I would certainly recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe. It is a unique gift of an individual (Mr Dave Sim) to be able to present Physics in such a simplistic manner. Despite joining Mr Dave Sim’s class late into my J2 year, the weekly lessons made a tremendous impact on my grades and gave me confidence for my upcoming exams. What I absolutely love about his lessons is that he makes an effort to ask every student questions and this definitely helped me pinpoint my weak areas

Tan Pek Nan John , ~SECONDARY , Favourite , NYJC

Mr Sim’s notes and teachings are really easy to understand and learn. 🙂 They build the perfect foundation for your Physics syllabus. All you need is a little effort on your part and the A should be yours. I came to this tuition with a U grade and only 5 months to the A levels. Mr Sim has helped me get an A for physics which is nothing short of a miracle! :p You’d want to have Mr Dave Sim as your Physics tutor, because really, he is an awesome teacher. Not only because of how capable he is, but because he truly has a heart for his students. I wouldn’t have conquered survived Physics without his help. Thank you so much Sir! 😀

Jia Jun , ACJC , Favourite

The best tuition centre I’ve ever joined 😀 Mr Sim helped me to understand Physics much, much better, and the grades kind of speak for themselves. During my ‘O’ Levels I managed a A2 for my Physics out of pure memorization of questions, and I didn’t get it at all.Definitely didn’t help in JC! I am extremely thankful that I got to know Mr Sim. He’s clear and enthusiastic in his teaching and explains it in more simplistic ways to aid understanding. He helped me to improve my understanding of Physics, and also helped me enjoy studying it much more. I would recommend all my friends who need help in Physics and don’t like it to join 😀 Hahaha, because Mr Sim is just that awesome.YAY PHYSICS CAFE FREE DRINKS FREE BISCUITS(^^)

Joanna , ASRJC , Favourite

Mr. Sim has definitely been a tremendous help to me in my understanding of Physics! I have become extremely confident in what I am doing and I almost always can explain properly to my friends whenever they ask me physics questions! I would definitely say that Mr. Sim was very successful in teaching the exam answering techniques but even better is the fact that he made Physics look so easy ! Indeed, I will never believe something so difficult can be so easy until I joined the Physics Cafe. I think what sets Mr Sim apart from other Physics teachers is that he is very adept at teaching us the concepts behind each Physics topic and I think the most amazing thing is that he can somehow make Physics so fun and alive at the same time. Anyone can always see his enthusiasm as he teaches Physics! In my opinion, I think Mr Sim is very genuine and he always has his students’ welfare at heart. He has been very motivating throughout my journey at the Physics Cafe and I know he will continue to inspire even more students. Learning Physics has never been so enjoyable before and I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe (as I already have)! I would never settle for less than an A for Physics at the A levels and will definitely do Mr. Sim proud! Finally, many thanks for Mr. Sim’s patience and guidance throughout. My time at Physics Cafe was truly memorable and enriching!

Cheong Jia Chin , ASRJC , Favourite

Physics Cafe has been very successful in helping me answer any type of question, be it easy or challenging. However hard the questions may be, Mr Sim always breaks down the question until it is possible for anyone to solve any type of question. Before I joined The Physics Cafe, I have been constantly failing Physics and I struggled to understand any concepts. Needless to say, Physics was my most dreaded subject. After having joined The Physics Cafe, my improvement was so sudden and I passed my first ever Physics test. From then on, I have never failed Physics and was performing better than many students in my class. All these would not have been possible if not for Mr Sim who is so gifted in explaining concepts so clearly that anyone can understand the content without having the need to look back at their lecture notes. Lessons at The Physics Cafe are very unique with a cozy learning environment and many opportunities to answer questions. I believe students from The Physics Cafe will have a better grasp of concepts and confidence when tackling Physics problems, having been through rigorous training by Mr Sim. I am certain that the 2014 JC2 cohort of Physics Cafe will do well this year. I will certainly recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe and I wish The Physics Cafe all the best in the future. Thank you very much, Mr Sim!

