Secondary 3 Physics (O-level) Tuition Lesson

Deriving From Velocity Time Graph (Kinematics)

In this video, our Sec 3 Physics PMC tutor breaks down the way to derive acceleration, displacement and average speed from velocity time graphs. Velocity-time graphs are used to describe the motion of objects which are moving in a straight line. Through the data, we are able to calculate as any acceleration, change in speed, change in time and distance travelled.

Angle of Incidence in Prisms

An angle of incidence is the angle which an incident line or ray makes with a perpendicular to the surface at the point of incidence. This concept is thoroughly explained in the video of our Sec 3 Physics PMC tutor as she describes the pathway of light as it passes through a prism.

Understanding Wave Motion: Displacement Time Graph

In this video, our Sec 3 Physics PMC tutor walks us through understanding the displacement of waves in a displacement-time graph. The gradient of displacement-time graphs at a particular time shows us the velocity of the object.

Thermometric Properties Calculations In Thermodynamics

A thermometric property is the physical property of a thermometer that changes measurably with temperature. The video follows our Sec 3 Physics PMC tutor’s explanations of various calculations in relation to this topic.

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