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The Ala Carte digital lessons is suitable for regular existing students who missed the live lesson or for non existing students who would like to watch the digital recording of a specific topic.

Are you searching for the best and most efficient Additional Maths tuition centre in Singapore? If yes, then you might want to consider enrolling your kids to PMC.


Reasons why you need to look for Additional Mathematics Tuition Centre?


  • Your kids are having a hard time catching up with their school’s pacing.
  • Your kids have a low score in Additional maths even with immense effort.
  • You kids are challenged with different Additional maths concept.


At PMC, we offer Additional Maths and Physics programmes which allow our students to enjoy, learn and thrive. In addition to that, we ensure that our syllabus are up to date ensuring that our tuition centre is at its best every single year.


What can you expect from PMC?

  • Outstanding Tutors in Singapore


The PMC tutors are carefully screened and trained before leading a class. Having said that, you can expect superior quality from our pool of instructors. They are all passionate about sharing their knowledge to our students.

  • It is accessible from MRT stations in Singapore 

Our locations are also considered one of the best. The tuition centres are located near Beauty World, Novena, and Paya Lebar MRT stations. Attending Additional Maths and Physics classes is just a breeze.

  • We offer Premium Gold Class lessons 

PMC offers one-on-one sessions as needed. These are structured and based from the regular programme provided to the students.

  • Impressive scores in Additional Maths     

More than 80% of PMC students were able to get an A in Additional Maths. This is way better than the national average in Singapore.

  • One of the best learning environments in Singapore 

At PMC, we understand that the environment and culture are also important for our students to learn Additional Maths and Physics. That is why we encourage our students to have fun and to share their strengths among their peers to make learning even more effective.

  • And lastly, we offer digital lesson library 

Our students are unlikely to miss a lesson with our digital lesson library. That means you can attend the class even while at home or wherever you are. The materials and video will be sent to your letter box right away.


One of our goals is to provide the best learning experience for our students in Singapore. We cater to IP and IB students in ensuring that they are fully equipped with Additional Maths and Physics knowledge before entering well-known universities.   

Can i know more about the digital lessons?

You can now attend the digital recording of our live lesson at the comfort of our cafe or even at home at less than half the price of the actual lesson.The plus side is, you will be given the hardcopy notes and you get to pause the video at any time. You can choose to revisit any topic, or to choose your available time to watch the video. We are offering you the flexibility, giving you the convenience of experiencing the live lesson.

How much do I have to pay for the digital lesson?

Case 1 – Existing Student
Watching digital lessons as make-up.
Example: Jane has been attending The Physics Cafe lessons from Week 3 to Week 9. She will like to watch the video podcast for the lesson in Week 4 for any reasons. Jane is considered as an existing student since she has already paid the regular school fee for the  lesson she want to watch.

*You may request for fee waiver of the $10 in the online registration if it’s your first digital lesson in each term. Fee waiver is only applicable via Self Collection, Watch in Café and NOT for Home Delivery.

Case 2 – Non-Existing Student#
#Including Student watching the digital lessons conducted before he joins.
Example: Peter have not attended any course in The Physics Cafe before. His friend, Jane has been attending The Physics Cafe lessons from Week 3 to Week 9. She will like to watch the video podcast for the lesson that she missed in Week 1. Both Peter and Jane are considered as a non-existing student as long as they have not paid the regular school fee for the lesson she want to watch.

What are the topics for the digital lessons?
Can I watch the video in the study room of PMC outlets?

Beauty World
1) Tue 7pm to 9pm
2) Sat 9am to 2pm
3) Sun 9am to 2pm

1) Sat 9am to 7pm
2) Sun 9am to 7pm

Paya Lebar
1) ‎Sat 9am to 7pm
2) ‎Sun 9am to 7pm

Can I watch the digital lessons at home?

If you do not want to watch the video in PMC tuition centre, you can get to watch it at home!

Choose your preferred option!

1) Home Delivery: Video link and material will be posted to you. (not available for fee waiver) We will send you the materials and the video link for the digital lesson by post to your residence. The video link is valid for 7 days and will not be renewed. All students who request for digital home delivery must submit photo of student card as proof of student identity.


2) WhatsApp Delivery – Video link will be whatsapp to you and you can collect the materials on your next lesson.

Can I sign up to watch the entire course of digital lessons?
  1. Come down to PMC Paya Lebar or PMC Novena outlets anytime on the weekends from 9am to 7pm.
  2. You can self-study with complimentary pantry including ice Milo and signature hot chocolate.
  3. You can enjoy a buffet selection of video lessons from our digital menu. All Physics and Maths lessons from 2017, 2018 and the most recent lessons in 2019 are available for digital viewing. Watch as many as you wish. All notes, material, laptops or Ipad will be provided.
  4. The 2019 digital lessons will be available immediately the week after the live lessons.
  5. Choose to bring home up to 4 digital lessons and materials to watch at home outside the PMC opening hours.
  6. There will be no pro-rate for the annual membership fee if you join in the middle of the term. You will still have access to the entire library of the digital lessons from the date of registration to the end of Nov.
  7. Membership expires on 30th November of each year.
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