How to Build a Strong Foundation in Physics!

How to Build a Strong Foundation in Physics!

You can ask parents or adults what their favourite A-level subject was and only a few would mention Physics. It requires a good understanding of complex principles and critical thinking to apply the concepts logically to solve complicated questions.

That is why you need a strong foundation to ace A-level Physics. Here are some steps to help you build a good foundation.

Attend Class

You cannot miss class just because you already have the syllabus and notes. Being complacent will only deprive you of essential insights that your tutors can help you understand. Be sure to attend class and think twice before skipping! If you don’t want to attend a class then find the best Physics tuition Singapore like PMC Tuition Center.

Pay Attention

Even if you attend class and not pay attention, it would be pointless so your mind and thoughts have to be in class to make your time productive and worthwhile. Studies have shown that we human beings absorb little when we multi-task. Ditch your phones and social media for a while, focus in class.

Study Every day, Don’t Procrastinate

Studying at least an hour daily would help more, as compared to last-minute revision and cramming every information in for 5 hours straight. If you often find yourself being unable to catch up, make an extra effort to ensure that you revise or you could enroll for tuition.

Work Towards Understanding Instead of Memorizing

Some of the concepts or topics would need you to memorize but it does not mean you have to cram the whole book. Work towards understanding what your teacher or tutor taught you before and put in an effort to comprehend the concepts and principles.

Don’t Be a Loner

Physics is difficult so work in groups and have discussion with your friends! Ask for help from people around you or your teacher/tutor. You will benefit from different perspectives and grasp the concept better. It will make studying much more fun, instead of struggling to solve a problem alone.

Sign Up for Physics Tuition

In class, many students learn differently and the teacher may not have enough time to give their attention to everyone. A class set-up may not be enough to build a strong foundation for Physics but A-level often requires a cautious understanding of complex concepts and thinking critically.

You could register for Physics tuition Singapore if you need help. Having a tutor is good to bridge the gaps and be a source of place to ask a question to clear your doubts. Physics tuition will also boost your confidence to make your foundation stronger. Physics tuition Singapore like PMC could help you to achieve your desired goal in Physics learning.

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