Before you get demoralised about your Physics results, read this up!

Before you get demoralised about your Physics results, read this up!

Many students tend to feel demoralised when the effort put into studying Physics didn’t reflect on the results they got from exams. Before being demoralised, have you ever when on to think why you don’t reap what you sow? If you haven’t thought of it or don’t know why so, let me explain it to you.

Firstly, it may be because you’re setting unrealistic goals. As the saying goes, “aim for the moon because even if you fall, you’ll fall among the stars”. Of course, the saying is right, stretched goals motivates one to put in their best effort but for the saying to be validated, these goals have to be achievable. Just by completing a standard number of chapters or several pages do make you feels like you’re diligent but that’s definitely not going to make you more intelligent, at least for the O and/or A level. This is because you (students) tnd to glance through easy chapters and skip difficult ones just to save time and meet your target. By doing so, students tend to miss out on important information that are essential for a strong foundation. As such, subsequent concept which builds on the foundation will be more difficult to comprehend and understand. Thus, instead of measuring your studies with number of pages, measure it with the amount of content learned. It sounds super abstract to measure through the amount of content acquired right? Going for a physics tuition will definitely help! Let the good tutors to spot, gauge and guide you in your learning.

Secondly, it is because you do not truly understand why you’re right and why you’re marked down sometimes. Without receiving enough quality feedbacks from the teachers/tutors, you will only know that you’ve got it wrong but not why you got it wrong. In a class of 30 to 40s, it is really tough for teachers to explain every single mistake to each and every student. As such, getting yourself a Physics tutor allows student to receive more attention and get someone to answer their queries in a timely manner.

As you can tell, what you need is just a Physics tuition. In the Physics and Math Café (PMC), our tutors are handpicked and only 1 in 30 tutors are selected to join our team. The well-trained and experienced tutors are capable to guide and spot the areas of improvement within students thus most of our students are able to improvement drastically in 2 terms. We also maintain an optimal number of class size such that we do not want any students to be neglected. As such, we have a self-motivated student community here with us!

Come join us and you’re realise how something so difficult can be so easy!

Find out more about us on pmc.sg or contact us at +65 9100 1235.

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