These are the 3 reasons why PMC remains the top rated tuition centre in Singapore since 2009.

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From the thousands of reviews, students are coming to PMC to have an edge over their peers. They want to have access to top-notch materials and precise lesson delivery and we are the reputable centre that provide these.

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At PMC, we have a huge community of students who are self-motivated and independent. These include motivated students who are coping well. Tuition is simply a way for the parents to choose the best tutor for their child.

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Result driven Physics Tuition in Singapore


Many may feel that our remarkable %A (double national average) is due to huge enrolment of students who are already “smart”. But it’s mainly the positive and hardworking culture in PMC that achieves this result.

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The Physics Cafe is tried and trusted tuition centre in Singapore that specialises in JC Physics Tuition, IP, secondary Physics tuition as featured in The Straits Times, The New Paper, Asiaone Vulcan Post, CNA, The Smart Local. 



We pride ourselves on the quality of our lessons and materials. Our Physics and Maths tutors are unlike any other tutor.   

I'm kind of self-motivated but my parents do put a lot of stress on me to study more. I like the way the teachers teach, and the notes provided, they are easy to understand and succinct. I joined at the beginning of the year because I believed that my physics was lacking. Joining PMC, made me very much more prepared for my exams than I will ever be. Although I think that intelligence has a part to play too, I believe it is the teaching, practicing and exercises given out in PMC that helped them study in a more effective and productive way. I think self-discipline and motivation is more important.Yap Xuan Ying, EJC
At first, my parents asked me to join Physics Cafe due to my sister’s friend who is doing well in the tuition. After attending my first lesson, I find that the lesson is quite interesting as my school is not going to teach physics for the first half of the semester next year so learning a new topic is something fresh for me. I like Physics Cafe for their digital lessons and their facilities such as having a study room for students to study over there without any disruption. In addition, they also provide free drinks and snacks for us to consume during our break-time in class. Physics Cafe allows us to learn in a more relax environment which I find that it is a good method for us to take in more knowledge.Lee Wei Ting, Nan Chiau High School
I was exceptionally astonished by the fact that something very difficult changed to something I am now very confident with. With PMC's friendly, humorous teachers and handy, useful materials, Physics is now my most favourite subject among 6 subjects that I am currently taking. Despite its high cost of tuition fee, I strongly feel that the lessons really worth it. My parents were quite surprised when they first saw me studying on my own without forcing me to study. I am pretty sure PMC definitely changed my style of studying and improved my results greatly.Heo Seongyong, Boon Lay Secondary School
At first, I thought because Physics Cafe was a lecture styled kind of tuition centre I didn’t know if it was going to be effective or not. But after joining the lessons I realized it didn’t matter because the lessons and the notes were so concise and Mr Sim’s teaching style is so understandable. My grade for CTs was an S and now it’s a C for promos, so I definitely think it’s extremely effective and now all my friends want to know where I go!Heidi Li,RI
The lessons here are the best I’ve ever had! I have to say, I didn’t really like physics at first, but the lessons here are definitely most engaging, clear and concise with the key concepts. My tutors are very good at delivering important points across well. They would deliberately spend time to re-emphasize key concepts throughout a lesson and with an effective summary at the start of the next lesson to recap previous lesson's learnt key points. I admire how organised they are, their care for the students (shout out to Mr Kwok!) and humor in class which makes them fun (shout out to Mr Sim!)Without them, I would have struggled through lectures and tutorials. I am grateful for the tutors here for helping me achieve a 96% percentile for my promos, given that I got an A2 for O levels last year. They have done a great job and I have encouraged my classmates to join. Thanks for being amazing and there for me!Tristan Chua, ACJC
The centre gives questions more challenging than normal questions I see in school which makes me look at questions more carefully and think carefully. The vibe given off by the centre is something I like. I joined in the middle of the last lap of Secondary and would have preferred to join earlier. I would recommend it to my friends.Celine Loo, QSS
by attending the math lessons in the physics cafe, I was able to do questions with higher difficulty than usual and hence I was able to do well for my EOY exams. I would definitely recommend my friends who are weak in math to join the maths cafe!!Jobie Lim, ZHSS
