concentration on Rate of Reaction

Many variables affect the rate of reaction. Exam questions like to focus on such concept points and our tutor goes through the steps of deriving the answers.

Finding Rate Constant

You can derive rate constants from concentration graphs to know more about the chemical reaction. The tutor explains more during the lesson by going through an example JC question.