[S1] Lesson 20 (18-24 May) Updates/Debrief

[S1 Maths + Science PMCians]

What we did in 2 hours (PMC LIVE):

This week, we had our first ONLINE PMC CHALLENGE – another Team Based Challenge on a more fun chapter (as compared to linear graphs – hahaha) on properties of angles. Congratulations to the winning teams! 

Now that we are so good with all the special properties angles can have with parallel lines, we will be taking angles to another level by looking at angles in polygons. 


See you all in class this coming weekend!  


What you recieved:

Here is the solution to the challenge: https://tinyurl.com/y7pcpm9s


Special Mention:

Let’s see if you can find all the other angles with the 4 angles given only. Answers will be given in class this coming week! 

Your friendly tutors,

The S1MA+SCI Team

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