Before I joined The Physics and Math Cafe, I was getting a D7 for my A Math. However, as I attended the lessons here, I could see myself improving and getting better grades. Although each lesson is only 2 hours, I have learnt a lot as the lessons were very summarised and to the point. The notes that were prepared are very useful and helped me revise for exams as it contained a variety of frequently asked questions that would come out. What I liked best about the Physics and Math Cafe is that the teachers help make learning a more enjoyable process. They know what students’ weaknesses are and would address them at every topic we are at. I would recommend this centre to my friends and family so that they can also experience that learning can also be fun and enjoyable!!Magdalene Rachel Cho, SACSS
I feel that the lessons in Physics cafe are very concise and highlights the key concepts we need to understand for each topic. The explanations of concepts are also very clear, and I feel that I learn much more in one lesson of Physics Cafe than I do in lectures at school. I do enjoy the free drinks provided as it helps me stay awake and refreshed during lessons. I joined physics cafe after the June holidays and I wish I had joined earlier as my understanding for the topics of the first half of the year is very weak and physics cafe really helped me nail my understanding of later topics, so if I had joined earlier, I would definitely do better in exams. I would definitely recommend Physics Cafe to my friends.
Physics was always a topic that was really very hard for me to grasp. In school, I struggled to understand whatever was taught and everything just seemed so hard. However, after joining the Physics Cafe everything just seems so much more easier and I can understand the topics and apply the concepts learnt much more easily now. Joining this place has also reignited my love for physics and if given the chance I would have definitely joined this place much earlier.- Praveen Viji, NJC
I attended physics cafe from 2016-2017. Physics cafe makes concepts so much easier to understand because the tutor breaks down and dissects the different parts of a chapter (eg quantum 1,2,3), explaining them very simply and in a straightforward manner (unlike school lectures and tutorials where it's all over the place most of the time). I really like the online resources, free drinks, councillors, conducive environment (tables, chairs, aircon etc) and tutor(s). I joined in J1 before June holidays (Forces). Physics is the only subject I am most ready for honestly. I would have joined right from the start if possible. I have recommended almost all my friends from my school/other JCs who take H2 physics to join the physics cafe as I have seen tremendous improvement in my results and true enlightenment of what I am learning.Jolene Pek, ACJC
Concise mind-maps are very helpful in preparing for major tests or exams. Lessons are much clearer and more geared towards higher order thinking compared to typical school lessons. I would recommend Physics Cafe to my friends.David Simon, AJC
The physics cafe never fails to make physics concepts easier for me to understand, the summary of each chapters is especially useful in grasping the idea of each chapter. Attending lessons at the physics cafe always makes me feel enlightened about the physics concepts. If I could go back in time I would definitely attend the physics lessons earlier to strengthen my foundation.
Stepping into the Physics Cafe, the environment felt fairly similar to other popular tuition centres. The first impressions of the classroom was that of a packed and tense atmosphere with nicely sized notes that you could slip into your bag as easy as they slipped off the table during lessons. Nevermind the packed classes and compact table space, nevermind the weird two-tone walls that made it look like a hospital ward. The moment Mr Dave Sim steps into the room, it doesn't take much to realise that the atmosphere changes. Every student, ones on their phones, ones chatting and especially the ones about to stand up for that last minute restroom relief pauses for a moment to kick into gear for yet another lesson and the Physics Cafe. Every student other than the first timer that tucked himself into the corner of the class scrambling for his pencil case. And before that student dragged his pencil case from the depths of his bottomless drawstring bag, the lessons began. The intensity was of a whole different level, one that every student in that room immersed themselves in except for one. What followed that intensity felt like a magic show. One that made your eyes light up not for a flurry of tricks and sleights of hand, but for the fact the look that Mr Dave Sim had in his eyes. A look fueled by an eagerness and tangible energy to teach. It was a breathtaking performance, literally, as I kept finding myself questioning how it was possible for him to keep up the energy and intensity without ever running out of breath. I'd never had imagined myself ever being so excited for the next 3 hour lesson (June Holiday Course) right after one just ended. I recall telling the friend that referred me here "He's crazy good." To put this long testimonial into a short and sweet conclusion, each lesson really is a magic show that keeps on giving, and making you excited for the next, with an adept magician and his pointer of a wand.
Although The Physics cafe lessons are only a short few hours per week, they are always very productive and interesting and I always learn alot during the lessons! It is very different from lessons in school as Mr Sim summarises all the key concepts we need to know at the start of the lesson and rest of the lesson is spent doing questions so that we can practice the concepts and identify our weaknesses which I feel is very important and helpful in revision. The centre itself is amazing as well with free drinks and friendly student councillors and teachers! I'll recommend my friends and juniors to join the physics cafe 🙂
