How can we attend lessons during the new normal?

Students can choose to attend any of the timeslots onsite in the respective outlets or live from home at the same timing. There will be both ONSITE and ONLINE audience for all classes. ONSITE and ONLINE students will be able to interact with one another and the tutor will be able to engage both audiences. 

Both platforms (onsite and online) will be carried out concurrently, ensuring that students in the physical classroom and those attending lessons via Zoom are taught exactly the same content, at the same time, by the same tutor.



Can you share with me the safety precautions for the students and staff of PMC?

PMC has put in place all necessary measures according to the advisory given by MOE to ensure your child will attend lessons in the safest possible environment. We place a strong emphasis on safeguarding the well being and safety of our students as well as staff.


As we prepare to welcome our students back in the classroom, we need the collective effort of all parents and students to exercise social responsibility so that we can all stay safe. We would like to highlight a few key safe management measures:


  • Student will sanitise their hands before entering the classroom.
  • Tutors will be teaching behind acrylic panel.
  • Seats are marked and the students will sit at least one empty chair apart.
  • Students are required to wear a mask at all times. At the same time, students are advised to attend lessons on time and leave the centre premises immediately after class.
  • If the student is feeling unwell with sore throat, fever or cough, please see a doctor and do not attend lesson.
  • If any member of the student’s household is unwell with flu-like symptoms, kindly inform our centre and keep your child at home.
  • Should any member of the student’s household be placed on QO/SHN/LOA, our centre must be informed and the student will not be able to attend lessons in physical classes for the duration of the notice. We will arrange for the student to attend lessons on the online platform instead.
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