Neil George Dominic , ASRJC , Favourite

Hi Sir,

It has been such a great joy having you as a physics tutor. I can frankly say, I have never had as much fun in class as I had during physics. All your jokes (whether they were funny or not :P) just made the class atmosphere so much more relaxed and every lesson was such a joy to be a part of. Your whole teaching style and ability to interact with and reach out to us students is just phenomenal, and you have taught us how fun and extremely enjoyable studying may be. Your templates and approaches have also made studying physics so much easier for us, and you have taught us how it is not too difficult to understand this subject after all. The great amount of time you have put into creating notes for us students and helping us in every way possible has been so heart warming to see, and I am sure everyone will agree with me in thanking you for all your effort and be eternally grateful to you. There are only a few teachers who create such an impact with their extreme passion to teach and their great concern for their students’ well being. You are definitely one of them. Your tolerance in aiding those who were not able to catch the concepts so fast, and your ability to make the class more enjoyable yet maintain the learning environment is something I will never forget, and will most certainly try to learn. And once again, thank you very much for being such a passionate, student-concerned, thoughtful, and just absolutely great teacher. =) enjoy your holss!

Ganesh , Favourite , RI(JC)

Mr Sim is respectable, responsible and enthusiastic physics teacher. He teaches us with extreme patience and this can be reflected when he explains to us the physics concept again and again until all of us understand. While repeating the concept, he never makes me bored as he explains it in different ways and sometimes teaches us through games. He really enjoys teaching, not only regards it as a job. He tries his best to prepare us for all the exams and tests and but never fails to encourage us even when we do not do well. No matter what kind of students we, most of us are moved and motivated by his passion for physics and teaching.

In facilitating our understanding, he prepares overviews which summarize all the key physics concepts for us. This is actually very useful for us in preparing for the exams. It is concise and whole-rounded. By learning by the key concepts, it is easier for us to remember all the important things.

Yao Hua , Favourite , RI(JC)

Mr Sim’s popular physics notes are concise and comprehensive. He never fails to break down a chapter into different key concepts and ideas, making it easier for us to understand. Even a particularly difficult chapter will seem manageable and much less intimidating. He would even classify questions into different types where you would use the same type of calculations for. This simplifies things and makes it easier to tackle questions in an exam. I particularly like his idea of using a “SOP” to solve physics questions.

Soo Lin , Favourite , RI(JC)

I am very thankful and glad that I have joined The Physics Cafe since J1. Without the guidance I received from Mr Sim, I would probably feel very demoralised about Physics as a subject and wouldn’t do as well in school. The Physics Cafe has definitely made me more confident in tackling physics questions and the skills picked up have been indeed very valuable to me. What I am going to say next is probably going to be quite extreme but sometimes I think that I can just forgo school lectures and just attend The Physics Cafe’s lessons. I have never regretted joining The Physics Cafe and I am very grateful to Mr Sim and the team behind the tuition centre for their hard work and dedication. Thank you 🙂

Lau Shu Qing , ASRJC , Favourite

I feel that the physics notes you gave to us is superb, so much so that many from other classes have asked for it too. The summarised physics notes are concise and to-the-point, cutting short all the ‘long stories’ in the lecture notes. It is easily comprehensible and very systematic, making it very clear for the reader to know exactly what is going on. (On a side note, I feel that you should publish a A-level physics book compiling all your notes as I believe they will be in hot demand and will likely provide relief and soothe the anxiety of many other potential physics students in the years to come.) All in all, I feel that you are one of the best physics teachers I have encountered so far, as you genuinely cared for us and have tried to stimulate our interest in the subject. Without you, I guess my physics concepts will still be muzzled up. You helped to clarify and clear all the misconceptions that I previously had. I would like to sincerely thank you for being such a dedicated teacher. Thank you Mr Sim!

Qi Han , Favourite , RI(JC)

Mr Sim is a very dedicated teacher who has the rare ability to teach physics in a concise, clear approach. Physics has never been easy for me to grasp. But after joining Mr Sim for close to 2 years, i have been taught again and again the key concepts of each topic. Once you have grasped these major concepts in a topic (1-2 concepts at most), things become much easier and the topic becomes less and less daunting. Keeping in mind that the entire physics syllabus only comprises of 20 topics (spread across 2 years), physics with Mr Sim is actually not a difficult subject after all. That being said, Mr Sim’s lessons are the perfect complements to lessons in school. In fact, any of his students will say that they’ve got the edge over their peers in school because of the materials Mr Sim provides and also of the techniques taught in understanding and answering questions. Overall, I highly encourage my juniors to learn physics from mrsim, not only because he is a driven teacher who is 100% dedicated to help his students achieve the A, but also because learning physics as an A level student under his guidance has been a worry-free and engaging experience.