I am very fortunate to be one of the students that have joined Physics cafe in 2016. Physics cafe have really helped me in my understanding of physics. In school I used to be very lost and always questioned what the teacher teaches as i do not understand. however after coming to physics cafe, my understanding for physics have increased exponentially. This has led me to perform much better than my peers and attain good results. Mr Sim is also a very passionate teacher who is willing to help his students. He has always helped me when i have questions. I think physics cafe is also a very convenient tuition center especially with digital make up classes that i am able to go to. All in all i am very grateful to physics cafe and would definitely recommend my juniors
Lessons conducted by Mr Dave Sim at the Physics Cafe have been really great. Mr Sim really helped alot with my Physics concepts and the June holiday programme also helped me catch up on my J1 syllabus especially since I only joined TPC this year when I was J2. I was terrible at physics, getting straight Us all the way to J2 but thankfully it started to change from Midyears onwards. Also, Mr Sim is a great teacher who is always open to questions and is able to answer them efficiently as compared to other teachers I've met. He is also really friendly and funny, making lessons much more enjoyable! I really like the study space TPC have, so I can study before or after my class. I also really like the free drinks, especially hot chocolate, that keeps me alive throughout the lessons. I also am very grateful to the student councillers who are very friendly, approachable and helpful. I think 2017 batch will do as well as the previous batches! I will definitely recommend my friends & juniors to come to TPC as it has been very lifechanging (in terms of Physics) for me. And I've already recommended a few to come so, Mr Sim have fun with my juniors (if they join) 😀
The Physics Cafe is really one of a kind! The student councillors are really friendly and approachable. I joined at the beginning of JC2 and it was life changing because I am suddenly able to actually understand physics! Subsequently, I was able to catch up with lessons in school because I have a clearer understanding of what is going on. Before joining, I feel like I have been living under a rock because I feel so clueless about physics haha... I would have definitely joined The Physics Cafe earlier so as to build my foundation right from the start. I would recommend The Physics Cafe to my juniors who are struggling with physics (-:
Mr Dave Sim's lessons have always been easy to understand because he is able to break down difficult topics for us and provide us with clear, concise notes. He makes Physics lesson fun for me and i never fail to enjoy every class. The Physics Cafe is the only centre that I've known that has digital lessons which, in my opinion, it's a good innovation because we do not need to worry about missing classes and lagging behind everyone because you can always watch the lesson through the video recordings at the centre anytime. I joined Physics cafe in J1 after the June holidays and i definitely improved in my understanding for physics. If i can go back in time, i wished i would have joined in the beginning of the year. I definitely think that the 2017 JC2 Physics and Math cafe cohort will do well based on my observation. I would recommend my friends to join:):)
The quality of The Physics Cafe lessons are better than the quality of school lessons and the lessons are extremely useful in helping me grasp key concepts required for each chapter as compared to lessons in school. The student councillors are also extremely friendly and the Cafe Library is also a conducive and conveinient place to study. I joined the Physics Cafe during the November holidays and after attending the lessons I feel more equipped with the skills and techniques required for A Levels and if given a choice, I would have joined earlier. I think that the JC2 2017 cohort of PMC will do well this year and I would certainly recommend my friends to join the Physics Cafe.
The lessons in PMC have been very well-explained and concise to make sure the lessons are taught well and efficiently. I've really learnt a lot from these lessons and these lessons really helped me to understand physics concepts even better and cleared any misconceptions regarding some difficult topics. Food catering during the June hols workshop are good, and the variety of drinks provided in the dispensing machine are sufficient. The student councillors are also friendly and professional too. I joined PMC before June hols at around end of April. I wish I could join earlier so that I can be able to learn more from pmc tutors. I believe that pmc students will do well this year under guidance from great tutors in pmc. I'll definitely recommend pmc to my other friends and juniors taking A levels in future.
notes are very concise and the teacher rox!!!
Clear explanation of concepts, easy to understand and awesome learning environment!! 👍👍👍
The best tuition centre I've been to. From failing both Maths and Physics to getting A2. It has also been an enjoyable experience. Not only are the teachers very engaging, but the Student Councillors are also very nice and helpful. Thank you Ms Toh and Mr Wong:)
