Secondary 4 Physics (O-level) Tuition Lesson

Parallel Conductors in Magnetic Field

In this video, our Sec 4 Physics PMC tutor explains the workings of parallel conductors in a magnetic field. Although it may be difficult to understand, the thorough elaborations from the tutors would clarify your doubts.

Current, Resistance, And Voltage In A Series And Parallel DC Circuit

This video lesson covers the differences in the current, resistance and voltage in a series and a parallel circuit. In the video, our Sec 4 Physics PMC tutor gives a clear showcase of how to calculate current, resistance and voltage and the differences in the three across both arrangements.

Pressure By Enclosed Liquids – P=F/A

This topic touches on Pascal’s Principle or Pascal’s Law which states that a pressure change at any point in a confined incompressible liquid is transmitted throughout the liquid such that the same change occurs everywhere. In this lesson, our Sec 4 Physics PMC tutor explains the thinking process behind answering the questions.

Static Electricity Charging By Induction

Induction charging is a method used to charge an object without actual contact between the object to any other charged object. As seen in the video, our Sec 4 Physics PMC tutor gives a step-by-step explanation, coupled with diagrams, on the method and how induction charging works.

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