George Wong , DHS , Favourite

I think Mr Sim’s notes are extremely concise and to the point. They highlight the most important parts of each chapter, and sieve out the redundant information. His notes also provides many examples which allows me to get familiar with using whatever knowledge i have learned straight away, so that i will remember it better. His lessons are always interesting, and he knows how to joke from time to time. His teaching method is very heavily oriented towards making you score well for physics, and though he does not usually talk much about the story of the theory, he produces results. Also, his lessons are well prepared and his use of animations and applets to help me learn are very appropriate. All in all, he is the one of the best, if not THE best physics teachers i have ever known.

Chien Ming , Favourite , RI(JC)

Upon starting Physics in Junior College, I was unable to fully comprehend the fundamental concepts that were taught in the beginning. As a result, it caused my understanding of Physics to be weakened substantially as the following topics were built upon these fundamental concepts and ideas. However, Mr Sim was able to teach these basic yet intriguing topics with ease. His grasp and passion for the subject showed through when he was able to answer each and every one of our questions in detail while most teachers avoided and ignored them. Moreover, his constant SMSes reminded us of the hard work we had to put in. Overall, the Physics Cafe has been able to summarize the important points of each topic in point form. This complemented Mr Sim’s detailed explanation in class, and together with the ample practices that were given, the Physics Cafe is the whole package for JC Physics. 

Lim Shi Wei , Favourite , RI(JC)

It’s been a very VERY fun year in the physics cafe, and Mr Sim is one of the best tutors I have met. His enthusiasm for teaching physics and helping students is hard to match, and his notes, provided in the form of small, easy-to-digest booklets, are comprehensive in terms of summarising what is important. He also provides many questions for practice – important in a subject where application is key, and school tutorials can be somewhat limited in terms of practice. I really have to thank Mr Sim for helping me to improve in physics, and I highly recommend the Physics Cafe to anyone who is struggling in the subject, or who simply find it difficult to grasp concepts.

Tan Wei Zheng Daniel , Favourite , RI(JC)

Mr Dave Sim is quite simply, the best Physics teacher that I have ever had in the past 18 years of my life! The key feature distinguishing Mr Sim from the rest of the physics teachers that I have been exposed to is the unique personal connection that he develops with his students. His heart and soul for teaching translates into improved results and passion from his students, and his unique ability to understand a student’s needs complements his incredible explanation and teaching skills. He is not your ordinary run of the mill teacher, he is an inspiring person who can actually teach Physics. He has made Physics an interesting and enjoyable subject and I have never felt such excitement going for Physics lessons which are both enjoyable and productive, something which is indeed difficult to find in teachers. No regrets! 🙂

John Yu , Favourite , RI(JC)

I am very grateful to Mr Sim for helping me get my A for Physics at the A levelsI hated Physics in J1 because the abstract ideas and concepts made no sense to me at all. But Mr Sim not only made Physics accessible to all of us through his amazing teaching, I was suddenly able to grasp key concepts better and do questions with astonishing ease and speed! The regular topical recaps, practice questions that ranged in difficulty and timed practices during Physics Cafe lessons were definitely a blessing. It is thanks to Mr Sim’s teaching that I was also able to develop an passion for the subject over time and that is why I have chosen to do engineering in university. If you are struggling with Physics, I would definitely recommend The Physics Cafe because Mr Sim makes the once seemingly insurmountable challenge called Physics a breeze (:

Reetaza Chatterjee , Favourite , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has been extremely effective in helping me understand the physics concepts which I didn’t in the past. The notes given out are very concise and effective and they help a lot in revision as it shows the main concepts and formulas for all the chapters, and it can be seen that Mr Sim has put in a lot of effort into crafting the notes. Mr Sim has been a very helpful and patient teacher throughout the 1 year I spent at the Physics Cafe and he always seem to be able to make difficult topics a lot more digestable and understandable. The lessons here are much more interactive as compared to the dull and mundane tutorials in school, and it forces one to think instead of waiting for answers, and it is this kind of lessons which helps students improve. This place has made a huge difference in my physics results, and I will definitely recommend the Physics Cafe to my friends.