The teacher makes things easy to understand and classes are fun. My grades have also improved tremdously! I really enjoy physics a lot now too. I would recommend this to everyone.
The Physics Cafe is really good stuff 😄👍
The physics cafe is great and I have really improved tremendously in my physics. The concepts thought were very easy to understand and it made solving the questions very easy! Really recommend it for people who want to improve in physics 🙂
I absolutely adore and look forward to the wonderful lessons in PMC! Lessons in school are very boring, and some of the tutors tend to be rather monotonous. Also, the pace in school is way too slow that I end up falling asleep unknowingly. PMC on the other hand, is just as fun and enjoyable as playing your favourite video game! Plus, we get free drinks! The trust between tutors, admins and students is something rarely seen in school! I joined PMC on 27 May 2017, I would have preferred to join earlier. ;P. DEFINITELY RECCOMEND!!! As long as they can work well and be fully engaged in PMC's unique fast-paced style of lessons. Totally worth the money in exchange for a wonderful study environment!Lim Jia Ler, MI
The problems we solve in class are of a wide range and exposes us to all the types of questions that Cambridge can ask so if we do see similar qns in our papers we would have a certain level of understanding and might know how to approach the qns. The incorporation of H1 qns helps and exposes to more types of qns as our school and ourselves rarely take the effort to go through H1 since we take H2. I would recommend students to join. It really helped me conceptualise all the concepts rather than just relying on memorizing the content we need to know and really understand the concepts. It really made a big difference to my grades. Before joining I only scored Us for physics and at most a S. But after joining the physics cafe for only a year, I managed to get Bs. It really made a big difference to my grades and improved my level of understanding of the topics taught in school.
I used to do very poorly in Math in J1, and the teachers at the Physics Cafe have helped me so much in helping me improve my fundamentals across all the topics. The very succinct and yet concise way of teaching has helped me summarize and understand what I previously used to think was a lot to remember, and the very wide range of questions that are given during class has really helped in helping me identify certain types of questions in the exam when they come out. I am really thankful I joined the Physics Cafe and I certainly wished I had joined in J1 but nevertheless the J2 journey has certainly been enjoyable for me. In addition, I really want to thank both Mr Ang and Mr Tan for making the lessons interesting and their patience in answering our relentless questions, we really appreciate it! Also, the math secret enclosed booklet is super useful! Its such an effective way of condensing all the information required to look at right before an exam. 😀
I feel that the June workshop is very useful, it have helped me to have a better understanding and a clearer picture of the whole syllabus requirement. Mr Sim's lessons are very productive, we are constantly engaged- He asks questions, and ensure that we are clear about the concept before moving on. This is very important because it gives us confidence that it makes our self study easier. I really like the notes provided by Mr Sim, he categorises the ideas in each topic.
The Physics Cafe has helped me save hours of revision time, which is important as we only have 4 weeks during the June holidays to revise 2 years worth of work and we have 4 content subjects. It's almost impossible to read all the lecture notes and practice questions that help us spot our misconceptions in just 4 weeks. However, Mr Sim's concise notes and specially selected questions have allowed this hectic workload to be done in 7 lessons. Thank you Mr Sim and The Physics Cafe!
The Physics Cafe has taught me very useful thinking processes and answering techniques that has helped me improve my Physics. The grade A questions that TPC provides have also benefited me greatly.Travelling to The Physics Cafe is definitely not a waste of time as what I learn/what is covered during the 2 hours lesson is definitely more than what I can do if I study on my own. After all, with The Physics Cafe, I am under expert help and as I continue to learn with Mr Dave Sim, I'm becoming an expert of my own.The Physics Cafe is definitely faster paced than school lectures/tutorial and we also cover more depth within a shorter amount of time in TPC. Though it may seem unlikely that it is possible to cover more within lesser time, Mr Dave Sim makes the concepts seem so easy that physics becomes an easy subject to grasp!I absolutely have faith the 2015 JC2 cohort of The Physics Cafe will do well this year and I definitely would recommend The Physics Cafe to my friends and juniors!
Lesson in physics cafe continually challenged one to think on the spot and fast as well, putting our learnt skills in practice whereas in school, teachers are just waiting for someone to volunteer their answers. I think the method in physics cafe is more effective in engagingly the students to think critically and at the same time, forces them to not be distracted and stay focused.
Lesson in physics cafe continually challenged one to think on the spot and fast as well, putting our learnt skills in practice whereas in school, teachers are just waiting for someone to volunteer their answers. I think the method in physics cafe is more effective in engagingly the students to think critically and at the same time, forces them to not be distracted and stay focused.
