How to Choose the Best JC Subjects Combination

How to Choose the Best JC Subjects Combination

Each year, Junior Colleges in Singapore admit students to go through the A-Level curriculum. Mostly, students who perform well in O-Level join JC instead of the polytechnic. At A-Level, you are expected to choose JC subjects that suit you. This is because there are different subject combinations.

Coming up with your best JC subject combination needs a sober mind. Therefore, it is important to put certain factors into consideration to make the best choice. This is because the subjects you choose will affect your performance for the two years and determine your career direction. Hence, be wise while choosing your JC subjects.

Tips to help you choose the best JC Subject combination

1. Choose a JC subject combination that suits your future career

The JC subjects that you choose to study affect your career in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to select subjects that will allow you to fit in your career. For instance, if you want to pursue medicine or law, you need a specific subject combination. For a medicine course, you need to have done BCME (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Economics).

However, some courses are considered general degrees; therefore, you can go with any JC subject combination. You can end up doing something unrelated to the course you did.

To settle with the best JC subject combination, have a clue on which career direction you want to follow. This is because it will allow you to gain the necessary skills and knowledge in your field.

2. Consider your strength

Your O-level performance and subject interest can help you know your strength. If you were performing well in H2 chemistry, you could pick the H2 option as your subjects. Also, you can choose H3 chemistry to have a broader knowledge of the subject.

If the JC chemistry was a challenge to you, opt to take H1 chemistry to avoid frustrations along your way. You can choose HELM or GELM (History/Geography, Economics, Literature, and Math) JC subjects for students who are best in humanities. This is because you will be in a position to perform well in your vital area.

Considering your strength when choosing your JC subjects is crucial. It helps you to avoid a lot of pressure when studying. As a result, you will enjoy your two years in junior college.

3. Understand the University Admission Criteria

Universities in Singapore and other countries mostly admit students to courses depending on the subjects they did. This is because different university courses have different subject prerequisites. Therefore, if you have a clear idea of which career you want to pursue at the university, choose JC subjects that suit it.

Some courses can also exempt you from taking specific introductory modules in your University course if you performed well in your A-Level. Again, you can do bridging courses if you did not perform well or didn’t take a subject at A-level.

Therefore, it is essential to put in mind the university admission criteria when selecting your JC subjects. Understand the subject combinations needed for you to pursue a particular course. It will allow you to focus on your studies appropriately.

4. Go for a unique study course at your Junior College

Competition to join the university is usually high. Everyone wants to make it to pursue their dream career. To be on the safe side, and secure an opportunity in the university, go for a unique JC subjects. As a result, you will increase your chances of joining the university.

For instance, if you want a government scholarship, take four H2 subjects at the A-level. Also, maintain a good performance in your J1 and J2. You can also spice up your experience by going for an internship related to your field during the school holidays.

If you want to pursue a medicine course, you can volunteer as a trainee during your holiday. This will allow you to have more knowledge and experience. As a result, you will be in a position to pass the interview before you get admitted to the university.

During the October holiday, pursue a BMAT course. This is because some universities use it to select their student. Therefore, a unique study course keeps you in the limelight. As a result, you increase your opportunities to join your university of choice and pursue your dream career.

Don’ts when choosing JC subjects

1. Do not follow the crowd

Do not choose your JC subject combination simply because most of your fellow students have chosen it. This is because each student is different. You have different strengths and weaknesses, career dreams, and university choices.

Therefore, choose what is best for you. Do not allow peer pressure to influence your decisions in selecting your JC subjects. Also, when it comes to your parent’s influence, listen to them but also reason together. Explain to them why you want a particular JC subject combination and not theirs.

2. Do not focus on your two years in JC; consider the future

Do not choose JC subjects simply because you want to perform well, have the bigger picture in mind. This is because the A-level subject combination has a significant influence on your future. Mostly, the course will determine your career field and further studies.

Therefore, it is necessary not to be short-sighted but instead consider the future impacts.  If you are not sure of the course you want to take in the university, go for JC subjects with a good number of career options. This will allow you to have a couple of courses to choose from.

A-Level is a critical stage in your life as a student. It helps you choose the direction you want your life to follow in most cases. It determines your job market and your further studies in Ph.D. and masters. Therefore, it is essential to make the right decision.

If you have not yet made your mind on which JC subjects to go for, you can ask for responsible people’s assistance. You can reach out to your parents, your O-level chemistry tutor, or teacher. This is because such people understand you well. After all, you have gone through their hands.

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