[S3] Term 1 Week 9 (2-8 Mar) Updates/Debrief

[S3 Physics PMCians] 

What we did in 2 hours:

Last lesson, we did an overview of Kinematics and Light as we went through 4 test papers with commonly asked questions from exams. We trust it was a challenging but rewarding experience for many of you as you attempt to solve questions while trying to remember and apply all the concepts, with some help from us. We are glad that many of you are able to ace the tests with flying colours, and we hope that through all these tests, you will gain more confidence and skills in the relevant topics!


What you take home:

This is an interesting experiment that shows how using different media with the same refractive index, we can create a disappearing trick that will boggle your eyes and mind!


Next lesson, we will start on the topic of Dynamics which is basically the study of Forces. We understand that some of you may be learning different topics in school now, such as Waves or Thermal physics, but don’t worry, all these topics will be covered in due time especially during the revision before final exams. At PMC, based on our years of experience, we decided to start with the tougher, fundamental topics such as Light, Kinematics and Forces, so you can build a strong foundation for later topics. If you face any problems in your current topic, don’t hesitate to ask your tutors or send your questions through our Whatsapp Help service (HQ number: 9100-1235). Take care, and see you soon!


Your friendly Physics Tutors

[S3 Maths PMCians] 

What we did in 2 hours:

We have completed the chapter on Polynomials, mainly on:

  • Remainder/Factor Theorem
  • Solving Cubic Equations

Apart from these two concepts, we also tackled various question types which require algebraic skills such as factorise by grouping and quadratic formula (with surds)!


What you take home:

Click the links below for

 Special Mention:

In lower sec, we learnt how to simplify fractional algebraic expression into SINGLE fraction. To recall, simplify the following expression into a single fraction:

With the single fraction that you got, have you ever thought how we can get back the 3 partial fractions? We will explore this in our next lesson! We will also require to solve Polynomial Identities in this chapter. Please continue to try the Daily Dose (Polynomials) if you need extra practice.


Polynomial Test A

Congrats to the following students for achieving full marks!

Name School
Ng Rou Xuan SCSS
Ng Zhiqi Cedar Girls’ Secondary School
Wang Xinyue Dunman secondary school
Marilyn Chia CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh)
Erin Lin RGS
Chu Wai Yin Kelly Dunman High School
Isaiah Teo GMSS
Emma Hanson Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
Harika Vellampalli Crescent Girls School
Troy Tyler Chin St Joseph’s Institution
Lee Ann Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

[S3 Chemistry PMCians]

What we did in 2 hours:

We explored the concept on limiting reagents, percentage yield and percentage purity with our simple analogy of the cheese sandwich. It is heartening to see that most of you are mastering these concepts well and apply formulae with ease and accuracy.


What you take home:

The concept of stoichiometry can be tested in any chapter in Chemistry which makes it one of the most important concept. You are now able to complete the Take Home package to Pg 11 and Q1 of Section B. 


Special Mention:

Do spend some time to consolidate your knowledge with the Take Home package and bring along any questions for clarification before class next week. We will also be completing the chapter on Stoichiometry with a quick fire quiz!


Thank you.”