[S4] Term 1 Week 10 (9-15 Mar) Updates/ Debrief

[S4 Physics PMCians] 

What we did in 2 hours:
We completed the last lesson of DC Circuits with 1 test worksheet and 3 challenging quizzes so hopefully, more of you are on the way to becoming circuit experts! Potential divider, current divider and Ohm’s law will always be at your fingertips! However, if you still feel that you need more practice, especially those who just joined us or missed the previous lessons, do not press the panic button yet! We are going to have a full scale revision on Current of Electricity and DC Circuits in a few weeks time before your mid-year exams. We understand that these are major topics for year 4, so we want to prepare you in the best way possible and end the semester with an electrifying bang!


What you take home:
You would have received a Daily Dose on DC circuits, please try and practise the questions on your own at home and check the solutions in the link below:


Special Mention:

Gentle reminder: Please remember to attend your additional March holidays weekday lessons, Wednesday 7 – 9 pm (Novena) or Thursday 7 – 9 pm (Paya Lebar)

We will be moving on to Practical Electricity for this entire week, which will be the last part of Electricity. Learn how to protect yourself, so you won’t get the shock of your life!


Your friendly Physics Tutors 

[S4 Maths PMCians] 

What we did in 2 hours:
As we have learned to find and apply the derivatives of algebraic functions, this week we will look at trigonometric functions which are commonly used in real-life problems.

We learn how to:

  1. Find the derivative of sin x ,cos x  and tan x  together with constant multiples, sum and differences,
  2. Apply the Product, the Quotient rule and the Chain rule for trigonometric functions,
  3. Solve practical problems involving trigonometric functions.

Formulae to know:

What you take home:

Please download the additional questions for your learning
Daily Dose on Differentiation of Trigonometric functions


 Special Mention:

Please remember to attend both holiday lesson 1 and 2 in the upcoming week.  See you in class!!



[S4 Chemistry PMCians]

What we did in 2 hours:

We completed a chapter on ammonia where we also explored a IP/JC related chemistry concept on the Le Chatelier’s Principle to further our understanding on the formation and decomposition of ammonia.


What you take home:

Please complete the Take Home Package on Atmosphere and Ammonia to sharper our recall, application and cross topic skills on data-based questions.


Special Mention:

Congratulations to the top 3 scorers in our Atmosphere and Ammonia Quiz.

1st – Sanjjeev Ganesan, SGSS

2nd – Summer Tan, NCHS

3rd – Ernest Wang Kang Hng, SGSS


Thank you.


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