Best Chemistry Tuition Singapore

Best Chemistry Tuition Singapore

Best Chemistry Tuition Singapore

Chemistry Education in Singapore:

To put it merely – Chemistry studies ‘matter’ – to find out with what it consists of, the properties it bears, the changes that it undergoes, and the natural laws that explain those changes. Chemistry provides a foundation for understanding both basic and applied scientific disciplines at a fundamental level.

It is noteworthy that every other branch of experimental approaches requires a solid foundation in chemistry  – the features of plant chemistry (botany), the formation of igneous rocks (geology), the structure of atmospheric ozone and degradation of environmental pollutants (ecology), finding out characteristics of soil found on the moon (astrophysics), the chemical composition of medications (pharmacology), etc.

All are dependent in one way or another on basic chemistry. That’s why the importance of proper chemistry education cannot be overstated. So, it is a must that every country’s educational formation should put adequate emphasis on the adequate education of chemistry for its students.

Singapore is no exception to that.

In Singapore, the Ministry of Education has applied a ‘spiral’ approach to program the chemistry curriculum at different levels in the education sector. Learning chemistry begins at primary levels. where it is a part of the Integrated Science Curriculum and it starts as early as in Primary level 3, the curriculum uses the word ‘chemistry ‘is much later. As the pupils carry on studying, the scope for learning chemistry increases gradually. In the Lower Secondary level (Secondary 1 & 2), children explore general science of which, 30% of the course consists of chemistry.

In the next level, in Secondary level 3 & 4, chemistry is made available as an elective subject. After completion of the secondary level, students take part in GCE ‘O,’ and after overcoming this hurdle, the preparation for GCE ‘A’ level in Junior Colleges begins. Though for the students who complete the ‘O’ level, an option to choose one of the four polytechnics is available. In the pre-university level, which is essentially the Junior College, chemistry is available as a main subject and also as a constituent of the ‘A’ level Physical Science subject. Tertiary-level chemistry education is provided by the NUSNIEthe four local polytechnics, and a few other private technical institutes.

The inception of Tuition Industry in Singapore:

Let’s start with our former Prime Minister Goh Chok Thong’s wise words, “The wealth of a nation lies in its people.” Singapore has transformed itself from a backwater underdeveloped tropical island with recurring conflicts among ethnic and religious factions to a gleaming global hub of trade, transportation, and finance, and the world leader of economic and educational excellence. Success in education can easily be attributed to the Government’s sagacity to take revolutionary steps and implement them to their full effect.

But Singaporeans have also supported the Government’s initiatives wholeheartedly. Singaporean parents’ affinity for proper education for their children was attested by the Household Expenditure Survey when they found out that Singaporean households spent around S$1.4B in 2017/18 on private tuition.

A few factors have worked in favor of the booming in the tuition industry. The school curriculum in Singapore is unusually tough. Besides, modern parents leave no stones unturned for their children to provide the best education possible for being the members of a meritocratic society. They are also engrossed by ‘Kiasu’ – the fear of lagging. All of these have made studying exceedingly competitive in Singapore. And they also have paved the way for snowballing the tuition industry. Today, there are about 850 registered tuition centres in Singapore.

The Usual Mistakes:

So it is only natural that parents sometimes fall for the wrong type in choosing the best tuition for their children. And I believe parents can’t always be blamed for their wrong choices. Glittering traditional advertisements with numerous ways of digital marketing like SMM (Social Media Marketing), Website Optimization, Speaking Engagements, and Networking, Cloud Technology Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), etc. are just a few to guide you in the wrong direction. Please have a look at the not-to-do list in choosing the right tuition centre for your kids.

Numbers Don’t Guarantee Success:

Tuition centres are, at their core, businesses. And like any other business, tuition centres sometimes open up many branches to maximize profits. That’s not unethical, and sometimes that transpires Success. But the key issues here to look into are if the branches are run like the main centre. In other words, if the branches have proficient stuff, realistic and achievable study planning, enriched with necessary and useful types of equipment, etc. It’s also worth mentioning that branches usually execute teaching differently since they are operated by different staff. 

Sometimes Good Results Doesn’t Prove Anything: 

That’s one bit of information every tuition centre is willing to share with the rest of the world. If a tuition centre can show you the result of past good results by previous students – it sure is a strong selling point. But do you know the ratio of that result compared to how many students have received tuition from them? Most certainly, the number of high flying students would appear on their front.

But can you be sure that the Success of those students can only be credited to that tuition centre? What if those students were not only extremely bright students themselves but had home tutors as well? So, you should think about these factors before making the final decision relying on only past results.

