Roles of parents in children’s education

Roles of parents in children’s education

Learning don’t begin from school. It begins when we see or come by new things. We observe and learn how things work and do/behave accordingly. Children are like that too. They observe behaviours from home and learn from what they’re exposed to daily. Thus, it is important for parents to watch their words and behaviours because an action do have a huge impact on the child’s character development. That being said, parents are responsible for their child in many ways. If one expects their child to achieve success in the future, then parents should have instilled good study habits in them, create a productive environment to study and understand the weakness of their children. When parents truly understand and aware where their children are standing, they could then help their children with the best support.

If, as a parent, you had not or do not know how to go about to provide the best academic support for your children, you can consider enrolling your children to the Physics and Math Café (PMC). In PMC, we know how to help your children if they are struggling. The lessons and materials aren’t like the typically assessment books. Instead, the lesson plan and materials are crafted by a former RJC lecturer which aims to sharpen student’s problem-solving skills.  If your child needs more attention and personal guidance, the Gold Class is here your child.

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