How do you teach?
How do you ensure my child will do well?
Will my child be able to ask questions in a group setting?

How do I know if the tutor is qualified?
Will my child be able to catch up since most of your students are from top schools?

What if the sequence of topics in school is different?

All the questions you have in your mind will be answered simply by attending one REAL lesson.

No amount of sales and marketing is more important and enlightening than attending the ACTUAL lesson.

You will not be cheated by salesperson or marketing tactics. If the lesson delivery is good, you and the other classmates in class will know. If the lesson is not as good as what your friends claim, feel free to spread the word.

If you’re not sure, or maybe just want assurance before you commit,

Then…I’m personally inviting you to book a TRIAL session by signing up for one ALA CARTE lesson. With no commitment to continue, join PMC only when you’re satisfied.

You can attend the trial session at any of our outlets (Novena, Paya Lebar, Bishan, and Beauty world) or join the class LIVE from home for the same training. The ALA CARTE TRIAL session is for students who want to have a feel of our lessons before joining the weekly class.

What makes the TRIAL session interesting is:

  • You will be attending the same full lesson as our regular students in the weekly session.
  • There is no registration fee or deposit or material fee
  • You will only pay for just one lesson with no obligation to continue.

To join the ALA CARTE session, fill in the form below and submit to pay the fee for the level you’re selecting.

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