Common topics students are struggling when studying for O level Physics

Common topics students are struggling when studying for O level Physics

Kinematics, General Wave Properties and Thermal Physics are topics you should pay more attention when they are introduced to you in class or when you’re studying. Why? Because these topics tend to be more conceptualise thus many students struggle to understand and score on these questions. In Kinematics, students have the tendency to spend too much time comprehending the question. As for the general wave properties, plenty of students just don’t recall how to derive the formula or find it confusing to identify the different wave. When students already find it difficult to understand with numbers, the abstract equations and concepts from Thermal Physics is definitely going to be a killer.[/vc_column_text]

Physics is definitely not the easiest subject out there, but it is also not the hardest subject to score. Reason why students find it tough is mainly because the teachers teaching also don’t know the subject matter thoroughly. If the school’s teachers are not helping much in your studies, students should actively enrol themselves in premium quality lessons with excellent tutors. In the Physics and Math Café (PMC), only 1 in 30 tutors are hired. The high barrier of entry is so as to provide premium quality lessons, to help students find out what they do not understand, conduct efficient and effective lessons and equipped students with the relevant problem-solving skills for exams.

By doing well in these topics, you will be able to do better because you’re able to get those marks others can’t. This gives you an edge over your peers. Nonetheless, doing well in other topics are equally important! What’s the point of getting those marks people lose and lose those marks where everyone gets? Get yourself a Physics tutor to plan out your exam strategy. Capable Physics tutors are able identify and help you brush up on your areas of weakness. Enrol yourself in the Physics and Math Cafe to prep yourself for the exams before it’s too late

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