Where are your Beauty World, Novena and Paya Lebar branches?

The Physics Cafe Central – Goldhill Centre-(Novena MRT)

3 minutes sheltered walk from Novena MRT
187B Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre Singapore 307630
The Physics Cafe (Novena) is located next to the exit of the underpass from Novena MRT, above Mary Chia Salon and Supercut Salon.

Step 1: Take the Novena MRT Exit to United Square (Exit B).
Step 2: Exit underpass and make an immediate U-turn and walk past the GoldHill Centre brick wall on your left.
Step 3: Walk to the back of the building to go to the staircase. You will be walking pass SuperCut Salon.
Step 4: You will see “The Physics Café” directory on 2nd staircase on your left side. Walk up staircase to third level.

The Physics Cafe East Flagship – Singpost Centre (Paya Lebar MRT)

1 minute sheltered walk from Paya Lebar MRT
10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore Post Centre #01-207 Singapore 408600
The Physics Cafe (Paya Lebar) is located in the retail mall level 1 of Singapore Post Centre.

Step 1: Walk towards Enrichment Zone at Level 1.
Step 2: We are near FunToast, and we are right at the entrance of the Enrichment Zone.


The Physics Cafe West – Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (Beauty World MRT)

1 minute walk from Beauty World MRT
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #18-01 Singapore 588179

Step 1: Take exit A of Beauty World MRT station.
Step 2: Walk past Beauty World Centre and UOB Centre. You will see The Physics Cafe huge signboard at the side door of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. Take the entrance beside OCBC Bank.
Step 3: You will see a wooden door that leads to lift lobby. Find us at #18-01.

Marymount MRT (HQ)

1 minute walk from Marymount MRT
37 Jln Pemimpin, Singapore 577177
The Physics Cafe (HQ) at Marymount is not open to the public.

Clementi MRT (Private)

1 minute sheltered walk from Clementi MRT
325 Clementi Ave 5, Singapore 120325
The Physics Cafe (Private) is only open for customised private group tuition.

Can I talk to you?

Contact Us

We do not offer call in phone services or walk in enquiries. As we have many enquiries each day, all our conversation must be recorded in the form of whatsapp or email. This allows more efficient and effective communication. The next councillor on duty can also follow up on your message/communication. You may enquire further via SMS or whatsapp (9100 1235) or email to

We have also collated all the questions that you may have in our popular FAQ (Type in the keyword above). We believe in letting the lessons and results speak for itself. Therefore we would like to invite you to verify the quality of our teaching through Past Exam Performance and What Our Students Say.

Arrange a Meetup

Parents of existing and non-existent students may arrange to meet the Head of Academic, Mr Dave Sim in person at The Physics Cafe Flagship (Paya Lebar). Consultation will be at $50 per 30 minutes. Please send us a sms “I am (name, level, school of student). I wish to schedule an appointment with (admin/director) on (date, time and outlet)”.

How do I register for the classes?

Interested to join us? You may make a reservation here.

What is the school fee for the weekly group lessons?

  1. The school fee (eg $400-$450) is updated daily by our automated system based on the number of vacancies remaining in that level and subject on that day.
  2. The fee bracket below shows the estimated range of your fee if you register online now. You may whatsapp to the HQ to enquire the exact fee based on the real time computation.
  3. Please note that the fee is dynamic and will be adjusted within the fee bracket and from one bracket (eg $400-$450) to the next higher bracket (eg $450-$500) as the seats are gradually taken up.
  4. We believe learning is a journey. Fees for students will be maintained at the entry level throughout the duration of his journey with PMC. Once the student is enrolled in the school, the fee will not change within the whole duration of Sec 1 to JC 2. Example, if a student join in Sec 1 and is paying a rate of $250 for 4 lessons, he will be paying the same amount in JC 2, as long as he continues his learning journey with us. However, do note that there will be automatic withdrawal upon non-payment by the due date indicated on the invoice. Reminders will be send out.
  5. All registrations must be strictly done online through the online reservation, and the fee bracket will be based on the date of successful registration.

