5 Tips to Help You Study Better in Junior College

5 Tips to Help You Study Better in Junior College

5 Tips to Help You Study Better in Junior College

Life can be hectic for a JC student. You are striving to adapt to the new environment and you have to keep up with your coursework and perform. The period of two years can elapse without any notice. Before you absorb the excitement of joining Junior College, shock sets in because the exams are a few months away. The day you set in your feet in JC, be ready to make resolutions of the kind of life you want to live there. Most students will prefer that after one or two weeks but that is the period many lose track.

Understand that JC is preparing you for tertiary education. Therefore, your target should be nothing less. Whether it calls for the services of a good Chemistry tuition teacher, leave nothing to chance. Start on a high note and you will afford to relax later in the session. You will also avoid unnecessary pressure from the overwhelming workload. The tips below will prove efficient in helping you study better in JC.

  • Plan and strategize

The earlier the better is a popular saying. You should relate to it and be the early bird. Have a personal study timetable and set the targets of the grades you want in your final exams. Do not aim for the least grade but go for the highest. A grade that you know you will have to stretch to get there. It will help you to check your study habits and sleep patterns. The plan should be actualized. It is not decorative material in your room. Sacrifice your time to ensure you have compensated any time you have lost.

  • Choose buddies that add value

Some friends will only help you to waste your precious time. Keep them off. It is better to be a lone ranger than to be in the company of confused allies. The confusion will breed failure in your JC. Keep friends who will help you in your studies by group discussion or healthy debates. Many Junior College students are torn between wild fun and serious academic life. Your fun should be moderated to give room for your studies. Constructive friendship will help to keep you accountable on how you spend your time.

  • Assess your progress regularly

Do not just study for the sake of it. Keep analyzing the progress you have made. Identify your areas of weakness and put extra effort. Review your plan and see how best it can fit you for better performance. Yu should align the plan to the activities you are involved in and strengths and weaknesses. When joining JC you might not be decisive which co-curriculum activities you can engage in but after some time, it is now clear. Allocate some time for such activities because they build your social life and help you to relieve academic pressures.

  • Consult your teachers

Consulting your tutors is not an intellectual weakness. It shows your eagerness to learn and keep up with the coursework. When you have concepts that you never understood in class, follow up with your tutor for clarification. Do not entertain lagging behind when the teachers are available to assist you to better your results.

  • Reward yourself

Students forget to be their own motivation. When you have achieved the set targets, reward yourself by having a day off your studies. Have some time to engage in your hobby or area of interest. Do not be a workaholic who will forget all the other aspects of their life. Time off your studies helps you reflect on strategies you can use for the betterment of your performance. Enjoy the fruits of your labor but do not forget your long term goal- to pass your Junior College final exams.

Passing your final JC Chemistry Singapore examination should be your primary goal. Do not trade it for fun or friendship. Ensure that no distractor stands your way. The seriousness you put in the two years will be a major determinant of your destiny.

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