Why Students Fail to Hit the Pass Mark in Physics

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Why Students Fail to Hit the Pass Mark in Physics

Many students freak out when they hear the subject physics. They perceive it as a difficult subject that is not easy at all. In schools, the subject is not a cup of tea to many and they try to avoid it as much as they can.But have you tried physics and math tuition to turn this around?

As a physics, chemistry, and math student, you should be prepared enough to hit the pass mark in your exams. Your effort, focus, and commitment both in school and physics & math tuition count to your success. When you hit the pass mark in physics, it is always a pleasure.

A lot of students are not certain about their performance in physics. They become nervous because they don’t know whether they will achieve their best grades. To overcome the tension, it is advisable to quit some mistakes that are common among students.

Reasons that Make Students Fail in Physics & How Tuition Can Help

1. Negative attitude

Most students are brainwashed that physics is difficult. They carry that mentality both in school and Singapore physics tuition centre. As a result, they remain in the cocoon of a negative attitude towards the subject. Even when the teacher uses the best way to explain concepts, the mind is already made up.

A negative attitude towards the subject makes you underperform during exams. Your mind always thinks it is impossible to make it. You block yourself from doing your best in physics most of the time. It also makes you lose interest in the subject and as a result, you fail to do what is required of you.

If you want to achieve your best in physics, fall in love with it even when some concepts are hard. When you show interest in the subject, it is easy to revise. It also becomes trouble-free to concentrate on your private physics tuition classes. A positive attitude is key for your performance not only in physics but also in other subjects. 

2. Poor math skills

Physics involves a lot of calculations. You can’t do away the mathematical bit of physics if you want to do well. When your math skills are demanding, your physics performance is also affected. Even simple physics concepts involve one or two calculations. Physics and math tuition is very important to spice up your calculation skills.

Students who don’t like math have trouble in physics too. Physics and numbers go hand-in-hand. Most physics theories involve formulas and calculations to interpret them. For instance, Newton’s law of motion is interpreted by the calculation of speed and acceleration.

If you want to have a simple time in your physics, take time to improve your math skills. Startup with the basic calculations of density, mass, volume, and with time you will master the game. Join a JC physics tuition where your math skills can be sharpened. As a result, physics exam time will not be a nightmare for you.

3. Ignorance of personal studies

Some students close their books immediately the teacher leaves and open them next when the teacher comes for the next lesson. They never bother to look at what was taught or what to expect in the next lesson. When they get home, they sit down and eat and watch series without creating some time to read on their own. For them, school time is enough to master all that it takes to sit for an exam.

Personal studies are key not only to studying physics but also other subjects. When you don’t create some time in the evening after school or on weekdays to study, you may have a hard time to revise for your exams. This is because not every detail that was taught in school will stick at the fingertip all through. Some evaporate and you need to review your notebook from time to time.

When you find doing personal studies challenging, you can opt for physics and math tuition. This is where the tutor guides you through your learning at your pace and with no pressure. You revise your notes from cover to cover before exam time and as a result, you hit the pass mark. On weekends, you can have a physics discussion time with your buddies.

4. Lack of critical thinking and the ability to visualize

Physics is the study of nature. What you study in physics revolves around your daily life. Some students find it hard to take in details and visualize them to understand a concept.  Even though a few theoretical concepts are difficult to visualize, most physics principles are derived from natural phenomena.

For example, Newton’s first law of motion states that an object in motion remains at a constant speed unless acted upon by an external force. When a student fails to visualize such a scenario, it is difficult to find what it means. Even if the physics tutor spends the entire day repeating the concept, you can’t understand such concepts unless you think critically and visualize.

When your teacher or private physics tutor introduces the basics of a concept, try to think critically through them. Look at the world around you and relate the information to the natural world so that you can understand better. There is nothing supernatural or unnatural in physics, it is your life organized in numbers and figures.

5. The way physics is taught

Physics is a subject that requires valuable time and practice to be understood. Physics teachers in schools should not be in a hurry to cover the syllabus while students remain stuck without understanding. When you don’t capture the basics of a concept, the rest can be a headache to you. Unfortunately, some teachers especially where the class-size is big, fail to give their best to students due to the time limit.

If physics concepts are not taught step by step without rushing, then the students find it tough to achieve the best. Physics involves a lot and thus needs teaching techniques that simplifies it. Teaching technical that makes students capture details in-depth and master them.

Physics is an interactive subject that requires the effort of both the teacher and the students. As a physics tutor, look for materials that equip you with the knowledge to impact your students. Teach them using tactics that make the subject fun and easier to wipe away the negative attitude that some may have. As a result, you will be a proud teacher when all the students hit the pass mark.

6. Overestimation of the effort put in

Complacency is something that has eaten up the potential of many students. The self-approval feeling can steal away your ability to achieve the best. You might find physics easy for the first few topics but when you dive deeper the story is different. Don’t over approve yourself and keep off your notebooks and homework. It can take away your joy of hitting the physics pass mark.

Don’t be comfortable when you fail to do your homework and the teacher doesn’t check. Avoid putting off a reading material given by your teacher or physics and math tutor often. The teacher may fail to check on your progress frequently but be your guard. It can be comforting but you are ruining your path to success.

Prepare a study plan and make sure you follow it all the time. Make the effort of reading any material given in school or private physics tuition. Ask for help where you are confused. Master the concepts and avoid cramming just before exam time. Keep building your knowledge in physics day in day out. In the end, the fruits will be sweet to harvest.

7. Fear to seek help

When students find themselves failing in physics frequently, they tend to keep quiet and quit the game. They hate physics and as a result, they lose their interest in it. They forget that the more they hide from reality, the more they get hurt. As a student, always remember you are not alone, they are others who are not performing to their best.

When you do not perform according to your expectation, that should not be the end of you. Don’t hide your result slip from your parents. Don’t lock yourself up and cry all day and night thinking you have lost it. Do not shy away from seeking help from your parents, teachers, and also friends. It is not fair for you to become depressed for not hitting the pass mark.

Asking for help is not a crime. It shows you are ready to make up for what you didn’t do to your best. Ask your parents to take you to physics tuition in Singapore where you can be assisted. In school, do not fear to ask your physics teacher questions where you don’t understand. Play your role as a student and the rest will fall into place.

Physics is an important career subject in Singapore. Love the subject and do your best to get good results. It is a journey but hitting the pass mark is a feeling that warms the cockles of your heart.

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