How can exams be less stressful?

How can exams be less stressful?

Due to the overwhelming stress and competition taking place in schools these days, starting from 2018, Primary 1 to 5 students and Secondary 1 to 3 students are free for Mid-Year exams. If you agree that exams are bad, then maybe the changes made to the current education system is beneficial for you. But…. Maybe you should also start see things form the other perspective. Exams are a good tool for learning. If it is well-managed, it would bring you more good than bad (a.k.a stress). And the next question will be… how do you manage it? To do so, you have to….

1. Be attentive in class

As long as you keep up with the pace of the class and do your revision regularly, you shouldn’t be faced with much stress. Stress usually comes from the humongous pending workload. As long as you clear those in time, your stress can definitely reduce by half.

2. Study early, better now than later.

Exams are good because it allows you to gauge of where you’re standing among your peers. As long as you don’t be overly concern or taking your results too personally, the exam papers helps you to identify your areas of improvement. On the other hand, if your results turns out to be better than your ideals, it also helps to boost your morale.

3. Do plenty of practices

By doing plenty practices, it gets you to be exposed to the different types of questions and exam structures. However, avoid jumping straight into the Ten-Years Series too quickly. Get your basic right and other things will fall in place nicely. Skipping a step leads to weaker foundation, thus making you feel confuse easily when new chapters and content are introduced.

4. Keep asking to clear your doubts

Make it a habit to clear your doubts with your tutor or teacher regularly. If you’re unsure, go and ask your teacher. If you’re taking tuition, all the more you should be asking. Always remember, you come school or tuition to seek knowledge so you should be bringing home more knowledge and confidence rather than doubts!

If classes in school are insufficient for you, enrolling for a tuition helps in many ways. In the Physics and Math Café (PMC), we have a group of self-motivated students who are eager to learn. While attending our lessons, the experienced tutors will guide them through their learning process, spot their weakness and correct misconceptions as soon as possible. The materials and lessons aore also geared towards problem solving skills so our students will be more prepared for their exams. Instead of using the popular-like assessment books, our materials are prepared by our head of academics, Mr Dave Sim, who is an ex-RJC lecturer. All the content taught in school will be filtered and only essential ones will be in the notes provided during class. As such, students can spend their time more wisely by focussing on more important content for the exams. Sign up for our Digital Memebership to immediately catch up on your entire syllabus as you gain access to the full library of master lecture videos and comprehensive notes! In PMC, you will realise how can something so difficult be so easy!

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