Top 3 Maths Mistakes You Should Not Make

Top 3 maths mistakes you should not make

Top 3 Maths Mistakes You Should Not Make

Everyone makes common mistakes once in a while. Eliminating common mistakes may not be easy, but we can try to reduce them to the best of our abilities! After all, who does not want to score an A for their exams?  so we coming with top 3 Maths mistakes you should not make.

Many students always complain to us – “Cher, I always score low marks due to many mistakes. I know how to do the questions, but I just cannot get the correct answers.”  

Common right?  

So, we will share with you the top 3 ways to reduce your common mistakes during Maths exams. Practise these ways consistently, and you will expect an improvement of at least 1 grade!  



1. Rush into solving the question

One of the students’ biggest mistakes is diving into a problem without fully understanding it. This can lead to incorrect answers and wasted time. Always take some time to read the problem carefully, annotate the problem by highlighting key information, and ensure you understand what is being asked before attempting to solve it. Remember to go slow to go far. 

2. Not showing your working steps

You can do mental calculations. However, teachers often need to know your thought process to assess your understanding of the concepts being tested. Make sure to show each step of your solution clearly, including formulas used or intermediate steps

3. No or use the wrong units

Pay attention to units throughout your calculations is essential for problems involving measurements or units. Forgetting to include units in your final answer or using the wrong units in your calculation can result in losing marks, even if your numerical calculation is correct.


you can improve your performance during the Maths exams by being aware of these common mistakes and avoiding them. Remember to read each problem carefully, show your work, pay attention to units and labels, manage your time effectively, check your answers, and stay calm under pressure. With consistent practice, you can overcome these challenges and excel in Maths. 

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