How to Remember Chemistry Concepts Better

How to Remember Chemistry Concepts Better

Are you finding it hard to remember the chemistry concepts that you have read? Do you feel anxious because the chemistry exam is around the corner, and you can’t memorialize chemistry formulas? You can have sleepless nights wondering how to approach the exam.

The reason for studying chemistry is to build your knowledge and also prepare for exams. Therefore, you need to understand each chemistry concept and have it at your fingertips to keep remembering it. When you sit and memorize what you have read, you feel motivated and ready to approach your chemistry test.

Tips to Help You Remember Chemistry Concepts Better

1. Read the Study Material before Going to Class

Reviewing the study material before attending your chemistry lessons is vital. It allows you to understand more what you had already read. Also, it helps you to understand what you hadn’t understood. As a result, you remember each chemistry concept taught in every lesson.

Besides, reading ahead of your chemistry teacher helps you to make the most of the class time. It allows you to gain a crucial part of the lesson. It makes you understand the critical areas of each chemistry theory. As a result, you will have an easy time going through your notes for revision.

Lastly, if you review your study material before going to class, you will be active. You will participate fully, and as a result, you will get the chemistry concept better. Your mind will focus on what the teacher is teaching because you yarn to understand better. Also, you will answer the questions that your chemistry teacher will ask.

2. Use Flashcards

Flashcards are students’ tools for memorizing chemistry concepts. This is because the subject is full of formulas, symbols, and vocabulary. It would be best if you remember the periodic table from corner to corner. Hence, a flashcard will help you to get the formulas deep in your mind.

Flashcards help you organize the chemistry formulas and symbols that you have come across. When you have a full set of flashcards with the chemistry concepts memorizing becomes easier. You can know what you have captured and where you need to work extra harder.

You can use online or physical flashcards for your memorization. Arrange them according to your confidence level. It will help you identify each chemistry concept you can remember well and those requiring more time to master. Therefore, don’t overlook the power of flashcards in your studies.

3. Take and Review Your Good Notes

Chemistry notes have a crucial role in revising and remembering every chemistry concept that you learn. When attending your chemistry lessons, have writing material to put down your notes. Be attentive to your teacher to take systematic notes. Have a material that you can go through again and again without a struggle.

Once you take the chemistry notes, please do not keep them until you hear the exam is around the corner. Review them from time to time. Schedule some time after school to go through them. It will allow you to keep remembering each chemistry concept you read.

Also, reviewing your chemistry notes helps you to prepare for the exam adequately. It gives you time to master the chemistry formulas, symbols, and theories that you read. As a result, it becomes easier to handle the chemistry exam questions. You attain your best grade in the exam.

4. Practice Frequently

Practice makes perfect. If you make practice your habit, it becomes your lifestyle. Train yourself to solve different chemistry problems in every concept-master each formula, the symbols used, and balanced equations. You will remember the chemistry concepts better.

You can be doing your chemistry practice after going through each topic. Look for every question that can be asked in an exam on each topic. Try to solve the problems out through the knowledge you have. You can ask your chemistry tutor to mark for you the tests.

Practice helps you to gauge your performance. It allows you to know which exam questions you can tackle and which needs extra attention. Also, it gives you a chance to seek assistance in the areas that you are challenged. As a result, you will remember every chemistry concept during your exam.

5. Use Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonic devices are memory devices that help to memorize what you have read. An excellent example of a mnemonic device is using your hands’ knuckles to know the number of days in each mother of a year. In chemistry, the devices allow you to remember the concepts that you have mastered.

Mostly, mnemonics are used to memorialize a list. For instance, you can make memorization of the periodic table. It will help you to know where each element is found and its symbol. For example, Helen held Livian because Boniface could not open for Nelius (Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine and Neon).

6. Break Large Task into Small

Some chemistry concepts are complex. Do not strain yourself to master such concepts at once from the start to the end. Break it down into smaller tasks. It can be time-consuming and tedious, but it helps you memorialize every complex chemistry concept easily.

You can break a concept into theory, formulas, and then equations and symbols. Go through each task at a time and understand it. Afterward, combine each study, and you will realize it is a simple concept to master at your fingertips.

Also, dividing a concept into smaller tasks helps you schedule your learning correctly. This is because you won’t spend three or four hours studying a single concept. You can spend an hour or two on one task and then take a break before proceeding to the next. It makes your learning sessions enjoyable.

You should remember every chemistry concept well before your exam approaches. It will help you achieve your best grade. Therefore, embrace ways that will help you to understand each concept and keep it in your mind.

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