Even though I've only been with the Physics Cafe for a short period of time, it has helped me gain interest in a subject that I wasn't very interested in at the start. Mr Sim carries out lessons in a very engaging way and makes understanding challenging concepts a lot easier especially for students like me who are not strong in the subject to begin with. The Physics Cafe also has a very conducive environment which makes learning a lot more enjoyable and they provide services such as shuttle buses and complimentary snacks which makes the learning experience that much better.
I was amazed that a person without physics common sense like me was able to pass physics under the holy guidance of Mr sim; I have never passed a physics test in JC except for the mid years and prelim where I miraculously improved after attending his divine weekly lessons which equipped me with critical exam skills necessary to solve physics questions. He had also offered an invaluable perspective from the lens of a paper setter. It is unquestionable that my physics revision has become more efficient and effective with Mr sim, who is able to point out the key points and techniques to tackle different types of questions. I would definitely recommend my friends to join physics cafe if time can rewind.
The Physics Maths Café Signature June Workshop was really helpful for me because it helped me to consolidate everything and made me much clearer and aware of the Physics concepts, something that I couldn't have done on my own. Physics Maths Cafe lessons are interactive and forces you to think critically and quickly. Questions prepared are also very helpful!! It's much more efficient at TPC than in school because we learn much more things here than we would have in the same period of time in school. Would recommend students to join Physics Cafe and thank you Mr Sim!
The absolute best part of The Physics Cafe is the extreme efficiency. As opposed to normal lessons, Mr Sim never wastes any time in teaching us physics. Every minute is well spent, and physics ceased to be a chore for me as Mr Sim's super clear explanations erases all my doubts. There was always the sense that he is very in tune with the A level requirements, always gearing us towards that goal.
I chose to start going to TPC not because I am unable to understand the topic, but because I needed help in tackling exam questions. Content knowledge can be found from textbooks and lecture notes as well as google, however, solving the questions in an entirely different thing. I needed to be able to select the right content fast to answer exam questions fast, I also needed to phrase it in a manner to answer the question in order to do well.Mr Sim has helped me to beef up my understanding of the topic and how to apply my knowledge in exam questions, solving my problem mentioned above. Mr Sim teaches us different steps of procedures to tackle different questions quickly. He has helped me to become more confident in the subject and my physics have improved significantly after joining TPC. In the first half of J1, my grades for Physics were straight Es. After joining The Physics Cafe in June, I steadily improved to achieve a B at promos. I further went on to achieve an A at A levels for Physic (Thank you Mr Sim).Also, I can't fall asleep during tuition because every moment is a filled moment, every minute and second is maximised for teaching and learning, no time for slacking or an eye shut or to daydream unlike in school. Mr Sim also plays short videos and use interesting apps to teach. Whether you are a poor Physics student or a good Physics student, I highly recommend you to join because Mr Sim does not only help you to achieve good grades, but he will help you to see the simplicity of Physics.
Attending lessons here has helped me in my understanding and learning of physics greatly. I used to think that physics was a very tough subject to handle, but now my mentality has changed. Mr Sim has managed to make seemingly difficult concepts so much easier to understand and grasp. In the past, I used to have a lot of apprehension towards physics, but now I actually look forward to solving physics questions!!
The physics cafe provides very short and sweet summary notes for every chapter that makes it easy to refer to when solving questions. Through attending lessons, I feel my concepts strengthening each lesson and the standard structure of what is taught makes it hard for one to go wrong. I have indeed become more confident of my physics since joining the physics cafe. The physics cafe is very clear about what they are teaching and make no deviation from what taught in the first place. As long as one falls back to the summary book, difficult questions seem very easy with simple thought processes in lessons here. I would strongly recommend anyone who needs help in physics to join the physics cafe.
I want to sincerely apologise to The Physics Café Singapore Pte Ltd and MDS Education Pte Ltd for my spiteful act of posting at least 13 x fake 1* reviews containing false comments about the Physics Café by using different fake accounts on Facebook and Google+ from 5 to 9 October 2015. Upon reflection, I understand that posting the fake reviews was a rash act over a simple misunderstanding. The Physics Café is truly a good institution, which is why my sister is still enrolled there. I understand that my fake postings have affected the reputation and standing of The Physics Café and for this I am truly sorry. I have learned from my mistake and undertake not to make the same mistake again.
