[J2] Term 2 Week 6 (27Apr- 3May) Updates/ Debrief

[J2 Physics PMCians] Get Stricken by the Photoelectric Effect!!


What we did in 2 hours:

We continued our journey in the field of Quantum Physics, this time examining the energy transitions of Electrons within the atom, and how their behavior lead to the Absorption or Emission Line Spectra.

What you take home:

1) Line Spectra Test C – Chat Challenge (solutions)



2) Line Spectra Test D – Breakout Room Challenge (solutions)


Special Mention:

For our next lesson, we will study how X-rays are produced together with its numerous properties and uses.


Till we meet again, do have a good rest during this May school break and stay safe! 🙂

[J2 Maths PMCians]


What we did in 2 hours:


This lesson on Normal Distribution covered a wider variety of techniques, including using the Standard Normal (Z) distribution and dealing with a linear combination of random variables. These are combined and used in solving complex contextual questions.



The bulk of our practice was on a thorough range  of Binomial Distributions, including A level type questions like forming equations given the mod. Additionally, there was a bit of basic level Normal Distribution questions to build up on our skills.

What you take home:

In this current learning format, your materials will be uploaded to your folders at pmc.sg/lecture , so do check regularly.

Special Mention:

This week, we are covering our lesson during the LIVE session. We will be continuing from where the Lesson 17 video ends, so please be very certain to have finished Lesson 17 TUTORIAL before the lesson! Also, be reminded that LIVE lessons will henceforth be of 2hrs duration.


See You (online) and Stay Healthy!

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[J2 Chemistry PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

[Bishan] We have concluded Organic Chemistry with Nitrogen Compounds 2, specifically looking at the chemistry of amino acids, and looked at questions that cross-linked with another hard topic, titration curves.


[Paya Lebar/Beauty World] The last of the 3 part lesson on Acid Base Equilibrium looks at how our calculations of pH aided us in our appreciation of the titration curves. We then looked at the mechanism behind indicators and concluded the chapter.

What you take home:

The solutions to the Everything you need to know series, as well as solutions to selected structured questions are found here:

Organic Nitrogen Compounds:


Acid Base Equilibrium:


Special Mention:

Next lesson, all J2CH classes will begin Solubility Equilibrium, probably the chapter with the most confusing calculations.


See you in class!

Mr Leong

Home-Based Learning (HBL)

1) One Weekly PMC Lecture Webcast (www.pmc.sg/lecture)

2) One Weekly PMC LIVE Tutorial (www.pmc.sg/live)

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