Secondary 3 Maths (O-level) Tuition Lesson

Surd Questions: Triangle

Surds are the irrational root of an integer and this topic tackles surds in triangles. Although the equations in this video may look overwhelming or irrational, our Sec 3 Maths PMC tutor walks us through them easily.

Using Binomial Theorem In Problem Solving

Our Sec 3 Maths PMC tutor goes through how to apply the binomial theorem to solve various questions. The binomial theorem is a formula which describes the algebraic expansion of powers of a binomial [an algebraic expression consisting two terms].

How To Draw Modulus Function Graphs

In this video, our Sec 3 Maths PMC tutor breaks down how to tackle modulus function graphs. Specifically, the sketching of the graphs which could be tricky for most students.

Graphing Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometry is centred around studying the relationships between the angles and side lengths of triangles. In this lesson, our Sec 3 Maths PMC tutor demonstrates how trigonometric functions are used to solve the given question.

Circle Properties – Alternate Segment Theorem

This lesson revolves around circles and their various properties. More specifically, our Sec 3 Maths PMC tutor explains the alternate segment theorem which states that in any circle, the angle between a chord and a tangent through one of the end points of the chord is equal to the angle in the alternate segment.

Perimeter And Area Problems In Circular Measure

In this topic, our Sec 3 Maths PMC tutor shows the ways to tackle questions regarding finding the perimeter and area of circular measures. Through systematic working and visualising with the aid of diagrams, these types of questions may be easier than they seem!

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