How to Avoid Blanking Out in a Chemistry Exam

How to Avoid Blanking Out in a Chemistry Exam

Have you ever gone to an exam room and you barely remembered anything? You had studied so well for your chemistry exam, but when you entered the exam room, everything evaporated. It can be one of the worst experiences in your learning journey.

Blanking out in a chemistry exam causes anxiety. You might find yourself sweating and breathing heavily. Due to the tension, your results in that exam will not reflect the effort you put into your revision. To avoid blanking out during a chemistry exam, here are some tips to help you.

6 Ways to Avoid Blanking Out in a Chemistry Exam

1. Prepare Well

The first step to avoid blanking out in a chemistry exam is preparing adequately. Create time to revise your chemistry notebook from cover to cover. Also, as you practice, make sure you understand the concepts and not cramming them. This is because it will help you have the theories and formulas at your fingertips.

Secondly, ask for help from other people. Look for a chemistry tuition centre in Singapore where you can attend classes. The sessions will help you understand what you missed out on in school. Besides, you will have an opportunity to ask all the questions that you have.

Therefore, have enough time to revise for your exam. When you prepare well and the concepts sink in your mind, you won’t blank out. You will remember what you learned and use it to answer the questions. As a result, you will achieve your best grade in chemistry.

2. Have Confidence

Once you prepare well for the exam, have confidence. Believe that you can make it and compose yourself. It will help you enter the exam room relaxed, ready to solve all the question papers’ problems. As a result, you will avoid blanking out as you do your chemistry exam.

Confidence helps to reduce anxiety. It takes away the panic and makes you believe in yourself. Build your enthusiasm for the upcoming chemistry exam by revising adequately. You can practice on your own, attend group discussions or chemistry tuition classes.

When you enter the chemistry exam room without fear, you will maintain a positive vibe. You will be able to face the exam questions without tension. As a result, you won’t have experience blanking out in the chemistry exam room.

3. Get Enough Sleep   

Adequate sleep before the day of your chemistry exam is vital. It will help your mind to refresh and relax. As a result, you will face your chemistry exam paper when your mind is at peace. This will help you to think soberly and be able to apply the right concept in each question.

When you go to the exam room relaxed, and without sleep, you will be more comfortable. You won’t doze off and fail to finish the exam on time. Also, blanking out in the chemistry exam room will not be your portion since your mind is fresh and you can recall what you have learned.

Therefore, avoid the last-minute rush. Do not sleep late at night trying to cram the chemistry concepts. To avoid this, practice and prepare for the exam early enough. It will help you revise early enough and avoid late-night cramming.

4. Mimic an Exam Room

Sometimes while doing your tests, mimic an exam setup. Look for an environment that resembles the chemistry exam room at school. The mimicking will help you to be familiar with an exam setup. As a result, you won’t panic and hence, avoid blanking out during the chemistry exam.

When you are familiar with an exam setup, it becomes easy to have a positive mind. This is because you have been in that environment and performed to your best; hence, you can make it this time round. You have the mentality of doing well in your chemistry exam.

Also, you can request your private chemistry tutor to give you tests in an environment that resembles the exam room. Ask them to invigilate you the same way teachers do. It will help to build up your confidence. As a result, you will avoid blanking out in your chemistry exam room.

5. Keep Time

The chemistry exam is allocated time for you to have finished answering the questions. Make sure you give each question enough time to answer it. You can begin by solving the easy problems that don’t require much time. Once you finish them, proceed to the complex ones.

Handling the exam questions on time helps you to avoid panicking. This is because you will have enough time to finish answering the questions and checking your answers. However, when you run out of time, blanking out in a chemistry exam is easy. This is because you will run after time and end up running into confusion as you try to solve the problems.

Therefore, once you enter the exam time, share the time available for each question. If you find yourself sticking to one question for long, move to the next and come back later. When the exam time elapses, you will have finished solving the problems.

6. Read the Questions well  

Reading the questions properly and correctly is crucial. Do not be in a hurry to answer the question. Read it twice or thrice for a better interpretation and understanding. When you read the questions correctly, you will know what you are expected to answer.

To ensure you have the questions correctly, go through them slowly and mark out the keywords. It will help you apply the correct theories and formulas when answering. Also, it helps your mind recall what you had read about that particular question. As a result, you will escape from blanking out when answering the chemistry exam questions.

Blanking out in a chemistry exam is one of the worst experiences. It makes you confused, and hence, it becomes tough to solve even the questions you are familiar with. Therefore, make sure you prepare yourself adequately before entering the exam room to avoid such a scenario.

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