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Does your child fear any mention of mathematics? Maths is one subject that students hate or love. Well, some students may experience mixed feelings. Due to its nature of building upon previously learned concepts, some students can lose interest in the subject over their school years. Most students love maths at first. However, as functions and formulas expand, they begin to hate the subject. But with maths tuition near Novena, you can boost the attitude.

As a parent, it is easy to notice this gradual change. Where your child would be bringing home As in the subject, their performance starts to decline with time, eventually affecting their overall grades. When the problem is dealt with early on, it can correct the child’s educational trajectory. The best way to do this is to choose the best maths tuition centre. In Novena, no other centre matches the excellence found in the Physics Café.

Why Is Maths an Important Subject

Often students add input in a subject depending on their perceived importance of the subject in their lives. Mathematics is touted as one of the most future-relevant subjects in the world. It is also essential to one’s survival. The reasons why you or your child may need additional maths tuition classes in Novena is because:

It Is Mandatory Subject for Joining College or Polytechnic

Unless your child is planning to study nursing, he or she will require a minimum grade C6 to join all the courses in a polytechnic here in Novena. It is regardless of the score their O-level t-score. It doesn’t matter if they ace all their other subjects; failing in the maths test sees them disqualified.

What can you do as a parent or guardian? You can enroll your child for secondary maths tuition to give them a better start and a chance to pursue their desired course in a polytechnic. If the goal is joining a junior college, your child still needs to pass mathematics. A maths tutor works with your child to instill confidence in the subject, which leads to better performance.

Maths is Good for the Brain

According to research, children who understand maths can use particular parts of their brain more effectively. They also have a higher grey matter volume in those regions compared to children who have a poor performance in mathematics. As a result, engaging those sections of the brains in the children leads to high performance.

They also have better decision-making abilities and increased cognitive functions in visual attention. At the Physics Café, we provide the best mathematics tutors in Novena, helping your child tap into these areas of the brain.

It’s the Key to Understanding Other Subjects

If a student struggles with mathematics, there is a chance they find physics and chemistry difficult. These subjects need you to understand formulas, graph analysis and geometry. For example, in chemistry, the foundation of the subject is balancing chemical equations. Maths is also involved in calculating energy in these reactions or chemical compound molecular mass.

If a student struggles with mathematic concepts, there is a high chance they will also have issues with such calculations. Additionally, as they move from one level to another, there is an increased demand for them to advance their maths knowledge to keep up. Introducing a mathematics tutor in Novena to your child can help them address simple and complex formulas. As a result, they lay the best foundation for your child and improve their ability to understand other subjects.

Good for Lucrative Careers

If you have heard of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), you may have an idea why maths is essential. STEM is an approach to learning that focuses on the four areas indicated previously. The goal of this curriculum is to prepare students for jobs in the 21st century.

Apart from maths being important in those fields, it is a requirement in the arts industry. Understanding geometry can be helpful when adjusting lighting or framing a camera. If your child dreams of joining the business world, you cannot go wrong when you invest in additional JC maths tuition classes. They learn problem-solving skills, gain knowledge in statistics and can use data to forecast future outcomes, which can make them well equipped for the business world.

Gain Better Understanding of the World

Did you know all things in nature have a basis in maths? For example, we have the much-touted golden ratio formula allowing you to declare something beautiful or not. Additionally, you find mathematical figures across many things in nature. There are things such as spider webs, hexagonal bee combs and many more.

When you choose a maths tutor in Novena, they will spark your interest in such applications allowing you to love mathematics whether they will explain the Fibonacci sequence or start with basic math concepts such as PI observation depends on your level and individual needs.

Good for Your Finances

Right now, as you go through your A level maths tuition, you may not think much about your finances: which is expected. However, the school prepares you for real life. You will notice that you are using some topics you learn in maths class in your day-to-day life—things such as telling time and other topics. As you grow up, you will need to tap into some of the subjects you learned to keep track of your expenses.

Whether it’s investments, balancing your budget, or dealing with taxes, that maths class will come in quite handy. If you know mathematics, you will be less likely to sink into debt or be unable to manage your finances. With maths, you can also comfortably calculate investment risks. If you go out to shop, you can also easily work out the bargains to get the best deal allowing you to save more.

Increases Problem Solving Skills

With maths, you have increased analytical and better reasoning abilities. Analytical thinking refers to thinking about the world around us critically. Reasoning has a lot to do with logical thinking. Combining these two skills improves a person’s ability to solve problems and find solutions.

Since maths allows you to identify the known leading to the unknown problem, exercising this muscle in the brain through maths leads to the same reasoning when a problem arises. Our maths tutors at the Physics café help students learn this process of solving math problems, making it easier for them to deal with issues that arise in life.

How Our Tutors Ignite Your Child’s Passion for Maths

Yes, we understand that maths is a challenging subject. However, at the Physics Café, we have the best maths tuition in Novena to help your child improve. We understand the brain is like any other muscle in the body, which with constant training, improves to give better results than expected. In view of this, we help your child love maths through:

Change Their Attitude

Nothing is set in stone when working to change a student’s mindset. If your child starts tuition when they are young, we can include fun activities to ignite their passion for the subject. Our maths teachers also help pupils appreciate the subject by understanding the real life applications of the subject. Talking about future career prospects also helps adjust their attitude towards the subject.

Break Down the Subject into Topics

When tutoring a student in maths, you want to understand where they started having a problem with the subject. As subjects whose topics and functions are constantly expanding at all levels, it’s hard for students to catch up if they do not understand the basics.

Our excellent maths tuition sessions in Novena break down the basics of the formulas step by step. They use well-prepared visual teaching aids to help students visualize and internalize these concepts.

Build Confidence and Self Esteem

Almost all students can understand and internalize mathematic concepts. However, various factors negatively affect this ability leading to poor performance. One of these factors is confidence. A student with poor confidence and low self-esteem can have issues in a classroom setting affecting their ability to ask questions and seek clarification about some topics. As a result, their exam and class performance are affected.

Our private maths tutors are skilled enough to notice cases where performance is affected due to a lack of confidence. With this in mind, they work to build up the child’s confidence through encouragement. They also praise their achievements which motivates the students to continue improving in class. We are also careful to make sure all progress does not go unnoticed.

Teach New Study Habits

If a student wants to do well in school, they must learn how to study. Our tutors will teach your child the best way to study mathematics which improves their performance in school.

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If you are looking for the best maths tuition classes near Novena, look no further than the Physics Café. We teach students real-life math applications helping them to improve performance in class and the exams.

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