[S2] LESSON 39 : Maths EOY Revision – Statistics and Probability Updates/Debrief

[S2 Maths + Science PMCians]

What we did in 2 hours:

This lesson, we did our Maths EOY Revision on Statistics and Probability.


A few key points to take note for these topics:

1) The three important terms you must know in Statistics: Mean (average), Median (middle term) and Mode (most frequent number).

2) Different ways to represent data, such as histogrampie chartstem and leafdot diagram.

3) Probability is a measure of how likely an event will occur. It takes on values from 0 to 1.


What you received:

The questions and solutions on Statistics and Probability can be found here: 



Special Mention:

Please note that there are no lessons in the next two weeks (Lesson 39 & 40).


All the best in your EOY exams and see you again in 3 weeks time! 🙂



Your friendly tutors,

The S2MA+SCI Team


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