[J2] Lesson 26 (EM Final Revision + Differential Equations + Organic Chemistry)

[J2 Physics PMCians] Electromagnetism (EM) – All you need to know


What we did in 2 hours:

In this dynamic lesson, we established the 3 key concepts that you need to know:

1) B-field created by a current

2) Magnetic force F = BIL & Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule

3) Magnetic force on a Moving ChargeF = Bqv

What you take home:

EM (Round 2 & Take Away) Solutions:


Special Mention:

Next week, we will review the key ideas needed in Electromagnetic Induction (EMI)

And we also begin our new Onsite & Online lessons simultaneously this coming week, so choose the best option that suits you. 

Till then, have a blessed week, and never stop enjoying learning!! 🙂

[J2 Maths PMCians]


What we did in 2 hours:

Our final component of Calculus Revision is Differential Equations. We revised the 3 types of DE techniques; direct, variable separable and by substitution, after which the bulk of our practice was on application questions.


While standard DE application questions can be quite direct, we note that good habits will help us a lot in setup and solving. Be familiar with the common keyword and phrases used to prepare the equation, and internalise good integration habits, eg using the positive quadratic denominator.

We encountered questions with multiple variables or unknown constants and this is something we will be engaging in the buildup to Prelims and A levels. Let’s keep practising!

What you take home:

Worked solutions for Q4-6 are linked here:


Special Mention:

This week, onsite lessons resume! Joining us online is still available, so do choose a format and timeslot that works for you and arrange make-up or apply for a change in your regular timeslot if necessary.

Next up in our revision is Graphing Techniques. Warm up the GCs!


See You and Stay Healthy!

Your Friendly Math Tutors

[J2 Chemistry PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:

We continued to look at Organic Synthesis, and helped you to recall important information on the various organic reactions. I have also demonstrated to you the thinking process whenever it comes to these kinds of questions.

Special Mention:

Next lesson, let us look at all five organic reaction mechanism in our syllabus.


See you soon!

Mr Leong

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