Leave of Absence for Students and Staff Returning from China

Leave of Absence for Students and Staff Returning from China

All PMC students who are on LOA, kindly send a message to HQ via Whatsapp immediately. Our student councillors will be taking immediate action to arrange for digital lessons and materials to send to your home.  Your tutors are ready to answer any academic questions via PMC online platform/whatsapp, if necessary. 

Stepping Up Precautionary Measures against the Wuhan Coronavirus Infection: Leave of Absence for Students and Staff Returning from Mainland China

Dear Parents & Students,

The Novel Coronavirus in China has become a code orange in Singapore as the numbers increase daily. Whilst it is comparatively much less than China’s, it is best to take cautious moves. Hence, PMC will be taking temperature of students when they come to our outlets.

Should there be a need for closure, we will follow MOE’s instructions. Students who are unwell or have flu-like symptoms should remain at home, instead of coming to our classes. Digital lessons will be offered for those affected.

To minimise disruption in lessons if there is school closure, we have prepared live streaming software so that our regular classes can still go on as scheduled at the comfort of the students’ homes with the same tutors. Be assured that lessons will be conducted as per usual via live streaming and we will kindly inform you once it has to be put in place.

Singapore has now imposed a mandatory Leave of Absence (LOA) of 14 days for students and teachers who have recently returned from China. If you’re one of them, we urge you to take safety precautions and not attend classes. This is to ensure minimal contact with other students who are well and present for our lessons. Students, tutors and staff found to be of higher than 37.6 degree Celsius will be asked to rest at home.

Please stay updated about the situation on this page or subscribe to the news online (https://go.gov.sg/whatsapp). We hope the situation will get better as soon as possible. In the meantime, please remember to adopt good hygiene practices and wear a mask if necessary. Thank you for your understanding.

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