[S4] Term 2 Week 5 (20-26 Apr) Updates/ Debrief

[S4 Physics PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

We completed the Electricity Structure Challenge 1. 

The tutors are very delighted to see how active the discussions were running during the sessions (be it through voice or group chat).  

Let’s continually maintain this positive learning spirit and feel free to ask questions. 


We ended off our LIVE tutorial by breaking into different rooms to compete and complete the usual 4Q team challenge and before a Kahoot quiz. 


What you take home:

Before the respective LIVE tutorial sessions begin this coming weekend (2nd and 3rd May), we would like to invite all of you to complete the online webcast lecture on Magnetism. Yes, we heard you and your worries pertaining to this topic. That is why the Physics Cafe has swiftly adjusted our curriculum to go through this topic with you this week. Do remember to print out the Magnetism Structure Challenge (found under the tutorial tab in the Teachable Webcast) before the lesson. 

Special Mention:

Though we may not have our usual face-to-face sessions where you could stay back to ask your tutor questions or share a thought, we are always with you and we will render our full support to your learning in Physics. So, if you have any question(s) to ask, feel free to send them to 9100 1235

The Physics Cafe will be putting up announcement on the addition May Holiday Lessons. These lesson are compulsory as the tutors will be going revising the S3 topics. Do stay tune to find out more!

Meanwhile, stay safe, stay home and, of course, stay awesome!!!


Always with you for your Physics Learning,

The S4PH team (Mr Wong, Dr Li and Mr Gary)

[S4 Maths PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

During this week live tutorials, we covered Coordinate Geometry and Equation of Circle Revision.

We recapped all the formula required and the different approaches to find the equation of straight line and coordinates in Coordinate Geometry. Followed on, we had a 5 Questions Chat Challenge to see who is the fastest to answer the questions. 

Next, we moved on to summarise the important properties of Circles. We solved different type of questions relating to it using our famous Chat Challenge again. Cheers to everyone who won PMC currency this week!


What you take home:

Please attempt all the question before checking the solution link below:

  1. Coordinate Geometry 5 Questions Chat Challenge Solution: https://tinyurl.com/ybvfy5gh
  1. Equation of Circle 5 Questions Chat Challenge Solution: https://tinyurl.com/y6wlwws9
  1. Please do S4MA MYE SETB PAPER 1 on your booklet page 82 – 95: https://tinyurl.com/y9lcrbxg

 Special Mention:

We will be doing revision paper next week. Please get your PMC Math booklet and calculator prepared beforehand. See you soon!

[S4 Chemistry PMCians]


What we did in 2 hours:

We completed our chapter on macromolecules, exploring how addition and condensation reactions can be used to make polymers.


Addition polymers – alkenes

Condensation polymers – monomers with at least two of the following (alcohol/acid/amine)


What you take home:

You are now ready to complete the Take Home Gem on Macromolecules. While this chapter may not be tested for O levels/IP exams, it is an important foundation for A level Chemistry in which organic chemistry makes up to 40% of the total content!

Special Mention:

We will be revisiting our foundations with Sec 3 Chemistry topics for the whole of May. 

Here’s a video on Radial Chromatography to “awaken” your Sec 3 concepts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9–wGHiSPfM


Stay safe, stay healthy, see you this weekend!

Home-Based Learning (HBL)

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2) One Weekly PMC LIVE Tutorial (www.pmc.sg/live)

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