Which is more important? English, Math or Sciences?

Which is more important? English, Math or Sciences?

Many are aware of the importance of English because that’s the L1 in L1R5. But does that mean other subjects has less important roles in your results? Definitely not!

In fact, many courses in the polytechnics do enrol students scoring D7 in English but seldom do they take in students who failed Math. More than you imagined, students who failed Math need to retain a year or retake Math exams to make it into popular courses in poly such as the Engineering, Business or Information Systems related courses.

Therefore, we should start to break away from the stereotype and rethink our path to success by focusing more on our Math and Science results. Here at The Physics and Math Café (PMC), we aimed to equipped students with the ability to deal with challenging questions in exams and boost their confidence in answering Physics and Math questions. 80% of the content are geared towards training the problem-solving skillset of the students. The professionally executed lessons stretch our students’ time and give them confidence in the subject. Come join us at PMC, we do nothing but to enhance your learning experience and make things work for you in terms of Math and Physics.

Find out more about us on pmc.sg, Facebook and Instagram via @PhysicsCafe.

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