The Secret of Distinctions in Physics

The Secret of Distinctions in Physics

The secret to score with flying colours in Physics is difficult but not achievable. Read on to find out how to reach for your goal~

Bring home knowledge, not confusion

Heard of the snowball effect? Avoid having a habit to accumulate your questions because you will be worse off holding on more doubts in your studies. If you don’t clear your doubts regularly, you will have a harder time to understand and study for exams because all the content newly taught are build on from those that were taught previously. Just like ABC, if you don’t know how to read alphabets, how can you possibly read or write now? So, make it a habit to clear your doubts as soon as possible!

Don’t focus on what you know. Find out what you don’t know!

If you say you don’t have doubts, it should mean you either master the subject or you don’t understand it fully. How do you know which category do you fall in? Just try out by doing practice papers, the harder the better. If you are able to complete it in a breeze, you are all ready to be the top 10% in your national exams. If you’re not, then it should ring a bell! Look through the paper and find out what you don’t know and consult your teacher or tutor about it. More of often, not that students don’t have questions, they just don’t know what they don’t know. If you cannot discover what you don’t know, a tuition or group study will be of much help. Good tutors are able to spot student’s weaknesses and address it. Studying in a group promotes discussions. What you can’t see or don’t know doesn’t mean your friend can’t see or don’t know. The advantages of a group study is that students can learn from each other and improve together at a cost effective manner.

Where to find good study environment?

That being said, where can we find good tutors and good study companions? If you’re here, I hope you know you’re ending up at the right place. In the Physics and Math Café (PMC), things are done very differently from school. We teach only teach content, we teach students how to think! Tutors are hand picked whereby only 1 of 30 applicants are hired. Thereafter, they are trained for almost a year before the start teaching the students in PMC. With such high quality tutors, they are able to spot where the student’s weakness and help them improve on that. We don’t only help students to be on par with their peers, we aim to help them achieve Distinctions. Lessons and materials are crafted with the aim to train students’ problem-solving skills so they are able to do and score during their exams.

Believe it or not, what I’m saying are true. Read the reviews or comments you find online to do your own cross-reference. Come and take an ala crate lesson with us and you will know how we can make something so simple, so easy.

Beside the high quality tutors, students are mixed with other like-minded people who are here to do well. We have a self-motivated student community who are here to stretch their time rather than just aiming for a pass. Mixing with such good study companions and enhance the learning effect.

See you around and all the best for your studies! Even if you choose not to be with us!

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