Career Options for Chemistry Students

Career Options for Chemistry Students

Chemistry offers different careers in a wide range of fields. You can work in healthcare, public, education, engineering, and other fields. Also, chemistry graduates are on high demand in various career sectors in Singapore.

Therefore, if you take chemistry as a major in the university, put more effort into achieving the best grades. Also, gain skills and knowledge that makes you a fully-baked graduate. It will allow you to land in a good chemistry career after graduating.

Top chemistry careers

1. Chemistry teacher

Chemistry teachers are in demand because pupils and students are enrolled in schools each year. When you get this chemistry career, you become responsible for following the Ministry of Education curriculum. Also, you help the students understand the coursework. As a chemistry teacher, you develop lesson plans, give homework, set tests, and mark them for your students.

The average pay for this chemistry career in Singapore is between 3,380 SGD and 9,460 SGD per month. Your salary depends on your experience, skills, gender, and also your location. Besides being a chemistry teacher, you can be a chemistry tutor during school holidays or in the evening after school. It is an opportunity to earn more.

2. Chemical engineer

The engineering industry needs chemistry experts. A chemistry career requires you to have strong analytical skills. This is because you have to analyze the quality of a product and prove whether it is fit for use. Also, you require strong communication skills to deliver information to organizations that require your knowledge.

Chemical engineers are in high demand because they are few in the industry—companies are searching for professional chemical engineers who can achieve the set goals. In Singapore, a chemical engineer earns about $ 48 718 per year. If you have a passion for the engineering industry and love chemistry, you can apply for a chemical engineering job.

3. Lab Technicians

During your chemistry lab sessions, you always work with a lab technician to help you out. If you admire their work and you would like to do what they do in the future, perform well in chemistry. It will allow you to work in any chemistry laboratory in Singapore. You will spend your life enjoying your career in chemistry labs because you have a passion for it.

Lab technicians perform different duties. First, they teach the lab users the safety precautions when doing chemistry practical. Second, they help students understand how to use various apparatus in the laboratory. Finally, they help students when doing their experiments.

4. Pharmacologist

A pharmacologist researches chemical compounds for drug therapy development. Also, pharmacologists are responsible for testing medications to prove their fitness for human consumptions. Finally, they are responsible for researching about potential side effects of drugs. Therefore, a chemistry student can pursue this career because they have chemical knowledge.

As a pharmacologist, you can work with healthcare facilities, drug manufacturing companies, among other organizations that require your knowledge. The chemistry career offers a luxurious salary. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for pharmacologists across the world. Therefore, do not hesitate to grab the opportunity and pursue a degree in pharmacology. It exposes you to many chemistry career fields across the world.

5. Forensic scientist

To be a forensic science technician, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in a natural science like chemistry or biology. Therefore, it is a career that chemistry students can venture into after graduating. Forensic scientists help to carry out a criminal investigation by collecting and analyzing evidence. The working hours for this career are normal business hours. However, you may, at times; you may work extra hours while collecting information.

The chemistry career is expected to grow faster between 2019 and 2029 by 14%. This means an increment of job opportunity by 2,400 careers. Therefore, chemistry students in junior college can take the opportunity and pursue a career after graduating from university.

6. Research scientist

If you are an adventurous chemistry student, a research scientist is a right career for you. It provides a platform to travel worldwide to do research and develop new medicines and technology, among others. To thrive in this chemistry career, you need a strong understanding of chemistry, from basic concepts to complex ones. Also, it requires your data collection and analyzing skills. Besides, it would help if you were keen on every detail.

As a research scientist, you also need teamwork skills because you cannot research on your own. Besides, it would help if you were interpersonal to interact with people and get detailed information. Research scientists have a wide range of employment platforms. You can work for government laboratories, environmental agencies, private food companies, pharmaceuticals producers, among others.

7. Analytical chemist

Chemistry students have an opportunity to pursue a career in analytical chemistry. As an analytical chemist, you conduct basic laboratory research on chemical compounds. Also, you can design instruments used to do analytical analysis. It is also your work to carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis when developing a product in the laboratory.  

In most employment sectors for analytical chemists, the salary is determined by years of experience. Hence the more you work for various organizations and gain skills, the higher your salary goes. In Singapore, this chemistry career pays about S$ 38,346 if you have 1-4 years of experience. Therefore, as a new graduate in the analytical chemistry field, keep growing your skills to attract a competitive salary.

Chemistry offers a wide range of careers. Also, you can work in any sector across the world. Students who graduate with a chemistry degree have a chance to enjoy their careers and a high salary. Therefore, if you love chemistry and you would like to pursue your career, opportunities are there. Put the effort in your studies and perform your best to get a chance in the university. While still at school, grow your skills in chemistry by enrolling in internships and volunteer jobs that make you stronger in chemistry.  

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