[J2] Term 1 Week 1 (13-19 Jan) Updates/Debrief

Special Mention from PMC HQ

Please refer to the term calendar (subjected to changes). https://tinyurl.com/pmc2020J2Calendar

There is no lesson scheduled in the week (23 – 29 Jan 2020). No lesson is billed in that week.
Lessons on 21, 22, 30 and 31 Jan is on as per scheduled.

[J2 Physics PMCians] All that’s happening with Diffraction Grating and Single Slit

What we did in 2 hours:

This week, we made use of the basic concept of using Path Difference (which we learnt last week) to determine if waves will interact Constructively or Destructively.

By the end of the lesson, you are now familiar with

1) the 3 types of Diffraction Grating questions, and comfortably use the equation to find the position of Maxima,

2) how to use the Single Slit equation to solve various questions (emphasis: the equation is used to find the position of the 1st Minima).


Special Mention:

In the next lesson, we will unveil the secrets behind the Single Slit equation, and end of our revision with Stationary Waves.

Till then, wishing all a blessed Chinese New Year holiday!  Stay safe and healthy!

[J2 Maths PMCians]Consolidating Integration Techniques

What we did in 2 hours:

As we begin our preparation towards March CTs, we kick the year off with some This week, we revised our final two techniques of Integration, Integration by Substitution and Integration by Parts.

As you work towards your CT, keep our techniques and flowcharts in mind. Make sure you’re able to choose the appropriate Techniques!


What you take home:

Do practice the Take-Away questions when you can. The worked solutions for these, as well as the quiz, are linked here:



Special Mention:

Enjoy the Chinese New Year break! Please note, for

  1. Bishan 7:30pm: Class on 22nd Jan is running, while 29th Jan is the CNY break.
  2. All weekend classes: There are no lessons on 25th and 26th Jan. Lessons will resume on 1st and 2nd Feb.

[J2 Chemistry PMCians]Done with Hydrocarbons Revision!
What we did in 2 hours:

This week, we have completed the revision of two types of hydrocarbons, namely alkenes and arenes. More specifically, we covered the concepts on:

  1. Markovnikov’s rule in electrophilic addition
  2. Oxidation of alkenes
  3. Electrophilic substitution in benzene rings
  4.  Directing effect of substituents in benzene


What you take home:

You should have received the Take Home Questions on Hydrocarbons. These questions will further reinforce the concepts went through in class and will help you prepare for your common test adequately.

The solutions to the Structured Questions inside your hydrocarbons booklet is also found here:



Special Mention:

Special mention for Bishan RI/EJC class: There will be lessons as per normal on 22 Jan, but not on 29 Jan. We will begin Acid Base Equilibria.

For the PL/BT classes, we will begin continuing with our next lesson (on 1 or 2 Feb) on the next organic functional group: Halogen Compounds. PMC is having a CNY promotion if you refer your friend to join PMC between 12 Jan to 29 Feb! Both the referrer (you) and the referee (your friend) will receive 250 PMC dollars each upon a successful referral!


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