[J2] Lesson 41 (Final Lap Revision 1 + Grade A Questions – Calculus L3 + Grade A Qns (Ionic Equilibrium) L2)

[J2 Physics PMCians] Mock Paper Set A


What we did in 2 hours:

This week, we begin our count-down preparation to the A-levels with Mock Paper Set A.

We attempted a few selected questions from Paper 1, and completed Paper 2.

What you take home:

Set A P1 The Final Lap solutions  (for reference only)



Grade A Resource Folder:


Special Mention:

As you fully focus on preparing for your A-level exams, do take time to rest and exercise. 

It’ll help you to relax and perform much better!

Till we meet again, stay healthy and strong!! 


From you friendly tutors,

Mr Sim & Mr Kwok 🙂

[J2 Maths PMCians]


What we did in 2 hours:

Wrapping up our Calculus revision, we looked at questions with complicated graphs and some integrated application questions. Managing graphs is a big part of dealing with calculus, especially parametric graphs.

Also, as per what we practiced, be ready to break down big application questions into smaller bite sized parts. And remember to keep an eye on the flow of the question – how does the earlier parts help you?

What you take home:

Term 4 Quiz M has been updated into the link. Quiz L solutions will be in the folder on Friday.


Special Mention:

Sequences & Series this week, with some interesting deductions!


See You and Stay Healthy!

[J2 Chemistry PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

We have done 2 x 4 hour lessons in the past week, focusing on Paper 4. We have discussed the various potential experiments from chapters ranging from energetics to kinetics. The experimental procedures in planning follow quite closely to the experiments, so do pay attention to them while you attempt planning questions. By now, you should have realised that the majority of the questions are theory based – i.e. concepts must be fundamentally strong to score well in practical.


During our usual lessons, we have looked at tougher Ksp questions and how creative our examiners can be.

What you take home:

The solutions to incomplete questions from the two 4 hour lessons (Paper 4 Practical) are found here:


Special Mention:

Next lesson, let us tackle some questions on Organic Chemistry. All the best for your first exam. Rest well and stay focused during this last lap!


See you soon!

Mr Leong

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