[J1] Term 2 Week 6 (27Apr-3May) Updates/ Debrief

[J1 Physics PMCians] The Power of Conservation of Energy!!


What we did in 2 hours:

This week, we used our time to review the concept and application of Conservation of Energy. We saw how useful and efficient using the concept of energy is in problem solving!! We then looked at Power and the 2 equations that can be used.  

What you take home:

1) Work, Energy & Power Daily Dose

Please download and print the Daily Dose for your personal revision. The answers and working are at the back:



2) Solutions for WEP Test C Chat Challenge



3) Solutions for WEP Test B 4Q



4) Solutions for WEP Test D Live Challenge


Special Mention:

We will be moving on to a new topic next week – Circular Motion!!

Gentle reminder that there will be NO Lecture Webcast for Circular Motion. Instead, we will be teaching the topic during our next Live Lesson. 


Till we meet again, do get a good rest during this May school holidays and stay safe! 🙂

[J1 Maths PMCians] 


What we did in 2 hours:


Our last lesson on Sequences & Series, on Method of Differences. By expressing expressions as a difference, we can observe patterns in their sums, and simplify for a result. Do apply the summation and replacement techniques from the previous lesson!



Our LIVE lesson covered the usage of the sigma notation as well as an important technique, the replacement technique.


What you take home:

Worked Solutions for the MoD Challenge Questions have been uploaded into the Lesson 17 LECTURE folder.

Special Mention:

This week, we will be conducting our lesson LIVE, there is no webcast uploaded. You will also receive your printed notes by courier for Techniques of Differentiation by Friday latest, so have them ready!


See You (online) and Stay Healthy!

Your Friendly Math Tutors

[J1 Chemistry PMCians] Last Boost of Energy!


What we did in 2 hours:

We have successfully completed Chemical Energetics. In this last lesson, we looked at how all our efforts on understanding the 10 various enthalpy changes have paid off in the form of energy cycles and energy level diagrams. We have applied Hess’ Law countless times to deduce the enthalpy change of an obscure reaction. We even picked up shortcuts to make some of our calculations much more efficient.

What you take home:

The solutions to the Everything you need to know series and solutions to selected structured questions are found in the link below: https://tinyurl.com/y958ylqq

Special Mention:

Do not forget to complete the additional webcast on Entropy and Gibbs Free Energy. Next lesson, we will begin to look at the first of the three chapters on reversible reactions – Chemical Equilibrium.


See you in class this week!

Mr Leong

Home-Based Learning (HBL)

1) One Weekly PMC Lecture Webcast (www.pmc.sg/lecture)

2) One Weekly PMC LIVE Tutorial (www.pmc.sg/live)

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