At first, I didn't really want a physics tuition because since primary school, the only subject I need tuition in was English but ever since I got into JC, I never really got a grade that is close to distinction and I lost motivation in many aspects especially physics because I never really understood what was taught in lectures or tutorials. However, it all changed when I joined The Physics Cafe as Mr Sim was able to explain everything so clearly and systematically that everything seems so simple! I always look forward to his lessons as I know I will learn something useful ranging from understanding the contents to how to effectively use what you know to tackle those grade A questions. Not only can I catch up to my classmates in school, I also gained lots of confidence in answering difficult questions. I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe as it is really effective in pulling up my grades.
The Physics Cafe is an excellent place for anyone looking for help in physics. Mr. Sim really helps you grasp the concept of the topic from day one. And he doesn't stop there. He goes on and teaches exam techniques and problem solving strategies. This makes a big difference when tackling a hard question as it helps me break it up into smaller sections and then answer it step by step. It also boosts your confidence in tackling a variety of questions. I struggled in tutorials as there was no emphasis on answering techniques, which Mr. Sim focuses greatly on and this makes a big difference in the final exam. He puts time and effort into his notes and selects good questions. He ensures that we grasp the ability to solve even the most difficult of questions. I would definitely recommend anyone struggling with Physics to join The Physics Cafe! It'll make a big difference in your perspective of physics. Thank you Mr. Sim for everything!
Hi Mr. Sim! I think the physics cafe is quite an interesting tuition centre as it teaches mostly exam answering techniques, in comparison to my school, which focuses mostly on content, which I think is quite useful. Especially with all the "short forms" like NBA and BIL as I'll never forget these formulas.However I think it's sometimes better to have classroom engagement like allowing students to interact and discuss as not only would we get to know our peers better/form friendships, it'll allow those who are better to help the weaker students and the weaker students to benefit from them. I had another tuition which adopted this method and I think it is actually quite useful too. I'll definitely recommend the physics cafe to my friends since it's very useful and we get good notes/freebies 😀
Very successful in teaching complex topics by summarizing the concepts into the notes and mind maps. Made understanding the concepts a lot eager to grasp and apply. The constant worksheets for revision of the more complex topics were very useful as students got to try and apply their knowledge and ability of the topic once they have been taught it. Especially the grade A questions that gives students the idea of how a grade A question of that topic will be like. Lessons are engaging as Mr. Sim will direct questions to students, masking the warring environment more interactive. I will recommend my friends to join! 🙂
The Physics Cafe prides itself on training students to be exam-smart and exam-ready. The notes and practices given are exhaustive and strenuously prepares students to tackle any problem they may face in the exam, allowing them to get the A they desire. The tutor (Mr. Sim) is very dedicated and makes himself available for questions before and after lessons, but what is more commendable is that he plans his lessons to perfection and gives all students equal attention. On the whole, The Physics Cafe is a must-try for all Physics students who want to excel at the A levels and IB!
it is very good thanks for you
I found PMC by chance as I was googling for tuition centres because I realised that I was fighting a losing battle. I needed help in Physics and I knew it. I'm attending lessons because I realised that I am not quite capable of doing this on my own. I like how student centric the centre is. So many things are provided to make sure that us students have a comfortable place and a good time at the centre. Especially the fact that y’all have a library so that we can just go down to study, and the fact that y’all provide little refreshments in between long 3-hour sessions or even just the drinks alone, they all make PMC a very homely tuition centre. I joined after MYEs, and a little while before Promos. I've lost the confidence to say that I am completely ready for exams since I started JC, but I can say that having joined you guys, I was more prepared than I would have been on my own.Jessy, VJC
The lessons here are the best I’ve ever had! I have to say, I didn’t really like physics at first, but the lessons here are definitely most engaging, clear and concise with the key concepts. My tutors are very good at delivering important points across well. They would deliberately spend time to re-emphasize key concepts throughout a lesson and with an effective summary at the start of the next lesson to recap previous lesson's learnt key points. I admire how organised they are, their care for the students (shout out to Mr Kwok!) and humor in class which makes them fun (shout out to Mr Sim!)Without them, I would have struggled through lectures and tutorials. I am grateful for the tutors here for helping me achieve a 96% percentile for my promos, given that I got an A2 for O levels last year. They have done a great job and I have encouraged my classmates to join. Thanks for being amazing and there for me!Tristan Chua, ACJC