Brandon Chua , Favourite , RI(JC)

Mr Sim has been my physics tutor for about a year now and indeed it must be said he is one of the most likable teachers around. The first thing that strikes you about Mr Sim is that he is indeed a teacher at heart. Mr Sim enjoys a passion, magic. We all know that magicians never like to reveal their tricks, no matter how trivial they may be. However, Mr Sim has on several occasions taught us a few of his tricks, of course not before performing them first. (Let me stress that this was of course done during our free time!) To many this may seem as an irrelevant point, to me it is a testament of Mr Sim’s character. Teaching is in his blood, by it physics, magic, or other things. What makes him so special is not only his heart to teach, it is also his personality. Despite being our teacher he has still retained his youthful nature and is able to bond with the class on a whole new level. In my opinion, a teacher cannot effectively communicate his or her knowledge without first bonding with the class. I’ve never enjoyed a lesson so thoroughly and learnt so much at the same time. Indeed my journey with Mr Sim has been short, it has been an unforgettable journey. Though as a student close to competing my A level i’ll “disappear like the pen in ear” (this is reference to a trick taught to us by Mr Sim), i’ll never forget what Mr Sim has taught me over this period of time, and what he represents. (a rare breed). Bravo Mr Sim. A million thanks of gratitude (:

chris 09S06H (i mean every word =p) you’re the best , Favourite , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has really helped me a lot as a student to grasp concepts better and to tackle exams better. It has been the catalyst to the improvement i have made for my Physics subject. The Physics Cafe, with Mr Sim especially, has made Physics so fun and interesting for me that i’ve never ever lost interest in it ever again no matter how hard it was, or how boring it might have been. Physics Cafe lessons are very different from school’s tutorial and lecture system as it goes right into the main crux of JC life, which is to solve A level questions. School’s prefer to help us develop and understand the topics and do no emphasis as much on the examination techniques as The Physics Cafe does. The Physics Cafe provides us with the essential tools to supplement our knowledge and thus make it simpler for us to answer questions as we now know what Cambridge wants. I would definitely recommend my friend to join The Physics Cafe as the essential tools you gain to tackle exams and the supplements to your knowledge are just the basic things you will obtain.The bond and friendship you will form with not only your mates from the Physics Cafe but also with our dear Mr Sim will be very much worthwhile for all of us.

Ng Wei Peng Jordan , Favourite , RI(JC)

I used to struggle with Physics in J1, as it was such a complicated subject to me. I did not understand any of the school’s lectures and they seemed really boring to me. However, when Mr. Sim started to teach me the subject, I found myself understanding the concepts involved instead of pure memorising, and Mr. Sim always managed to simplify even the most complicated ideas in the H2 physics syllabus. Mr. Sim made learning Physics easy and even interesting, and I started to do better during my exams without much difficulty. Mr. Sim was also concerned about my grades and gave me much needed encouragement during the days leading up the ‘A’ Levels. My experience learning in The Physics Cafe has hence been very fruitful and enjoyable, and I would definitely recommend it to those who do not already know about this learning centre! 🙂 Once again, thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement 🙂 regardless of my result in March, I feel that you have really made Physics more understandable and fun for me 🙂 Your physics lessons were indeed very helpful and enjoyable, I cannot even begin to describe how thankful and happy I am! Haha 🙂

Jolyn Yeo , Favourite , RI(JC)

Since JC1 ,my girl in one of the top JCs had changed 5 Physics tutors. Mr Dave Sim is the sixth.Before she joins Mr Dave Sim’s class she was demoralised and had no confidence in learning Physics cos no matter how much time she had spent in Physics she did not do well in her exams.After joining Mr Dave Sim’s class in end of April, She is gaining interest n confidence in learning Physics.She started to feel Physics is as intresting to learn as Chemistry which is one of her stronger subjects. Mr Sim’s STYLE AND WAY OF TEACHING makes Physics a subject which is SO MUCH EASIER AND FASTER TO UNDERSTAND and hence can derive the answers by the FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY.Each time after his lesson,my girl is able to handlle better her school tutorials and also those self-practice questions. My girl always says “ IF I HAVE MR SIM AS MY PHYSICS TUTOR FROM JC1, I WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM IN GETTING A.HE IS DAMN GOOD” In conclusion, I will STRONGLY recommend him to anyone who needs Physics tuition.

Mrs Tanaka , Favourite , VJC

Before joining the Physics Cafe I had difficulties summarizing my notes and sometimes, I fear that I might miss out important and essential concepts. Since joining The Physics Cafe, I do not have to spend hours and hours reading my school notes just to understand a particular concept. I can just take Mr Sim’s notes out before exams and quickly revise it. Moreover, the notes include examples similar to exam standard. Attending Mr Sim’s lessons has been a real eye opener. After spending long hours in school for physics lectures and tutorials, I might still not understand what was taught. However, after attending one lesson at TPC, I magically understood everything I was previously unsure of or did not understand. I will definitely recommend The Physics Cafe to my friends and juniors as it is definitely worth the money and time. TPC helps you understand Physics better. As compared to hours wasted trying to figure out what is being taught in school on my own, it is worth the time travelling to The Physics Cafe.

