[S2] Lesson 21 (25-31 May) Updates/Debrief

[S2 Maths + Science PMCians]

What we did in 2 hours (PMC LIVE):

During our LIVE lesson, we looked at Trigonometry, which relates angles in a triangle to its lengths. Specifically, we applied the three trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine and tangent) in a right-angled triangle, and saw how Pythagoras’ Theorem can also be applied together in the question.


What you received:

There is no webcast this week. We shall continue with Trigonometry this week. Here a quick video of the overview and use of trigonometry:



See you in class!


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Home-Based-Learning (HBL)

1) PMC Lecture webcast (www.pmcdigital.sg)