Tristan Chua
Tristan Chua
I joined the class late, yet it was a sudden change to how I looked at physics. I can do the questions faster and better thanks to the times training given and better explanations compared to school as they don't explain certain things fully and mostly focus on the non- important stuffKarthik Ramanathan, AJC
Karthik Ramanathan
Karthik Ramanathan
I joined PMC during the holiday programme in June for the crash course. I was initially getting borderline passes meaning E and even at the brink of S. However, after tuition at PMC, I became more confident in physics as I learned the concepts more effectively and the various answering techniques. I improved and got D for promos. My parents are delighted and encourage me to improve further using the help of PMC. Overall, I’ll recommend PMC to my friends because the lessons are effective. I wish I had joined earlier in the year though.Samantha Seet, ACJC
whalicornfetti !
whalicornfetti !
I really like the way Mr Sim conducts the lessons and it helps me to understand the various concepts way better. The notes are succinct and extremely helpful during my revision. All in all, The Physics Cafe is a pleasant place for learning and given a choice, I would have joined it earlier.
Jared Chua
Jared Chua
I am very fortunate to be one of the students that have joined Physics cafe in 2016. Physics cafe have really helped me in my understanding of physics. In school, I used to be very lost and always questioned what the teacher teaches as I do not understand. However, after coming to physics cafe, my understanding for physics have increased exponentially. This has led me to perform much better than my peers and attain good results. Mr Sim is also a very passionate teacher who is willing to help his students. He has always helped me when I have questions. I think physics cafe is also a very convenient tuition centre especially with digital make up classes that I can go for. All in all, I am very grateful to physics cafe and would definitely recommend my juniors.Jensen Lim Chang Sheng, AJC
Jensen Lim
Jensen Lim
Before I joined the Physics Cafe, my Physics was horrible and no matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn't improve my grades. I had initially taken up physics as one of my subjects for JC as I had developed a passion for it in secondary school. However, with the abysmal grades that I was getting in school, this passion was slowly diminishing and I felt that maybe I simply couldn't do Physics. However, everything changed after I joined the Physics Cafe after my promos. Mr Sim revisited every single JC1 topic and was simply amazing. Everything finally made sense and I gained the confidence that I could do much better in physics. In JC2, he was as amazing and physics became so much more fun because of him . My grades improved naturally and I enjoyed doing the subject. I seriously regret not joining earlier and really thanks for everything Mr Sim!! You're definitely the best!
Praveen Viji
Praveen Viji
The Physics Cafe notes are very concise and far better than summary notes available in bookshops. Most importantly, The PC notes are arranged according to various concepts tested in examinations which save time, as we can easily drill ourselves in the concept we do not know rather than frantically searching concepts in our various guidebooks or lecture notes for hours. Lectures/tutorials at The PC are super organised and well-thought out with no room for boredom. Moreover, the new centre at Toa Payoh has more than sufficient refreshments and is extremely conducive to study. I really enjoyed my time at The PC and would recommend it to anyone who is struggling in physics or want exposure in challenging questions.
Umer Sheikh
Umer Sheikh
I was consistently failing Physics in J1 despite putting the most amount of effort into it for my promos. It was still my worst done subject. I just didn't know my concepts well enough and didn't know how to approach questions. Until my senior introduced me to The Physics Cafe, and it was quite a life saver. My grades jumped to a C in lecture tests and I had a lot more confidence in physics now even being able to help my friends in school. I think what makes TPC different from school is that Physics Maths Cafe new concepts and topics are built upon layers of what was taught previously. Being able to link them helps us remember and understand them clearer as oppose to school's method or teaching topics on its own. Also the technique that TPC uses to help you answer questions are all very systematic which is a universal skill that can be applied throughout all types of questions making it much easier for you to answers questions from other topics. All of these factors made me very thankful and grateful for joining TPC. Although price is steep i highly recommend it to those who can afford it and are consistently failing in physics!
Nicole Low
Nicole Low
I like how Physics cafe compiles the entire syllabus into a small handful booklet, with each topic summarized into 2-3 pages! It provided much help in helping me understand the topic better, in identifying the different question types, and aided in my revision and practice.I learn something new at every lesson I attend, and it feels good when I can apply what I learnt into school practices and tutorials as well!
adeline ong
adeline ong



