Secondary 4 Maths (O-level) Tuition Lesson

Applied Trigonometry Problem Solving

In this lesson, our Sec 4 Maths PMC tutor gives a run down on how to answer application questions for trigonometry. Trigonometry studies the relationships between the sides and the angles of the triangle and this topic is very relevant to real-life.

Area Under Graph

Finding the area under a graph requires an understanding of integration and its different formulas. In this video lesson, our Sec 4 Maths PMC tutor provides a detailed and systematic method to answering the question.

Trigonometry Formula Summary

In this lesson, our Sec 4 Maths PMC tutor summarises the formulas and content under the topic of trigonometry. This serves as a good refresher for students and helps them to keep check of what they lack in trigonometry.

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