Our teachers ensure that their students leave class with a smile on their face. They offer engaging classroom experiences that inspire students to want to learn more.

Whether it’s a single lesson, worksheet, or spectacular learning moment, they go above and beyond to ensure that your child feels confident and prepared.

Teachers who are always learning

Our teachers receive 10 hours of in-house training every week  from primary to junior college, ensuring that they are specialists in the subjects they teach.

Among other things, they learn PMC teaching practices, MOE examination guidelines, lesson planning, and marking training.

Recruiting the Best Teachers
Thousands of applications are submitted, but only those with enthusiasm, talent, and a desire to make a difference are hired after a four-stage interview process.

Ongoing Assessment and Assistance
Through regular observations and evaluations, we assist teachers in continuing to improve and provide better lessons throughout the year.

Teachers are supported by the senior tutors in the JC department and the Curriculum Specialist in the Editor Department to achieve high standards in terms of knowledge, instructional delivery, student rapport, capacity to engage students, and classroom management.

Consistently Providing High-Quality Education

Teachers from each subject and level meet once a week to discuss the upcoming week’s curriculum. There is a discussion about how to deliver the curriculum in the most effective way possible in order to keep students engaged and maximize learning in each lesson.


Teachers also collaborate with curriculum teams to give feedback on current and previous lesson materials, ensuring that the classroom experience is always improved.


*Ex teachers or fresh graduates are welcome*
PMC is actively looking for like-minded Physics, Math and Chemistry tutors to join our community. We offer competitive remuneration package for the very best.

*Job Scope*
– Teach about 20 hours weekly.
– Commute between the PMC branches for classes when required.
– Plan, prepare and deliver lessons for students between Secondary to Junior College level, as per PMC’s curriculum and teaching methods to ensure a standardized high quality of learning.
– Prepare appropriate teaching aids and resources.
– Complete student progress reports for students.
– Assess and feedback on the development, behaviour, performance and progress of students.
– Provide regular updates to the Head of Academic and parents on students’ performance and progress.
– Attend and participate in teacher and curriculum meetings on a weekly basis.

I have just graduated and joined PMC in hopes of furthering my passion for teaching and helping students academically. In PMC, I will have to work on both Saturday and Sunday for 4 hours each. However, it is relatively better than attending classes in Uni. Plus, I still have plenty of time to hang out with my friends thanks to the short 4 hours workday on weekends!
I only teach 2 weekday classes per week. Indeed, my total teaching hours are only about 14 to 20 hours per week. The school focuses a lot on content delivery, as PMC is well known among the students and parents for our materials and lesson delivery. Certain amounts of stress are expected to meet the high expectations. We invest time every week to prepare for our lessons to ensure that every 2 hours lesson is enriching and effective for all our students.

The school really supports me in thinking outside the box to creatively develop new and exciting teaching skillsets, which can really improve me from a typical classroom tutor to a “Super-Tutor”. The training in PMC is amazing. Every tutor is expected to undergo the same rigorous and structured training. One of the greatest benefits is that I can learn so much more about being a tutor as compared to our regular school teachers! I am most thankful for the school for developing to become such a good tutor.

Regarding the incentives, it is a well-known fact that PMC tutors are paid the highest in the industry due to the high expectations of the teaching skillset of the tutors.

– Degree in Engineering, Science or any related discipline.
– Dynamic, Charismatic, Fast Response.
1) Novena MRT (United Square)
2) Paya Lebar MRT (Singpost Centre)
3) Bishan MRT

*Expect the best for the best – an attractive remuneration package. *
*Alternatively, PMC Franchise is available. WhatsApp to find out more!*

We would like to invite you to send in your full CV or simply fill up the form – https://tinyurl.com/pmctutor

You can further enquire via WhatsApp at https://tinyurl.com/hellomds

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