Daniel Nur Hakim Ismail , Favourite , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe provides a short concise lecture which focuses on answering technique as well as exam skills. This makes the Physics Cafe truly stand out, ensuring that every student is well equipped with the necessary skills and tools needed for the examinations. Another amazing tool which The Physics Cafe provides is the amazing “Secrets Enclosed”as well as the detailed, yet concise notes that come along with every chapter. This breaks every topic down to its first principals as well as the set number of skills that the questions about the topic can cover and test. This enables one to study efficiently and effectively for any examination as just flipping through the notes will ensure that one is able to absorb the important details for every topic! Most importantly, The Physics Cafe has a talented teacher Mr. Sim, who has an ability to get the main point of each topic across in an effective manner that one is able to remember the details for a long time after the lesson. Furthermore, Mr. Sim’s lessons are engaging and interactive, ensuring that one is fully alert throughout the whole lesson, thus ensuring that no time is wasted. I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe!

Colin Ong , Favourite , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has helped me grasp difficult physics concepts that I could not comprehend in school, using mindmaps and numerous practices for each topic. As much as extra practice outside tuition and school is required, the Physics Cafe has definitely shorten the time spent on revision and offers an edge through challenging questions asked and addressed by the tutor. Lessons at The Physics Cafe forces students to think all the time; the tutor bothers to ask each student a question during lessons to test their understanding, and constantly provide challenging questions to push our limits. The Physics Cafe has certainly boost my confidence in Physics and I can attempt questions with more confidence and ease. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who seeks to improve their Physics!

Victoria Tan , Favourite , RI(JC)

In the Physics Cafe, the notes are concise and clear, making it easy for the students to understand. Mr Sim explains which formula is required under different circumstances, and explicitly establishes the link between various formulas. Beyond just the fundamental formulas, the technique involved behind various types of questions is explained, rather than just simply leaving it to the students to find out for themselves. This allows us as students to remain composed during the paper as we have learnt the necessary skills to tackle such questions. Time is spent much more efficiently at the cafe compared to ploughing through notes at home, being unaware of what we do not know. In The Physics Cafe, questions are modeled after the A levels, and covers a broad range of possible questions, allowing students to be well versed and equipped for the paper. Mr Sim helps explain what to look out for in the question, ensuring we correctly identify the focus of the question and hence applying the relevant concepts. Mr Sim keeps lessons engaging, ensuring all the students are able to follow the lessons. While doing practices, he helps the weaker students in particular, ensuring everyone benefits from it. His explanations are catered to the levels of the students and this was extremely beneficial as i was lagging behind the cohort when I joined. The Physics Cafe produces students who ace their exams as they are equipped with the necessary skills and are confident in their skills. I have no doubt the students of The Physics Cafe would do well. I definitely recommend The Physics Cafe for all students who may be struggling, it is never too late. I joined after CT2 and am already seeing huge improvements in my results due to the clearer conceptual understanding.

Ryan Sek , Favourite , RI(JC)

For me, Mr Dave Sim has been like a friend, albeit a very smart one, who was always there when I needed help. He doesn’t give you the impression that typical teachers give (think: uncaring and unconcerned). I think this trait of his makes attending his lessons an immense joy. That aside, I would say that he is really very strong in his physics concepts, which diffused over to me via his super effective teaching style. The method that he teaches does not involve anything complex, and hence, there is no need to memorise much (except for definitions of physics terms, a requirement that no one can escape from). As a result, my physics results shot up from class average to one of the top. I would say, my concepts are so good now that this subject has become a breeze to me. In addition, Mr Sim, gives out great notes (something he’s proud of too)! You only need to browse through these notes before the exams to sufficiently refresh your concepts. 5 stars! I think the tuition fees were totally worth the value that I got out of this experience. Thanks Mr Sim!

