[S1] LESSON 31 :Surface Area & Volume Part 1 Updates/Debrief

[S1 Maths + Science PMCians]

What we did in 2 hours:

This lesson, we looked into another chapter on mensuration: Surface Area and Volume of prisms. First, we learnt to identify the bases (i.e. the two identical faces which are parallel to each other) and how to draw the net diagram of prisms. Then we learnt how to find the surface area and volume of prisms.

     a) Surface area = 2 x area of bases + (perimeter of base x perpendicular height)

     b) Volume = area of base x perpendicular height


Special Mention:

In the next lesson, we will continue and complete the chapter on Surface Area and Volume.


Till then, stay safe & healthy! 🙂



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