8 Things to do after you finish your exams

Finishing your exams

8 Things to do after you finish your exams

The exam period is one of the most pressuring times in a student’s life. It is a duration where you spend all your energy to get your best grades. After days and nights of hard work, you finally finish your exams.

After your O-level or A-level exams, you can sit back and relax before you proceed to the next level. You can now enjoy the things you have wanted to do. However, be keen on what you do not mess up with your life.

Helpful things to do after you finish your exams

1.     Connect with your friends and family

When you are busy revising for your exams, catching up with your friends and family is challenging. This is because your mind is focused on books for your best performance. However, when you finish your exams, you have all the time to visit your friends and family members.

You can plan for a party at home or somewhere else and invite your friends. Tell all the stories, dance and make memories together. For your family, you can have a family dinner and get to know how each other is fairing on.

Besides, you can visit your relatives who are living far from you. Spend a day or two together because family times are a good time. It helps to strengthen the family bond.

2.     Enjoy a tight sleep

Students spend hours at night trying to revise for their next day’s exam. As a result, they may not sleep enough as required. This causes tiredness and fatigue. But the good news is after you finish your exams, you can sleep enough.

Sleep helps you to relax your mind and body after days of exam pressure.  It allows you to release the exam stress and improve your wellbeing. As a result, you will be productive to think about what is next after your exams.

3.     Watch your favorite series

Which is your best TV series? Did you miss any of the episodes because you were revising for your H2 chemistry exam? Worry not because you will have time to watch them from the start to the end when you finish your exams.

Also, you can watch your favorite movies after the exam. Get them from your friends or download them from the internet. During the day or at night, get a cup of coffee and some snacks, sit down and watch them.

As you watch the things you love, you will activate a good mode. Besides, you will learn some lessons from them to make your life better. Hence, enjoy your time after exams with your best series!

4.     Visit the beach

Singapore is full of beaches, including Tanjong Beach, Changi Beach Park, Palawan Beach and Sentosa Silosos Beach. You can have a good time there swimming in the salty waters and bathing with the white sand.

After you finish your exams, plan to have a beach experience alone, with friends or family. You will have time to release the exam pressure and relax. Besides, you will enjoy your favorite meals and drinks at the nearby hotels.

Therefore, tag your best friend after your GCE 0-level exam and visit one of the beaches in Singapore. You will make memories that you cannot forget, and you will strengthen your friendship bond.

5.     Read the materials you love

Were you reading a novel but you had to leave it halfway to prepare for your coming exams? Now you are done with them. You can continue enjoying the stories at the comfort of your home at any time you like. Read as many books as you can from different fields such as career, motivation and lifestyle.

If you are not into reading books, you can find other materials to read like magazines. Besides, try to create an hour for reading every day after you finish your exams.

Readings help you to improve your knowledge. There are some things you can never be taught in school. Therefore, sharpen your mind with various books. You can borrow them from friends or the library.

6.     Learn a foreign language

Currently, there are many opportunities to work away from your home country. You can find yourself getting a job in the USA after your A-level. Hence, after finishing your exams and learning a foreign language such as German and Spanish, take the chance.

These foreign languages are interesting to learn, and they help you to be open-minded. You won’t be afraid to apply for a job in whichever country you admire.

There are many platforms online and offline to learn foreign languages. You can enroll with an online tutor to avoid commuting. Besides, there are tuition centers in Singapore teaching these languages.

7.     Volunteer

If you have just finished your O-level or A-level exam, one of the best ways to spend your time is by looking for an internship. It will help you gain work experience in the field you want to venture into after completing school.

There are many NGO’s in Singapore that can offer you these opportunities. All you need to do is to apply. Craft an appealing resume, application letter and attach your latest exam results.

Therefore, as you enjoy yourself after you finish your exams, think about your future. You might volunteer, and the organization gives you a chance to work with them after you graduate.

8.     Sign up for a career counselling session

You may find yourself tone between a few career options. You are wondering whether to pursue medical laboratory or nursing. This is a place most students find themselves, and you need assistance to make the right choice.

After you finish your exams, find a professional career counsellor and book a session with them. You will have the opportunity to explore each career you wish to pursue. This will help you to find the best option for you after you graduate.

Finally, getting into the right career path is one of the most fulfilling things in life. It gives you peace and joy because you are pursuing what you love. Therefore, take a day after you finish your exams to get career counselling.

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