Huang Peng Fei , Favourite , RVHS

Mr Sim, I would definitely recommend my friends to join the physics cafe. The Physics Cafe made me interested in physics again due to Mr Sim’s enthusiastic and clear teaching. Finally physics made sense. The lecture notes are also very useful as they are not just summarized but include tough questions that might potentially come up for school exams and ultimately A levels. At the same time, the occasional small tests motivated me and trained me to be more calm and focused in exams. A skill which I felt was of utmost importance in exams. Ultimately I felt that the physics cafe really helped me a lot in my learning of physics.

Nicholas Sim , Favourite , HCI

The notes The Physics Cafe had prepared for each student comes in a form of booklet which had concise summary for each topic and ways to approach questions that could be set with the topics. That booklet is definitely useful and integral in my revision for my Physics examinations. In addition, Mr Sim is passionate about what he is teaching and enable the more complex Physics topics to be understood easily by the students. He just somehow is able to align our thoughts towards the different topics, and this is something which my school teachers rarely do so. I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe! For friends who are relatively weak or strong in Physics alike, I would still recommend them to attend The Physics Cafe classes because the classes certainly would help to align our thoughts in a certain way towards Physics.

Lim Yu Han , Favourite , HCI

I feel that attending lessons at The Physics Cafe has been extremely fulfilling and useful for me. The concepts taught are extremely clear as well and it really does help to boost my confidence on the subject. The explanations are also extremely detailed, as compared to the lengthy explanations given by the school. I do not understand 3/4 of the lectures in school because the lecturers are just horrible but here in The Physics Cafe, I can actually understand everything that is being taught within the short 2h. I am really grateful for The Physics Cafe as it was really an extremely pleasant 2 years experience with them.

Zia Teh , Favourite , HCI

The Physics Cafe has really broken down each topic to its core and helped us understand each topic from the basics. The June workshop helped me out tremendously by not only covering a wide range of all the topics but also going through the popular questions. I have gain a lot of confidence, enough to hope for an A in the A levels unlike before. The lesson environment is also wonderfully set up and it can be seen that there was a lot of effort put in into decoration and other details. The environment is made really conducive for studying. Lastly, I belief many of us would have gain not only confidence but also lots of knowledge from the journey this year. I will definitely recommend my friends, and I have, to join The Physics Cafe.

Zeng Fang Ni , Favourite , HCI

Hi Mr Sim, before I joined The Physics Cafe, I was very reluctant to take up tuition at JC level because of some bad experiences in secondary school. The lessons were not properly structured and it was difficult to learn. Coming to The Physics Cafe, however, has changed my perception entirely. Detailed explanations in class, coupled with concise notes and clear emphasis on problem solving techniques were very helpful in grasping concepts quickly. The lessons were engaging and well paced, which helped to build up my confidence in the subject. The tutor, Mr Sim, was also willing to spend extra time outside lesson to help clarify my doubts. My journey with the Physics Cafe ends with the commencement of the A levels. Though the preparation was demanding and tiring, it was nonetheless an enjoyable and enriching journey. I am thankful to have Mr Sim walk this journey with me, and for his constant encouragement that helped me pull through the tough times. Thank you for your help Mr Sim!

Spencer Teo , Favourite , HCI

I got an A for physics and I feel really relieved and happy. I feel good about my results as i cannot ask for more. The Physics cafe definitely made a huge difference in this long journey. Mr Dave Sim is very meticulous and he takes the extra effort to be interested in every student’s progress. He breaks down challenging concepts and explains them in further details. He consolidates tips into small booklets and teaches his students to be exam smart. He also gives us ample questions for us to practice and to increase our exposure to all the different kinds of questions with different level of difficulty. Yes I feel that I am able to understand concepts better than the other students in my school as I have a headstart to the topics that were going to be taught. I highly recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe!

Ng Tann Wei , Favourite , HCI

Despite joining The Physics Cafe for only around 2 months, I see great improvement in not only how I approach questions but also my learning methodology. Compared to the thick school lecture notes which covers much background knowledge and less application relevant to tackling examination questions, The Physics Cafe has structured its lessons and organized the notes in a very concise and easily applicable way. This has helped me to move from spending lots of futile time revising materials with a diluted focus to being able to learn to sharpen my key concepts and practice applying them during examination preparation. I’m really glad that now, I can start to learn to go into the examination hall with an organized and clear mind with concepts in “Secrets Enclosed” rather than approaching questions in a random manner. Joining The Physics Cafe has given me learning experiences so enjoyable and fruitful that I would recommend it to any friend who desire to develop passion and confidence for the subject.

GuYuling , Favourite , HCI
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