Now, you can be taught by the best tutors in Singapore. We are not the cheapest, but we are the best in our profession. 

Physics Group Tuition in Singapore – PMC
One-to-One Physics & Maths Classes – PMC
Physics & Maths Tuition Classes - PMC




The photos and video are the most geniune and transparent thing you can see on the internet. Look at the students, the classrooms, and the lessons. It’s unlike any other tuition centre in Singapore.



Every establised organisation has a lot of stories and a long history.  You can understand and find out about PMC from our blog.



You can request to attend makeup lessons in any of our branches with a simple click of a button in the student portal. Otherwise, you can simply register for the digital lesson. We will send you the digital lessons and course materials to your house! 

I can actually understand everything that is being taught within the short 2h. I am really grateful for The Physics Cafe

Zia Teh, HCI

I feel that I am able to understand concepts better than the other students in my school as I have a headstart to the topics that were going to be taught.

Ng Tann Wei, HCI

Teaching is in his blood, by it physics, magic, or other things. What makes him so special is not only his heart to teach, it is also his personality.

Chris (i mean every word =p) you're the best, RI

our physics lessons were indeed very helpful and enjoyable, I cannot even begin to describe how thankful and happy I am!

Jolyn Yeo, RI

Mr. Sim, who has an ability to get the main point of each topic across in an effective manner that one is able to remember the details for a long time after the lesson

Colin Ong, RI

While the price is indisputably steep, noticeable improvements in physics problem solving skills,as well as in grades make this a worthy investment for those who need extra help to master JC physics.

Mukund Bala, RI

This tuition is largely successful in anticipating the inquiries that may arise. I found myself rarely needing to seek clarification after each lesson as the tutor has already addressed many potential concerns that I may have had.

Joshua Tan Teik Ann, AJC

students at physics cafe are definitely at an advantage as they are equipped with the ability and experience to tackle any form of question

Jennifer Shyamalee, RI

If i were to turn back time, I would join physics cafe earlier

Megan Heng, CJC





We have a strict policy of NO WALK-IN, NO CALL-IN and NO free trial lesson. This is the level of trust and confidence we have built for the past 10 years. Ultimately, the results speak for itself.


We offer complimentary WhatsApp or email correspondence for pre-enrolment enquires.