Popularity Won’t Ensure Success:

The marketing machine that is available today is unbelievably believable – that is, they can make you believe anything. As I have mentioned before, marketing tools, digital and traditional alike, are imperiously capable of driving your mind where they want to. So, sometimes popularity counts for nothing.

A straightforward way of checking this out is to have your kids participate in free trial sessions. If you don’t have that option available, go for a discussion about your child’s specific needs and observe how they respond – the authentic ones will be able to identify the problem immediately and have ways known to you for getting your child rid of that.

No One Can Guarantee Success: 

This is a bitter pill to swallow. Even the best tuition centre won’t guarantee the success you want for your kids. So if you are one of those parents who believe your child’s not succeeding lies elsewhere rather than her or him not being good enough or not motivated enough – you probably will fall for this kind of scam. Unfortunately, you will see many who guarantee Success no matter what condition your child is in – with a promise of a refund.

But please be aware of the beautiful prints – refunding the fees in case your child’s not getting desired Success is tied to many untold conditions that you won’t be able to comply with. For the love of God Almighty, do you care for refunds when your child’s result is not satisfactory?

Checklist for Choosing the Right One:

Have I created enough doubts in your mind to be fearful of the authenticity of the tuition centres? Please don’t be succumbed to doom and gloom so early. Remember the numbers I have told you about Singapore’s household expenditure for tuitions? They were there for a reason. Tuition centres do help students in many fruitful ways. You just have to find the right one for your kids.

Please keep the following checklist on hindsight when go for choosing a tuition centre:

Compassion for the Students:

Any kid will perform best when he or she realizes that the teacher is not only compassionate to their needs but also have patients to conciliate with their learning habits. You might be thinking about how you can be sure about that. Talk with the guys in that centre, talk to your neighbors, colleagues, or other family members who get services from that tuition centres. Please remember, it is impossible to forge compassion.

 Keeping Meticulous Records:

Keeping records of mistakes and errors and addressing them in time is the key to avoid them next time. So, check how the ‘would be’ tuition centre for your child maintains records. If they can convince you their way of keeping records is right, it will help address mistakes and reduce and finally get rid of them altogether – be sure that those guys know what they are doing and your child will be in capable hands.

Methods of Teaching:

If you go for a centre where the class size is similar to your kid’s school in terms of the number of students attending, or the method of teaching any particular topic is almost the same – then there is no point selecting that tuition centre.

Because your child may struggle as he or she does in the school. But how can you be sure about their uniqueness? Well, the truth is you can’t. So talk to them about your child, what they like, what approach they prefer etc. And if the centre conducts its business professionally, they will pay heed to your concerns and ensure that your child is taught in the way that he/she responds best.

Appropriate Pace of Tuition Providing:

The fact of the matter is every student has their own pace of getting the lessons. The syllabus decided for completion within a term is completed in classrooms in every school. The same is also true for tuition centres. But the difference is the latter does it with a few students to cater for. So, it should be more comfortable for every student to be on the same page with the teacher. But the reality begs difference sometimes. And that’s where your selected tuition centre will differentiate itself from others. So, be sure to check that out as well.


It is an important metric to base on your decision. Ease of mind inciting the environment is very helpful for concentration. The rooms should not make the students feel claustrophobic; the sitting arrangements should be comfortable; the overall attitude of the staff and teachers should be encouraging and helpful for studying rigorously etc. are some things to consider.

The Chemcafé’ Approach:

Now let’s talk about a few things about The Chemistry Café approach.

It seems pretty obvious that for this outfit, chemistry is not just a subject. Instead, they are doing it for their love they have for the subject. Yes, you have read that right. Sometimes it is possible indeed to fall for something completely abstract.

But what significance can it possibly bear for you? The truth is, if you are looking for a specialized chemistry tuition centre for your kids, they are the ones to go to. The Chemcafe is free from the above mentioned misleading characteristics and is thoroughly professional in their approach to uphold the faith you have laid on them.

Their teachers are genuinely interested in teaching as much as learning the subject while helping the students with it. One of their unique ways is to relate the topic as much to the real world as they can and create an immersive experience so that, instead of cramming, the learners simply can be able to get to the essence of it.

The Chemcafe is equally conscientious of keeping the infrastructure conducive to the students. The tuition center emphasizes profoundly noise reduction, modern amenities, latest tech-support, etc to conduct classes without a glitch.

Have a look at the below list of levels where they currently provide world-class chemistry tuitions:

  • JC2
  • JC1
  • IP/Sec 4
  • IP/Sec 3
  • IP/Sec 2
  • IP/Sec 1

There you go.

I hope my slightly extended essay would provide you with all the necessary information you were looking for before starting the reading.

And also, I can assure you that if you are looking for a tuition centre to set the scene for your children’s result, you so desire and they so deserve.

Thank You.

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