Effective ways to prepare for your A-Level chemistry exam

Effective ways to prepare for your A-Level chemistry exam

The Singapore education system focuses on helping the young generation to discover and grow their talents and potential to the fullest. It also aims to develop a lifelong learning passion in every individual. According to the Ministry of Education, the science curriculum right from primary school seeks to produce scientifically literate students. A level chemistry tuition plays a vital role in boosting the mastery of sciences.

According to a report by OECD PISA in 2015, only 40% of the student from all faculties can secure admission into the local universities per year. Therefore, to be among the lucky ones as an A level student, you should study smart to pass your exam.

How to Prepare for Your A Level Chemistry Tests through Tuition

1. Take Notes 

Well-organized notes are not only easy to read but also boost your morale. You should take your lecture notes systematically to make your revision simple. Proper note-taking also enhances your understanding of concepts.

A-level chemistry tuition gives you insights on different methods of taking notes. Your chemistry tutor proposes methods such as Cornell, outlining, charting, or sentence methods. The styles make your notes neat and appealing to read through.

You can apply the methods in a lecture, self-study time, or during your chemistry discussion time. Don’t attend a lecture without writing material to capture the content. It allows you to revise well from topic to topic for your coming exams. All questions are set from what you have read.

2. Revise the Past Papers

Past papers help when it comes to revision for exams. They carry the questions of past exams which gives you an idea of the most testable areas. A chemistry tuition center uses past papers to help the students revise thoroughly.

The tutors look for past papers and come up with the frequently examined areas to assist you out. They also help you to know how to answer the questions as required by the examining body. A level chemistry tuition offers you an opportunity to interact with questions from past papers.

Past papers are also good for practice. A level chemistry is not a walk in the park and requires consistent practice to master the calculations and theories. Get hold of your best private Singapore tutor who can assist you with past papers. Do the questions and ask the tutor to mark for you and help you to revise the difficult areas.

3. Find a Professional Tutor

A level chemistry tutors have helped many students to prepare for exams over the years. You can opt for a chemistry tuition center or private tuition. Your capability as a student helps you to choose which suits you best.

Your math and chemistry tutor helps you to break down complex theories, formulas, and calculations. You also get a chance of question and answer sessions which enhance your thinking and answering technique. The tutor becomes your support system in your chemistry weak points.

The A level chemistry tuition also offers a personalized approach where you can ask the tutor to repeat a concept. Through this, the theories stick thus creating confidence when you go for your exam. You face the test with a positive attitude and pass excellently.

4. Relate What You Already Know with what You Read

Chemistry is a subject that applies to our daily lives. Try to visualize what you see, what you are learning and find how they relate. It helps you to understand facts rather than memorizing them.

A level chemical bonding concept, for example, make structural models to help you make sense. The models assist you to see clearly which bonds are formed and that sticks on your fingertips. When passion for chemistry drives you, it becomes simple to relate things.

A one-on-one chemistry tuition can also help you in understanding the concepts. The tutor uses videos and visualization software to make better your understand. Since there is quality time to spend during the tuition, the tutor uses as many ways as possible to help you solve the chemistry questions flawlessly.

5. Be Aware of the Exam Techniques

As an A level student being conversant with the exam technique is crucial for preparation. It allows you to prepare adequately for excellent results. Singapore chemistry tuition teaches you on various examining methods which you should expect.

A level chemistry tuition allows simplifying large texts in the exam without leaving out any detail. By this, you have a clear understanding of what is being asked. A clear understanding of questions paves way for a correct answer without beating around the bush.

Another exam technique that helps you to prepare effectively is knowing the requirements of the questions. Being aware of what exactly the examiner wants you to state. When going through the past papers with your best chemistry tutors, you get to know each question requirements.

6. Make Use of Technology

Technology has made everything simple and available. You can access A level chemistry tuition through modern ways. Sign up for zoom classes wherever you are and get in touch with a professional tutor who will help you revise well.

Also, you can access the chemistry notes from the internet. Through Google, it is easy to access notes from H2 to A level trouble-free. You get simplified and well-explained notes that help you in your revision.

You can also connect with other A level chemistry students and form a discussion networks. It helps you to come up with an array of problem-solving skills in chemistry. You can also share videos that contain chemistry content with your colleagues to ease each others’ revision time.

When armed appropriately like a soldier going for war, it is simple to pass your A level chemistry papers. You need a backbone, private chemistry tuition, to help you win the battle. Sign up for your best chemistry tuition classes and make your revision burden-free.

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