[S2] Term 1 Week 6 (10-16 Feb) Updates/Debrief

[S2] Term 1 Week 6 (10-16 Feb) Updates/Debrief

[S2 Maths + Science PMCians]


What we did in 2 hours:

This week, we completed our Science lesson on Ionic Bonding & Covalent Bonding.

We started the lesson with a quick recap on what we learnt in last lesson: electronic structureelectronic shells and formation of ions.

Then, we learnt about Ionic bonding (transfer of electrons from metal atom to non-metal atom) and Covalent bonding (sharing of electrons between non-metal atoms): how they form, the dot and cross diagrams, chemical formula, and their physical properties.

Note: We had ‘fun’ drawing lots of circles for the dot and cross diagrams and I think we have all become experts in drawing nice round circles free hand. Hahaha….


What you take home:

Do remember to complete Test ATest B and Take Home Gems on Ionic Bonding & Covalent Bonding.

Worked solutions can be found here:

Test ATest B and Take Home Gems (Please click here for Worked solutions)

Special Mention:

We will have Maths lesson on Algebra: Solving Quadratic Equations next week.

See you again soon.  🙂


Your friendly tutors,

Dr Lim & the S2MA+SCI Team