9 Study Break Ideas for Successful Chemistry Learning

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9 Study Break Ideas for Successful Chemistry Learning

According to research, taking a purposeful break for about 5-60 minutes from studying to refresh your body and brain helps you increase your energy, ability to focus and productivity. And what will you be doing during the break? You can engage in different things, but it is crucial to have healthy study break ideas.

These ideas will help you overcome the fatigue in between hours of chemistry studies. Stay tuned to learn about these activities that will help you reenergize and refocus.

Energizing Study Break Ideas

1.      Have a Short Run or Jog

After sitting for some time studying chemistry, you are likely to feel exhausted and worn out. This decreases your ability to concentrate on what you are learning. As a result, you won’t be productive in your remaining learning time.

You can beat the fatigue by taking a short run in the compound or somewhere near your home. It will help you let off some steam. Besides, your brain will energize, and you will get some sunlight which helps to regulate your mood. This is one of the study break ideas that will help you deal with study anxiety.

2.      Engage Your Creativity

How do you express yourself in creative ways? Do you like drawing, painting or dancing? When you take a break from your chemistry studies, you can help your mind relax by exercising your creativity.

All you need to do is identify which area of creativity you are best in. It will help your body and mind rewind in between your study session. However, be keen not to spend most of your time on your hobbies and forget about your chemistry studies.

3.      Take a Power Nap

It is a nap and not a two-hour sleep! Case Western Reserve University research shows that the best nap time between your study session is about 10 to 20 minutes. It is one of the best study break ideas to increase your productivity and focus on chemistry concepts.

On the other hand, when you oversleep during a chemistry study break, you will wake up with no idea of which day it is or what you were doing. Besides, you might have trouble falling asleep at night which affects your next day’s schedule. Therefore, set the alarm before taking a nap.

4.      Enjoy a Healthy Snack

Snacking in between your chemistry study session can be helpful when you take healthy snacks. It helps you boost your energy levels which in turn help you to concentrate better and be more productive. Take snacks such as popcorn, almonds or dark chocolate. Besides, you can engage your creativity and come up with new recipes for healthy snacks.

Unhealthy snacking is not one of the study break ideas because it makes you feel tired instead of reenergized. Avoid sugary snacks such as cookies and ice creams.

5.      Take a Shower

Taking a shower helps you feel refreshed. It revitalizes you for the next chemistry study sessions. Therefore, after an hour of going through some chemistry concepts, it would be best if you get into the showers and beat off the fatigue.

And what about a cold shower on a hot day? There could be nothing better than that when you want to continue studying. It will help you cool down your body and relax your mind.

6.      Stretch Out

Stretching out your body is one of the best study break ideas that can apply anywhere in between your chemistry study sessions. It helps your body to fight the tension of sitting in the same position for hours. As a result, you become more comfortable sitting back for further studies.

As you walk around the compound, stretch out your arms, neck, legs and wrist. Besides, it will help you catch some fresh air. Hence, your will come back for the next session relaxed and with energy.

7.      Tidy Up

How is your study place or your bedroom? Are they in a mess because you didn’t get time to organize them? If yes, you can take advantage of study break and tidy up. It will make a real difference in your chemistry studies because your body will stretch out, and your mind will relax.

For instance, if you study the whole day at home, you can organize different rooms during your study breaks. It is one of the simplest study break ideas that will make your learning enjoyable and still end up with a tidy house.

8.      Meditate

Taking some quiet time and taking that deep breath is worth it during a chemistry study break. Besides, it helps you focus on the chemistry concepts you are learning and reduce anxiety. You will also overcome fatigue, insomnia and stress levels.

You can find videos on YouTube that can guide you on how to meditate. On the other hand, if you are new to meditation, you can download an app like Headspace to assist you. Enjoy your chemistry learning with this study break idea in your next session!

9.      Listen to Music

Music has a way of soothing the soul. It activates your mood and facilitates a positive vibe after an hour of going through some challenging chemistry concepts. Hence, if you wonder what you can do to relax your mind during your study sessions, listen to some fantastic music.

All you need to do is to download the music you love from YouTube or any other app. Get some 10 to 15 minutes and put on your earphones to enjoy the music. You can wake up and dance to stretch your body.


Avoid peeping into social media during your study breaks. According to a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, people who grab their phones for passive stimulation in between other tasks goes through high mental cost.  The study further argued that you would attract a psychological need to check other interactions when you get into your cell phone. This is because the phone has numerous interaction platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

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