Help! Can’t cope with Physics?

Help! Can’t cope with Physics?

If you don’t know about it yet, all the results in the national exam will be fitted under the bell curve. Meaning to say, under the bell curve, only about 35% of the students can get A in a national exam. Indeed, it is a super competitive landscape and are you confident to be one of the top 35 percentile? If you worry, feel anxious or even stressed out that you may be tanking the bell curve (from the bottom) and self-studying is insufficient, then tuition may be your best option.

In the Physics and Math Café, most of the students don’t just come for extra lesson just to pass. Instead, they are a group of self-motivated students who come to sharpen their exam skills and to have an edge over their peers. They are the ones who aim to be the top 35 percentile, so they come here.

PMC is chosen by this group of students because of the premium quality lesson and tutors we provide here. The lessons and materials are crafted our founder, who is a former RJC lecturer with 6 years of track record, and constantly updated with the new curriculum. The lessons and materials here are geared towards training students’ problem-solving skillsets which are essential for exams. Knowing the content guarantees a pass but will never be enough for an A in exam. Thus, the hand-picked tutors help to make sure you understand the content thoroughly and equipped students with the ability to apply the knowledge.

Believe it or not, 8 of 10 students from PMC attained an A grade in their national exams when the national exam A% is only 40%. Give it a try by signing up for our September Holiday Workshops and we will show you how we can and how we make something so difficult so easy for you.

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