A lesson at PMC is just like Woww!

A lesson at PMC is just like Woww!

I’m Mr Dave Sim, Founder of The Physics and Maths Café (PMC) located at Paya Lebar, Novena and Beauty World. I was a former RJC Lecturer and I’m well versed in the subject matter of Physics and Maths with over a decade’s worth of teaching experience. ??

Over the years, I have developed a structured Physics and Mathematics programme that is both rigorous yet engaging for students. At PMC, my team specialises in breaking down perplexing concepts into simple, easy to understand theories. Every lesson will be intense and breath-taking, just like a magic show. ? ?‍♂️

“Stepping into the Physics Cafe, the environment felt fairly similar to other popular tuition centres. The first impressions of the classroom were that of a packed and tense atmosphere with nicely sized notes that you could slip into your bag as easy as they slipped off the table during lessons. Never mind the packed classes and compact table space, never mind the weird two-tone walls that made it look like a hospital ward.

The moment Mr Dave Sim steps into the room, it doesn’t take much to realise that the atmosphere changes. Every student, ones on their phones, ones chatting and especially the ones about to stand up for that last-minute restroom relief pauses for a moment to kick into gear for yet another lesson at the Physics Cafe. Every student other than the first timer that tucked himself into the corner of the class scrambling for his pencil case. And before that student dragged his pencil case from the depths of his bottomless drawstring bag, the lessons began.

The intensity was of a whole different level, one that every student in that room immersed themselves in except for one. What followed that intensity felt like a magic show. One that made your eyes light up not for a flurry of tricks and sleights of hand, but for the fact the look that Mr Dave Sim had in his eyes. A look fuelled by an eagerness and tangible energy to teach. It was a breath-taking performance, literally, as I kept finding myself questioning how it was possible for him to keep up the energy and intensity without ever running out of breath. I’d never had imagined myself ever being so excited for the next 3-hour lesson (June Holiday Course) right after one just ended.

I recall telling the friend that referred me here “He’s crazy good.” To put this long testimonial into a short and sweet conclusion, each lesson really is a magic show that keeps on giving, and making you excited for the next, with an adept magician and his pointer of a wand.”
Damien Koh, EJC

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The Physics Cafe Team
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