Sec 4 Physics Term 2 Newsletter – Sec 4 Physics MYE Revision

Sec 4 Physics Term 2 Newsletter – Sec 4 Physics MYE Revision

Salutations Sec 4 Physics students,

how’s revision coming along?

We sincerely trust that most of you areĀ at least halfway done already
Or better yet, done with revision šŸ˜€
Well… if you happen to be one of those who has yet to start, you’re in big trouble šŸ™
But not all hope is lost. That is if you stick closely with our revision schedule.
Here’s a preview of what you will be doing in the weeks to come:

1) Term 2, Week 8,9,10 – Ā Last Lap to MYE

a) Electricity MCQ MEGA Revision

b) Electricity Structured Question MEGA Revision

c) Mock MYE Set A, P1 and P2

d) Mock MYE Set B, P1 and P2

e) Mock MYE Set C, P1 and P2

2) June Holidays 2017

Do not be too worried about your sec 3 physics topics. We will be having a Crash Course Revision during the June holiday to revise all Sec 3 topics! Better still, we will offer you lunch and dinner in a 20 mins break.

S4 Physics MYE workshop

Last Minute Rush for Sec 4 Physics MYE?

We are not fans of the art of procrastination. And it’s also not because we love the thrill of leaving things to the last minute. Let’s break it down for you. The MYE is before the holidays and we may not have the time to be 100% ready for the exam. It does not help that the sec 3 topics will be tested as well.

Having said that, there’s no excuse for not scoring well for the sec 4 chaptersĀ  (Static Electricity, Current of Electricity, Direct Current, Practical Electricity and Magnetism). Lets just hope that the divine powers will grant you your prayers and that your schools will set more questions on the sec 4 topics! In view of that, we will be investing 2 precious lessons on these chapters looking at both the popular MCQ and challenging long structured questions.

We’ll also give you the practice you need, by giving you 3 FULL MOCK PAPERS with questions which integrate topics that you have learnt since Sec 3 (MUAHAHAHA!!!)Ā Sounds intimidating? Well you should be. But rest assured, as we will be conquering these together. Going through these mock papers require time, but the time will be well spent. At least after this, we can accurately pinpoint which concepts you are lacking in, and this will help us guide you better in the future šŸ˜€

Some Final Words of Wisdom…

Do not look back at sec 3 topics. Do the best you can. Invest the time by doing questions instead of looking at the notes fromĀ sec 3. During the June holiday (coming soon), we will organize a Sec 3 MEGA revision camp! We’re sure this will serve as a timely refresher course for you (on top of lunch and dinner :P) Do check our schedule regularly for latest updates or changes to classes
Written by the Sec 4 Physics Academic Team
Vetted by Mr Dave Sim, Head of Academic
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