Can I attend a paid ad-hoc trial lesson?

  1. You can sign up for one lesson to attend the same class as the regular students. However the school fee for Physics and Maths Ala Carte (ad-hoc/trial) lesson will be about 50% higher than the fee of the weekly regular lesson.
  2. The Ala Carte (Ad-hoc) lessons are suitable for the following students: Students taking H1 instead of H2, students taking IB instead of A level, students who need to have a taste of our lesson before joining the weekly classes.
  3. Please do not register online as you do not have to pay any registration fee or deposit for Ala Carte (ad-hoc/trial) lesson.
  4. The fee quoted above is nett and all inclusive. You can submit payment before the lesson.
  5. You will be attending the same full lesson as the regular students attending the weekly lessons.
  6. You may register online and pay the registration fee if you are interested to join the rest of the students in the weekly lessons after your ala carte (ad-hoc/trial) lesson.
  7. The fee for the regular lessons will be determined real time on the date of successful online registration and is independant on the trial lesson.
  8. There will be no commitment to join weekly regular lessons after the Ala Carte (ad-hoc/trial) lesson.
  9. There will be no refund for the Ala Carte (ad-hoc/trial) lesson even if you decided to join the regular weekly class thereafter.
  10. Students are not allowed to sign up for Ala Carte lesson for sold out classes.
  11. Please send us a whatsapp “I am (name, level, school of student. I wish to attend one ad-hoc/trial (Physics, Maths, Chemistry) lesson on (date, time and outlet)”.

Can I arrange a private 1-1 (Gold Class) session with your tutor?

  1. The structure behind The Physics Cafe is that you can learn from the best teacher but at an affordable price by sharing the cost with the classmates. However, parents and students have shared that there are valid reasons why they prefer a private and exclusive 1-1 (Gold Class) session with our tutor ocassionally. For the first time in 10 years,we are pleased to offer this option on weekdays in all 3 outlets.
  2. The fee quoted below is nett based on a lessons of 2 hours, inclusive of material fee. You can submit payment before the lesson.
  3. You will be spending more as you will be paying for the timeslot of an average group session. The fee is calculated based on 20% of the total tuition fee paid by a regular tuition class.
  4. The one to one session will be fully structured, using notes from our regular programme. The tutor taking the private one to one lesson will be the same tutor taking the weekly group session of that level and subject.
  5. The lesson will be efficient and effective and you will master the topic that you choose within the 2 hour session. You will be expecting to cover the content of about 2 to 3 group sessions in one single session of one to one. You will get to choose the topic that you want to cover. Our tutor will be ready for the lesson and the 2 hours will be fully utilised.
  6. The 1-1 private tuition (Gold Class) lessons are suitable for the following students: Students taking H1 instead of H2, students taking IB instead of A level, students who need a crash course and is running out of time, students who join late and therefore need help for selected topics that he has missed
  7. You do not have to pay any registration fee or deposit.
  8. There will be no commitment to sign up for a minimum number of sessions. It can be done on an ad-hoc basis.
  9. Both existing or non-existing students can sign up for the private one to one Physics/Maths/Chemistry lesson.
  10. Please send us a whatsapp or sms “I am (name,level,school of student). I wish to schedule a private one to one (Physics, Maths, Chemistry) lesson on (date, time and outlet). The lesson will be on (Topic, Level of difficulty out of 10)”.

How should I study?

Some people can remember what they HEAR. Some can remember what they SEE. So you must know what’s your strength. Maybe you learn better by READING? Maybe you always forget what you read, but never forget what you SAY. Some always remember what they WRITE..
For me, I always remember what I say…that’s i say what loud what I want to understand and remember. In any case if i forget what i SAY, at least I can remember what what I hear.

So find you what is your strongest sense today 🙂

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